Briar messaging application without internet - for cases of war - catastrophes - anti censorship

Briar messaging application without internet
Briar messaging application without internet

What is the tutorial "Briar messaging application without internet"

In the Briar video tutorial, the messaging application without internet presents the Briar OFFLINE messaging application.

This application works like a regular messaging application, but is designed to work without a central server, in P2P mode.

What is Briar - an internet-free messaging app?

Briar is an Open Source application, meaning it is based on open source code that anyone can see and use for FREE.

The advantages of this application are 4 in number:

  1. It is not used by any central server, such as Whatsapp or Telegram. It is an application that works in P2P mode, ie from phone to phone.
  2. He doesn't need the internet, can also work on local networks not connected to the internet or even via bluetooth
  3. Do not request any personal data (name, phone number or email address)
  4. The TOR network is used for data security and anonymity

What does it mean that Briar does not use a central server like Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal?

Applications known as Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal, use central servers for authentication and storage of crop keys.

This means that all your traffic passes through a server before it reaches the person you are talking to

From here we realize that our private data is stored on a server, whose control we do not have and which can be stopped at any time without doing anything.

Classic messaging applications are dependent on the internet and if the internet crashes, we can no longer communicate.

What it means and what are the advantages of P2P connections

There is no proxy server in a P2P connection to mediate the connection.

P2P connections are made from one phone to another, and they can communicate even in the absence of the Internet, through a wi-fi network (a simple router) that is not connected to the Internet or even via Bluetooth directly from phone to phone.

Cases where Briar is very valuable

  1. Natural disasters when internet infrastructure is down in certain areas
  2. In the case of wars when it is known that networks are targeted with DDoS or even physical attacks
  3. In the case of journalists censored or followed by the system
  4. Communication in isolated places (forests, caves, desert, mountain valleys, etc.) where there is no GSM or internet signal
  5. When you want to have conversations in a more private environment

Briar connection methods

briar it can use all the connections that the phone has at its disposal and is extremely agile when one of the connections drops.

  1. It can work normally via the internet and in addition without Whatsapp or Telegram provides privacy and makes it almost impossible for third parties to identify and intercept messages UNLIMITED RADIUS
  2. It can operate on an isolated Wi-Fi network without internet. One scenario would be to restore communications between people to the site of a disaster, where the infrastructure has collapsed. Put a router on a pole and you're done or someone can make a quick hotspot RADIUS 300m
  3. Via Bluetooth, but over fairly short distances RADIUS 100m

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Briar messaging application without internet - video tutorial

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  2. I remember when I had a neighborhood network in 2003 and I didn't have internet… and I used the Vipress Chat application on windows Me… times… I was in the 9th grade

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