BeeWi bluetooth smart bulb, white / color control via Bluetooth

BeeWi bluetooth smart bulb, white / color control via Bluetooth
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Bluetooth Smart Bulb BeeWi

Category smart things is continually expanding. If now we already have smart wearable lamps and accessories, most objects will soon be connected or can be wireless or remote controlled from a distance.
Smart accessories will change our lives and how we organize. Smart care accessories us to be in shape, do not forget the lights on, to sail more efficiently, we spuravegheaza house and store data in the cloud and automatically examples could continue.
Today I have for you a smart bulb from BeeWi that help us to make some changes in the atmosphere in our house. This bulb is very well built and in addition, the supply is extremely economical.

BeeWi, smart bulb white color with control and programming via Bluetooth

BeeWi, smart bulb white color with control and programming via Bluetooth

BeeWi bluetooth smart bulb functions:
Passing white light
Mode light color (any color)
Light intensity adjustment
Color temperature adjustment (white)
Various games of lights (the color)
timing shutdown
Programming / off
Smart Bluetooth firmware upgrade bulb
Who is this smart bulb bluetooth?
For those who want a way tration in PC
For those lighting design
For a splash of culare in an area of ​​the house
for chromotherapy

Pluses bluetooth smart bulb BeeWi:
Design pretty compact
Consumer zero waiting
Consumption mostly small white and color
Adjust the white color temperature (hotter / colder)
Minuses bluetooth smart bulb BeeWi:
The intensity of the color of light may be larger
Price bulb smart bluetooth BeeWi (Orange)

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  1. How cool is! .imi Get ready ... and I!
    I have never seen, but I was not sure these days go to Orange

  2. Interestingly bulb, I would make a special atmosphere in my room, especially when listening to music

    PS Congratulations tutorial

  3. vicentiu said

    Ala Philips's merchandise, and has the possibility tablet or smart ptr.

  4. sapunell said

    Cristi ... you said in a previous tutorial ... if we want to do a tutorial on wirless network security through RADIUS server ... I would be concerned about this tutorial ... Thanks.

  5. I never get my bulbs Also for the better do something else with the money. a light bulb's all. and can be controlled manually Insite color etc to more affordable price. it's just out for fussy foodie and do not see meaning

  6. hi, hi, hi, .. what dracovenie! ... .astept tutorial ,, amplifying weak wireless asemnalului "

  7. Audio systems, speakers, amplifiers etc do not videotutoriale?

  8. Too bad it only has bluetooth, wifi and had to have. Not the other, but to allocate IP router bulb to control the Internet. LOL
    It's useful for a certain category of people, FITA bulb that's right. Hurts mind what these out on the market.

    • There is a hub BeeWi that achitioneaza separately. This hub connects to the Internet bulbs. Such bulbs can be controlled via the Internet from a distance.
      If they had wifi bulbs, enough energy consumed in standby.

  9. claim

  10. Constantin said

    Hi, Cristi why I can not see any tutorial on a site in that format JWPlayer? The perferct be seen on youtube.

  11. Cristi, you did not specify what kind of minimum distance could be accessed!

  12. Crist, may in the future to do a tutorial related to pfSense?

  13. Thank you very much for this tutorial!
    The bulb is extremely helpful and very interesting in what he does and how it is designed.
    We are waiting for the Orange shop Buzau to see it and even purchase it.

  14. Hoban serban said

    What do you think telefonulhttp: //
    I'd better buy it

  15. sapunell said

    Cristi Tutorial WIFI SLAB you do?

  16. Hello, what's it called Wati reading device which measures the light bulb consume, and where it can be bought? Who's products can be bought on Gearbest? Thanks anicipat !!!

  17. I bought myself this bulb but finds application (SmartPad) give "Add device" scans less and fails, I tried several times. Although if you look with Bluetooth finds and I join. I can say I tried on a phone Allview V1 Viper (16 GB) Android KitKat 4.4 and 4.0 Bluetooth (thus fulfills the conditions). I put the phone next to lamp and all fails, it bulb lit course. You can help someone?

  18. Scorpalau said

    But say you put just outside the apartment, and vecinu Bluetooth signal goes', and he can not connect to the lamp and control it without your permission? I mean there is no kind of security that does not give him permission to do this?

  19. What is your password when you enter directly in bluetooth?



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