Block calls from private or unknown numbers

Over time, we conducted several tutorials related subject, but today this method is the simplest and most elegant.
The possibility of blocking calls coming from private or unknown numbers is very important, especially at night, when we want to sleep without bothering people put on us jokes. We must not forget nor deceit is practiced today, which calls all come from private numbers.
The difference between private and unknown numbers numbers?
Private Numbers They are numbers not displayed at all.
Unknown numbers It is those numbers that appear, but do not know who the caller.

Block calls from private or unknown numbers

Using application Phone app from GoogleWe can block incoming calls from private numbers (hidden), but also from unknown numbers. We should have rooted your phone, simply go.
How bocam calls from private or unknown numbers?
We open the Phone application from Google and press “three points top right” / Settings / Calls / Blocked callers list / “top right dial” / Private numbers; and here we tick "Block incoming calls".
The same routine and unknown numbers, where we further call blocking and SMS.
Several bonus featuresWhich has the telephone application are:
Nearby Places
Recognition of callers that are not in agenda
Block calls from selected numbers (annoying friends, lover, lover)
If, for some reason, it does not work, try using alternative Private number lockWhich he presented a teammate Adrian.

Video tutorial - Block calls from private or unknown numbers

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  1. pelykannulvesel said

    I have the "Call Blocker" application which works very well. The problem with the application presented is that if it is not rejected, the caller will keep insisting and will 'fill' you with notifications on the phone.

  2. Tell cas e inompatibila cudeviceul Samsung Galaxy s5

  3. Hello, Cristi!
    The theme of the Cyanogenmod use?

  4. Cristiiiiiii
    Call it, man, Cristi!

  5. His app update is supported on Nexus One and Google Play Android devices running Android Marshmallow Edition and above.

  6. Google Play on your phone does not appear, what should I do?

  7. HTC Sense is not working, it's a better app that really trucaller block unknown numbers called.

  8. Good evening, I will ask a question that is not on the subject of the clip but I really need an opinion… I want to buy a gtx 650 of 1gb from a friend, currently I have a gt630 2gb, on a 3 ghz i3240 3.4 processor , and 8gb of ram. Is it worth the upgrade? Will there be any difference? Thank you in advance!

  9. File name: (nodpi) .apk
    Version: 2.3.12 (20312)
    Uploaded: December 2, 2015 at 8: 47 0200PM GMT +
    File size: 8.89 MB (9,318,301 bytes)
    Minimum Android version: Android 6.0 + (Marshmallow, API 23)
    Target Android version: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
    MD5: 1728ac282091ec979fa67c1e830df8fd
    SHA1: 8f3416ab6bfab30f2e6e1243fd4905ea049539ed
    Downloads: 51,185

  10. axelluny said

    The same result can be obtained with the help of certain antiviruses (CM security for example) in its menu we look for Caller ID & Blocking / Block List / and we have: Private numbers, Non contact calls, International callc, options to choose from

    • The result can also be obtained in other ways, but here remains confidential discussion, which in the case of using third-party applications, is being questioned. I do not think it's ok to let any application to access your contacts and call history.

      • axelluny said

        It's true Cristinel, but not all of them work on Cyanogen, which is now declared insecure that it steals your data.

  11. Hello screenshot which application you use? I mean on the phone screen capturing (video)

  12. On S6 edge G925F, the Phone application does not appear in the Play Store. I went with laptop on the link put Cristi, I logged in the Play Store, but can not install because I get the message: ,, charging device compatibility data ,, and unable to complete the search.
    But why not prefer barring direct setting of Android without third-party applications? The difference is only that of calling his phone rings and blocking of Android, right?

  13. I use Ultimate 2 years almost black list. I find much ok as he practically automatically give busy not let sound and is better this way because you do not consume more power in that in momentu when you call someone and gives only muted consume battery faster and if you want to call someone and the person is mute calls and callers can not even have call waiting. Additionally the application can choose to eultimate black list barring numbers starting with 0721 is an example of this.

  14. goes on g2

  15. It's not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Core 2

  16. LG is not compatible with g2

  17. I have a Philips s388 phone and it says that the app is not compatible with the phone. My. (android 4.2.2) Other tips… Thanks!

  18. Is there something similar for iOS?

  19. Cristi it is not worked. AM received sms chair assembly and call barring if we added to that number in settings. Why? AM latest android lolipop.

  20. This application is weird, I wanted to give them a busy tone, not to call… ..

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You see that in the text of the tutorial you have links (written in red “blocking private numbers”) to other tutorials about other applications that reject their call and give them a busy tone.

  21. Andrew said

    For android we have call bloker and vault for hiding incoming messages or calls… but for iphone which is the application that does the same thing?

  22. I do not go application. A fact not found in gogle players. Why?
    I icnercat to install on the PC to install give me login with your play and I say that is incompatible with my phone. why?

  23. Prerequisites said

    Not working because it received the update. solutions?


    please learn how they can unlock the phone! I can not call any tel. nor can I be called a goal HUAWEI G7-L01

  25. Hello to make me block a program that calls me continuously with all sorts of prefixes + 112 + 223 always changes prefix I want an urgent response

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It depends on what phone you have. Samsungurile know they have the option in the application settings to block phone calls from numbers you do not have the book. That would be the only solution.

  26. There is something for iOS?

  27. Elena Guianu said

    I have a lenovo6000 and it tells me that the device is not compatible with this version - do you recommend anything else ??? - to block calls from private numbers…

  28. please help]
    ZTE Axon
    if you can call incoming calls from phone settings without special application

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