Browser for children (a kind of parental control) - video tutorial

If you want to know your baby is safe when the computer would be better not to give him full and watched him.

When the child is online (connected to internet) would be good to use a special browser with parental control module will not allow children to have a dubious surfing sites that might be harmful to him and computer or the files in it.

Once open browser it can not be closed only with a combination of keys that will not guess demneavoastra child (believe it).

by Bogdan Pelu


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. Thanks ptr this tutorial, my child is happy and I am calmer knowing that he can not enter the net on sites that are not satisfied are exceptional copii.Va ptr happy holidays and be loved.

  2. I want his version to lie browser for. those up to 18 years old…
    that he left out videotutorialul

  3. boby_admin said

    Be a bit more explicitly understand nothing


  5. It's great when you see how people thank you and how pleased I am! It feels strange and beautiful at the same time! And we thank you NIKOL expect yourself to other tutorials and proposals not!

  6. Thank you very much…. I was looking for something like this, when I was looking at the tutorial about you are super good… and you have to have a big heart to do this for free… I hope this never changes… and you to be healthy… phishing.
    Congratulations again guys!

  7. I wanted to say that this kind of browser… I was looking for when I watched the tutorial on phishing… I look forward to the tutorial for older children.

  8. @PNP76: we also have a tutorial about browsers for adults, write up the search on the right of our page like this: Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 or Opera… we have a tutorial for each browser, write in search opera give enter and you will find the tutorial, or go in the Playlist section and you will have in view all the tutorials on this site.

  9. is super cool super nice tutorial.santeti

  10. My daughter is super happy with zac thanks

  11. aerosol said

    Super cool!

  12. HELLO 🙂! This browser is great =)) I put it on a neighbor, but don't worry that her daughter managed to get out of it… She likes mozilla much more =))

  13. good to know that after almost 1 year nikol not yet tired of lying browser, is as excited as the first zi.Il highly recommends to all his friends to vote and the vote would only do not know cum.multumim again

    • Nikol: Good to know that after almost 1 year nikol not yet tired of lying browser, is as excited as the first zi.Il highly recommends to all his friends to vote and the vote would only do not know how. Thank you again  

      Tell Nikol that if he wants to vote for a tutorial, he just has to click on the stars above the title of the tutorial he watched. Clicking on the 5th star nikol will give the tutorial the maximum number of votes. I see that nikol has already voted, under nikol's comment it says: "nikol gave this tutorial *****" which means that you gave this tutorial the maximum number of stars. That's about all Nikol has to do if he wants to vote.

  14. geolino said

    22ror welcome! I have a question how to call back to the browser until the 6 13 years?

  15. Best of all this browser for children and I was waiting for the one you promised for older children. Thank you!

  16. DOBRYK ^ said

    Hi I have a problem with Zac Browser .. (they say the found viruses Avast antivirus and delete it ..) I do not know what to do I tried to make the antivirus settings but nothing is fucked antivirusu!

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