BlurONE screen more clearly on Android

Blurone is a free application that helps to blur the background wallpaper Android phone screen for better visibility. With the blurry background, we can change colors and wallpaper, so you get exactly the favorite colors.
With blurone may change or wallpaper (wallpaper) current or a picture gallery or an image downloaded.
Even if the blur of wallpaper app this site is simple, help us see better on the screen, by the illusion of depth created. Just like 'portraits of a professional photographer, is totally or partially blurred background and foreground is clear and well defined.
Blurone, a simple application with which we can get unexpected results.
If you do not have enough wallpapers to change, you can use application that allows you to download wallpapers and ringtones for Android.
Download BlurONE (Phone wallpaper app blur).

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  1. Good evening! I have a question Lagat of SSDs. I have a cousin who has the habit to install Windows rather often say somewhere about the 2 saptamani.Eu do not think well what to do but anyway it's up to urma.Intrebarea my computer is my general culture that SSD that happens over time? I mean very very hard to go to Hard Disk regardless of how many times the installed OS, or instantly cracks? Another question would be how do I bring back an SSD to the state it was in when purchased. I mention that he has a Samsung 840 120 BASIC EVO giga like mine, I I I advise the summer trecuta.Am May asked questions and received answers like that which we already knew that is SSD has a certain Number of cellule.Eu want to know concretely what happens to him that is what he will observe over time if you often installed in May?

    • Flash SSDs of current is guaranteed to 2000 cycles of writing.
      Now comes the math!
      A user is supposed to write about 5-10 would someday GB.
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      If you want to know more about SSDs, follow our tutorials.
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      • Adrian Gudus said

        Although about technology, you can not calculate it at millimeter and concrete verdicts can not always appear for variations that are different depending on the person and influences the outcome.
        One day you write more on SSD, another less, depending on who uses it.
        My first cracked SSD simply, without feeling a slowdown in any 2 months of use. My misfortune was that I bought at the beginning when only were first SSDs have given a lei 500 60 GB SSD only. I suspect that cracked me because he was doing all firmware updates every week. Simply, after the last update, I went into the operating system without problems, I did the job on that day and the next day when I opened, surprise! SSD was dead, sat HDD LED lit all the time. Do not see any BIOS. My luck is that it was still under warranty. I sent the eMAG, they gave me a new one, same model. Since I came to the new, I have not done firmware update, I left with the firmware that came from the factory and go and today! It's true that they do not reinstall Windows so often but it is almost 4 years and my SSD still works.

        • I for one prefer traditional hard drives as SSDs are faster but are limited to writing and more sensitive to heat or cold. sometimes if you do not use an SSD that is like Stik can delete everything in without being wiped something. hard drives are more stable at this point. even if they are somewhat slower. So you decide. I only hard and he's oprare system and works very well. would need a tutorial about SSD advantages and disadvantages. to know how many people have life cycles under what conditions and how can delete data.
          app SATA hard I go up 3 1 GB data transfer and writing

          • Adrian Gudus said

            These things were discussed in the "What is an SSD" tutorial that you can find with the search box on the top right. There was talk about the technologies of an SSD

  2. well.
    - A tutorial about linux mail server ?; hosting sites offer a limited number of users on their mail server. us we do have our own server hosting and mail.
    - PfSense presentation.
    - A tutorial on Mikrotik routers.
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  3. And to me it seems interesting to me a tutorial about Mikrotik. I understand that there are good f routers. Thank you for tutorials in general! and it would be interesting in video processing and full hd linux also know that you have some tutorials on the site linux. me I would be interested CentOS, webserver, etc. Of course only if you have time and according to the priorities concerned. Success

  4. Constantin said

    Why not post Adrian?
    I ask out of curiosity for interesting tutorials as Adrian post.

  5. - A tutorial about linux mail server ?; hosting sites offer a limited number of users on their mail server. us we do have our own server hosting and mail.
    - PfSense presentation.
    - A tutorial on Mikrotik routers.
    - It would be interesting and routing on a Linux server, for those who have a mini PC and can not afford an expensive router.
    so I would be interested in me.

    • These topics are quite exclusive. A sort of hipster tech tutorials.
      As much as I would love to me the subject, we must consider what she wants most, if not two or three to stay passionate about the hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly.
      Today web visitor can not wait more. 1-2 minutes is hardly a subject to excite him.
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      Now I do not say no stuffing and stuff, but something rarer and stealthily, not realizing anyone.

      • me if I do not believe it. that would be of interest. shows that interest 11 comments (and those 11 none is on topic :))) or one with IOS 9 0 with comments. that I can comment only after I realized the audience videotutorialului. IOS's another tutorial how's.
        finally… your job. aa and those visits from I think represent the world that comes in to see if something interesting has been posted. I also enter about 3 times / day 🙂 I am also waiting for a video tutorial from which to learn something with a subject that is not really handy on the internet presented.
        Let the server mail in linux can not know, but do pfSense even like that it is easy and would save many people money who needs router. Cheaper a Gigabit network card and a wireless pci card.

        ps: comment according to your urge: "Do not forget, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments section".

        • Adrian Gudus said

          No comments represent the people's interest in the subject but more detailed data from Google Analytics to which administrators have access.
          Our style is to detail what show. People, unfortunately, are not interested in details and learn how it works. They just point and click

  6. florin said

    Hello. I have an ASUS Memo Pad tablet ME7C 176, 7 inch android that was 4.0. Recently, Asus has made and updates to the operating system, passing the android 5.0. Glonass GPS support, functional 4.0. After update to 5.0, satnav functioneaza.Întrebarea is not, it may be that the Russian GLONASS it unable to run on 5.0? Thanks for any clarification.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Give a factory reset or restored to factory settings. Often, when you do the update OTA Android operating system goes haywire. Before you give a factory reset, make a backup of important data for you: photos, videos, music

      • Perfect, Adrian! Restored original settings and go GPS on Android normal 5.0. It seems that some applications have clashed after the update, because no time setting does not work correctly, perhaps the memory was not enough, the fact is that after resetting everything is OK! Thanks again!

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