External battery of 20000 mAh from ADATA - cheap 100 lei

20000 mAh external battery from ADATA - cheap

The external battery is the energy source of the gadgets, where there is no socket. But to give us comfort, the external battery must be of great capacity, load the devices relatively quickly and if it can be cheap.

The battery in the tutorial!

Adda P20000D is a high capacity external battery.
The ADATA external battery consists of 6 18650 batteries, an electronic circuit with USB ports and an illuminated screen that shows how much energy we have in the external battery and charge devices.
The ADATA external battery of 20000 mAh is:

- Capacity 20000 mAh
- 2 USB output ports (for charging gadgets, 2.1 Ah)
- 1 micro USB input port (for self-charging, 2 Ah)
- LED flashlight
- Illuminated screen showing battery percentage / charging ports
- 1 button to start the screen and turn on the flashlight

The capacity of the external battery VS the actual capacity.

ALL of the external battery manufacturers put the battery in their specifications, not the real power that can be used to charge phones, tablets, rooms, Electronic cigarettes , Bluetooth speakers Or other gadgets.

Capacity on the box:
On the box we have a capacity of 20000 mAh. Correct - BUT, it is not said that the battery actually has 20000 mAh at 3,7V, because our external battery is based on 6 batteries Li-ion type 18650, Which are used in most external batteries.
The problem is that to use battery power, we need to go with the 5V electronic circuit, compatible with USB charging.

Capacity in reality:
In fact, the energy usable via USB is 15000-16000 mAh. Taking into account the residual energy we will stay with almost 15000 mAh.
In conclusion, the real capacity is lower with 25%, and this is true for ANY power bank.

How many times can you charge your phone with 20.000 mAh?

Divide the remaining capacity, ie 15000 mAh, into the battery capacity of your phone and round down.
If you have a 2100 mAh battery phone, you will load 7 times
If you have a phone with 3000 mAh battery you will load 5 times
If you have an iPad, you will charge the battery by 2 times
If you have the iPhone, you will charge the battery by 7 times

How fast is the external battery charging?

I have loaded the ADATA P20000D external battery with an 2.1 Ah charger, from 0% to 100% in 10 hours.

How fast does the phone charge from the external battery?

With the OnePlus3 phone, which has an 3000 mAh battery, emptied to 0%, we got the following charging times with the ADATA external battery of 20.000 mAh:
Charging was done with the phone turned on (wifi, gsm, bluetooth, gps, all active)

- After 30 min = 33%
- After 1 h = 62%
- After 1,30 h = 88%
- After 1,50 h = 100%
- Remaining external battery = 80%

In conclusion, the phone loaded in one hour and 30 minutes, and the power bank remained 80% of the initial energy; So 20% of the external battery was used to charge a phone with an 3000 mAh battery from 0% to 100%.

You, maybe, will not put the phones on it at 0%. In general, people charge phones much earlier, and it is possible to keep your external battery even longer than I did in the test, where I used the phone's extreme discharge.


I trust the product because it is accessible, it has great capacity and loads the devices relatively quickly.
It is a high capacity external battery suitable for excursions, camping, isolated areas, power cuts, etc.

PRICE External battery ADATA 20.000 mAh with two USB outputs 2.1 Ah, illuminated screen and flashlight

20000 mAh external battery from ADATA - cheap - video tutorial

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  1. I have one of 6000 and how do I get 2 loads from 0 to 100%? Like we tested. On a 3000 battery of the target? Last was somewhere 90% lost 10% only. And that's what 20.000 says about what you said. It's a battery kit with green 2 outputs one 2.1 one 1.5 I tested 2.1

  2. Alexandru said

    Where can I buy this powerbank with 100 lei?

  3. ViorelR said

    I also have one, "Promate", but it cost me almost double, you got a great offer. Thanks for the tutorials.

  4. Hello . Are these external batteries that also have wireless qi charging for the phone? I have some problems with the 5 Nexus Charging Plug.

  5. I have a Portable Battery Akyta 13000 mah 68ron has honestly costly are practical and indeed as you say in the tutorial uploads pretty fast greetings for the tutorial

  6. Marius said

    Is there any connection that some phones have the battery on the polymer and others on the ion? Is it good for any type of battery?

  7. Hi, can I recover my phone data after a factory reset is there any way? thanks

  8. I have an External Battery A +, 15600 mAh, Gray and a HTC One Max charging 4 times, very satisfied.

  9. VIVIS 20000mAh Power Bank 4A, costs twice as low and is smaller, covered with leather, salutes

  10. nikolae said

    Hello videotutorial.ro call me nothing and I want to congratulate you for everything you do. I have a great desire for cristi to do a tutorial about the memory of rams. I have a gigabyte m6 1sme-s2 motherboard, AMD phenomenon x4 9650, rami ddr2 667 2g and it works perfectly. We put new ddr2 4g and after 2-3 minutes the computer crashes mention that the rams are new 4g 800, if you could help us, I'm not the only one with this problem. With respect to more video-tutorials

    • Try another mark of memories. Sometimes there are incompatibilities between the motherboard and the memories.
      At the same time, memories that make you pictures can work smoothly on another motherboard.

  11. nikolae said

    ~ Thanks a lot for advice

  12. Cristian said

    Interesting presentation, in the future a tutorial for car chargers if it's vacation time

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