BUMP, exchange files between phones in the air

Hi friends, today I will present a very interesting service for super fast file transfer through the air, so interesting that Google bought 60 million.

What is BUMP?
BUMP is a great invention, a service that allows those who have installed the application to transfer files by touching phones together. Interestingly, the you need NFC and no bluetooth transfer is instant through the network. Merge whether you are on the same network or not, However for the best speed you should be on aeeasi network.
The transfer is done as if by magic, perhaps that is why the people at Google have been bewitched.

What can we transfer BUMP?
In principle you can transfer everything from photos and video to contacts, applications and even business cards. Any user who has installed BUMP will have a ready reference card, virtual business card can be edited to include your phone number, email address and other information.

How much BUMP?
BUMP is a free, plus you do not even need to have any account, simply install and start collides phones.
Until yesterday walked application for transferring files between PC and phone, unfortunately today I found that for one reason or another not working. In principle to transfer files from your phone to PC application you just need to have started on the PC or the phone and open browser http://bu.mp site instead collides teefonul PC, collides phone the Space key (the big bottom).
In the tutorial I used a older phone (HTC Wildfire) and newest one (nexus 4)Just to prove that BUMP phone does not need too strong, going on any Android or iOS.

How shall BUMP?
BUMP for Android
BUMP for iOS (IPhone, iPod, iPad)
BUMP official website, that BU.MP

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  1. For a picture or other small files, as far as I can see, with this program we scratch our heads in reverse; it's like that… to have something to do when we have nothing to do; via bluetooth it goes much faster and connects faster; In my opinion; do you really want to charge your phones with useful but useless things? I'm just subjective.

    • correct! if there is no wifi when I want to send something what do I do ?? simple… use bluetooth! bluetooth have all the phones (except apple. they also have it, but it's another problem) so I don't know why I should bump! and if google bought for 60mil $… .prob was a trick to play with money!

  2. vlad andrey1456 said

    Super strong application. . . ! A well-done tutorial, short and to the point, anyway thousand tutorials I like to watch an hour if well done and clear as I usually do them. . . ! Cool !! I look forward to change the fund's video tutorial!

  3. Daniel (Jr.) said

    Did you BUMP?
    -Let's toast!

  4. Very useful tutorial! Thank you! Think you can do a tutorial on assembly and PCs? Honestly, you Cristi explain much better than those of the other sites from which you do not understand anything.

  5. Adrian Gudus said

    We have several tutorials on the subject: how to install a CPU on the motherboard, hard drive, ram memory, power.
    Find them using the search box at the top right

  6. I want to know: can transfer the iPhone and Android hamvers with Bump?

  7. This is good if you want to transfer Android to iPhone (I tried, it works), but also very large files. If you caught higher wifi transfer a video of a gb in 2-3 minutes, to see through blooth how long it takes 🙂.

  8. Hi guys!
    I am an Android developer and so on. NET for Windows. We recently developed a cross-platform application to transfer files over Wi-Fi, called DashDroid (Android) and DashWin (Windows). It is currently in beta (test) and has some bugs, but shows full functionality.

    Those looking for a simpler alternative / quick way to transfer files between PC Android, Android Android, or even PC PC via a Wi-Fi network, you should try it

    Development thread on XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2386374
    Find download links for both DashDroid and for DashWin in post # 2 the thread above.

    PS: The app is 100% non-profit and this post advertising is not aimed at them with marketing purposes. Only present an alternative that some users may find it quicker / efficiency depending on how they work, but of course, any help / test / feedback is welcome

  9. Goes between the phone and PC but it depends on the browser. In Opera did not work on Chrome instead functioned quite quickly. Very useful app, it's good to have alternatives to bluetooth.

  10. Could you do a tutorial about Wolfram Alpha for Android? Or about Wolfram Alpha in general

  11. Please tell me how to do the update to Xbox 360. Make a tutorial send me mail I do not know what to do, in Romanian No data are tutorials on the net and it does not work either! thanks

  12. I have a Samsung phone G.S3 and tested application with PC.Functioneaza perfect enough to activate the phone you want to transfer and achieve the goal. Space key and ready. PC.Extraordinar photo is in, if it's magic. Thanks for the tutorial and will not lasati.Numai well!

  13. I have a curiosity, if not hit the space key and hit another key work?
    Or if you hit the space bar with your left hand and right hand knocks your table go?
    Try that you can, I do not have a smartphone yet and can not try. . . .

  14. not that this tutorial wouldn't be interesting ……… .sorry you made us dizzy with that Nose and you don't say anything about how to find a site or a surveillance camera on it

  15. Is there a way to transfer files between Android and simbyan? (Give Tzuica and toast)

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