Accessible computer performance and quiet

Accessible computer performance and quiet

There's less and start school, and students need a new computer; Not like that old would not go, but the new one is better. In addition it can endure sponsor and budget increases and a video card.
I thought to do a system powerful enough, quiet and affordable, which can be used for school projects, but also in an office or multimedia. The system will be used at all, and if desired, you can add a video card performance for an extra graphics processing power, which is needed in games of last generation with realistic graphics.

What does enough performance?

Not always we need high processing power. It is enough to have fast storage and a decent processor, to have a pleasant experience. SSD, in my opinion, offers a PC's speed, which can not be matched by any CPU or RAM upgrade. If you plan to use programs that require intensive CPU, you should choose another configuration.

What does system silent?

PCs have several components that get us out of his mind.
The nasty part is sourceWhich, if not quality, making incredible noise.
Mechanical hard drives can also be a source of noise, especially if it is not installed correctly. HDDs have a croak annoying that sometimes do not even know where it comes from. Sometimes, if the hard drive is older, get some vibration that you grind your brains background, especially in the evening and night.
Fans of the carcasses, if not installed correctly, I can make insane. Some even blindează carcasses fans, managed to create positive or negative pressure in the housing so that the fans will go harder and make more noise.
Housing components normal, just a fan to draw hot air, air that's not good to get to the source.
CPU fan, can sometimes make a lot of noise if not fitted properly or is dirty, in both cases it revs excessively obviously doing our brains cabbage.
After you receive will have to install components in the cabinet. Below is a tutorial:

PC components to be mounted in the housing

Once you have installed the components in the housing, you must install the operating system. Below is a tutorial to install Windows 10:

10 Windows installation from A to Z

Once you have installed the operating system, you need to install drivers. Below are two drivers installation tutorials:

Installation tutorials drivers

Once you have installed the drivers, you need to tuck some programs. Below is a tutorial to install multiple programs at once:

Tutorial install many programs at once with the Ninite

Components used in the tutorial (EMAG):
Corsair RAM
Kingston SSD
Active housing
source Seasonic
optional components:
Dedicated video card for new games:
Gigabyte GTX OC 950 (Accessible)
Gigabyte GTX 1060 G1 (Performance and VR)
Hard Disk Storage enough:
Toshiba HDD 2TB 7200 rpm (accessible)
HDD Seagate Backup Plus (External capacity)

High-performance and silent accessible computer - Video Tutorial

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  1. Hello crist a video very good and a cheap PC and new generation even do a good job I respect you look at the video thing we do for years and deserve to look for more understanding one another these days I had a problem with paypal but I managed to figure out what is
    as those from paypal have changed little this service is difficult I have a Visa Electron card I went to the bank asked a card to pay online when I get home I start doing account paypal and surprise nothing I say is not supported this type of card I can do if you still waiting and can do a video you can solve this problem not just me who complains paypal after making some changes

  2. Cristi Hello, sorry for not posting this comment where it belongs. What would you choose between a Nikon and a Canon EOS D3300 100D on the future can do a tutorial on choosing a DSLR camera and a lens? And for this tutorial 10 +

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The guide we already have on buying DSLRs, have you looked at it? You can find it using the search box on the top right, type "DSLR purchase guide" there, press Enter and you will find the tutorial

    • Nikon software is newer and better equipped, but this depends on the tastes. I prefer Nikon colors, others prefer Canon.
      I suggest you ask for other opinions.

  3. Hi, I have a little question…. Those from PC Garage live said that when we buy SkyLake we automatically put DDR4 and not DDR3, and I see that you gave us DDR3

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Here talked accessible computer (like price) If you really DDR4, there is not much within the reach.

      • Similar to the video board and support cost with 4 ddr7 Lei.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Man, do not put it on RAM? A RAM is also DDR4 in turn more expensive!
          This is a guide, if you were able pocket, you're free to improvise and to purchase what you want. 7 lei to the plate, still 40-50 RAM and look up the price so affordable and becomes expensive.

          • Contradict here, it seems like most times ddr4 memory is cheaper than memory ddr3 (lately).

  4. I think if straw is available to be accessible not worth a processor SkyLake latest addition rami DDR3. Would earn money and to change processor

  5. Honestly I do not like the idea to use skylake processor with ddr3 (because it's stupid, but with ddr4 is perfect!

    • Well folks, it does not matter DDR3 or DDR4 use that anyway will not notice any differences.
      Even if on paper DDR4 is higher in reality it makes no difference.
      DDR3 memory market is a SH, very developed, where you can find memories for the price of nothing.

  6. You are AMAZING! I swear, I was writing the site's address and I was thinking of searching inside after "accessible system configuration"!

  7. folks difference in e PRCDs 3 and 4 just a teaspoon extra neither. as he said Cristi's not invisible. As the title says it's also available as a budget calculator and tutorial says. Now if you found cheaper promotion DDRAM DDRAM 4 3 that if you take them ala DDRAM 4 support base plate. Cristi has made a recent all about gaming PCs as we take the pieces to look after etc.

    • Note 1 4 hand to, Romanian. 2 hand and I mean it does not pay to buy SkyLake processor. It would be more cost effective where a different type of processor can earn money even at that price i5 a course on offer as they are.

      • take what processor you want. Christ gave such a good processor and affordable. that lead well about any program. programs that consume resources and not just games. if you think how many too will run in slow motion and everything will crash. repeat for school programs and even surfing consume resources. I wrote and hand the phone and credca is that you do not know how wrong you want. I do not know why so comment. I repeat and this Cristi wanted a PC at affordable price ok not a jalopy, and has said that if you were carefully chosen skylake

        • May I repeat myself. Sit down with, the comments and attend your classes Romanian.

          • I tell you that informs ultimu replay and sit down you are dust capitolu technology. and open your ears if you heard what the tutorial says Cristi. to err is human to be in da air is absurd.

          • I feel like you're not even Klingon novel really have no idea to write properly Romanian. 2 hand and wary that you do not know who they are, do not know me. Do not do an opinion about people who do not know. Your opinions and absurd keeps them for you. Linked to correct what you try to correct you would need to consider not comment as much. And on lack of technological knowledge it is not so shameful as a novel is illiterate and loud mouth.

  8. super ok the video tutorial. the idea itself is really brilliant. of course the opinions are divided, but if it's still to make a system from scratch, I would look for the Christians to make it from the latest generation components (maybe not exactly the same ones -he chose… I would have gone on ddr4), but I would not go as specified above to an i5 but from the older generation and here I mean the 2nd or 3rd generation of the 4th generation a are ok, but expensive and than to buy an i5 haswel, with that money I better take the motherboard and the i3 skylake processor.

  9. 1) I3 6098P has integrated video card weaker than I3 6100.
    2) Motherboard does not see that i3 6098P without the BIOS update.

  10. Hello Cristi, videotutorialele Very interesting. I pursue each time a new article appears.
    I'd like to do an article about the acquisition and SUHD TV series from Samsung. I saw that TV in this range (SUHD) have an incredible image but they are very expensive. It would be interested if it's worth the money difference between KS7502 and 8002 KS, KS 9002. As specs are very close.

    Thanks and I responded.

  11. George rusnac said

    I greet you,
    Sorry for the question you ask. It is off-topic, but is the latest page where we give advice. Large crazy alternative to YM. I installed Trillian. Super, but not only preserves local list. What other IM recommend to eliminate this inconvenience? Thank you.

  12. tutorial that come with the detection of RAM.

  13. Cristy Hello!
    You wrote in that article: ,, Not always we need high processing power ,,.
    We ALWAYS need a powerful PROCESSOR that can process information very quickly. Test any software utility that permanently shows you on the desktop the degree of work / use of the processor and you will see that all processors with 2 cores and 2 working wires immediately reach the maximum degree of use-100 /% when you open / use more many "simple or standard" applications. compared to 4-core / 4-wire, 4/8, etc. processors.
    In conclusion, you can have SSD's mother and DDR's father, if you have a Celeron or something stinky that also has a small L3cache and a low working frequency…

    • The processing power is needed in applications using processor-intensive.
      Working speed giving you store, not the processor, the cache until the HDD or SSD.
      If you want to use HDD for the operating system, go ahead.
      This system is not for video editing, graphic three-dimensional, etc.

  14. Emag rose guys from all the products we have shown in the video. And slogan as they say they have cut prices.

  15. Hello Cristi,
    I have a problem when filling up dedicated video card (jack pine 8), the PC will not start. LED lights but no fan spins. It could be a short video card?

  16. Daniel Vlad said

    Cristi Hello! I have a question to you, this video card is good for games, and I do not mean to ultra games. Thank you!

  17. Hello Cristi. Two short questions. I want to make an upgrade to my system. That means the replacement of only three components, processor, motherboard, memory. There is a possibility, or a method of using win10 operating system without doing a fresh installation, the new system? What difference exists, or disadvantages between a motherboard and a plaque gaming nongaming? For example between the plate and this tutorial: GIGABYTE GA-H170M-HD3 DDR3. Thank you!

  18. Good evening! While a video Hackintosh? A good evening!

  19. Ha, ha! I always tend to give emag scroll on the video.

  20. Roman Cairac said

    Hello Cristi as` like to know your opinion and can give me better guidance, we list Completion of such a system,
    PSU: Corsair RM850x
    PC case: Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-03
    Motherboard: ASUS B150 PRO GAMING ATX D3 DDR3 1800
    CPU: IntelCore i5-7600K, 3.8GHz, Kabyle Lake
    CPU Cooler: Corsair Extreme Performance H100i v2
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
    RAM: Ripjaws-4-DDR4-3000-C15-4x4GB
    SSD Samsung EVO 850GB 250 2.5-Inch SATA III
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda SATA 2TB 6Gb / s

    If your opinion on this money can take something more powerful and more economical then there metota are ready to listen

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