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Accessible and silent gaming calculator
Accessible and silent gaming calculator
Over time I have configured several systems, some cheaper, some more performing, some silent, some minimalist. Today we will do something different!

Accessible and silent gaming calculator!

Making a gaming computer is not hard at all, if you know how much compatibility between components and you handle the filters, the job is as it is done.
However, when you do not know the components, it's hard to get what you want.
Keeping the proportions, setting up a PC is like the winemaking process, from the berry to the glass of wine.

I want an affordable, performance and silent gaming system.

Until yesterday, to make a relatively silent gaming system, it was almost impossible. Now, with the manufacturing knob (14nm), we have chips that are much easier to cool and can operate at higher frequencies without turning into radiators.

Why did I choose i3 instead of i5?

We chose the Intel i3 7100 processor because it is highly performing in single core and almost as good as a i5 of the same generation in gaming. To mention it with i5 Haswell wipes on foot.
To be exact, on average, an i5 of the same generation, besides i3 7100, is 10% more performance, but with almost 90% more expensive.
The Performance-Price report is the indicator that guides me before any purchase.

Why did not I choose an AMD Ryzen 3 1200 instead of Intel i3 7100?

1. Intel i3 7100 has a better single core performance!
2. AM4 motherboards are more expensive
Noteworthy as AMD Ryzen 3 1200 is a very good processor, but Intel i3 7100 is a better choice for a gaming, office, multimedia system, because many desktop applications are optimized for single-core, and Intel i3 7100 is superior to single core.

Why did I choose the GTX 1060 video card?

I would have chosen Radeon RX570 if prices were normal. RX570 normally has the same level of performance as GTX 1060, but it should have been cheaper.
Because Nvidia moved better on the market, it managed to lower prices for the GTX 1060 and make this board a tempting offer.
Another reason for choosing the GTX1060 video card is that the board has two large fans, which have a reduced speed and therefore lower noise.

AMD's upgrading UPDATE due to Bitcoin:
AMD Radeon video cards have been greatly increased due to the high demand from MINERIT users.
It looks like these plates are very efficient at Bithoin mining.
If you do not know what Bitcoin is, I invite you to watch these vintage tutorials, since Bitcoin had not heard from us.

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Why did I choose the Corsair CX450M source?

If we want a relative system, it can not be achieved without a silent source. This Corsair source has a fan that starts only when the source gets too hot. So we will have full silence when we are not engaged in gaming.

Computer Components:

Intel Core ™ i3-7100 Processor, 3.90Ghz Kaby Lake, 3MB, Socket 1151, BOX

MSI H110M PRO-D motherboard, Socket 1151

Solid State Drive (SSD) Plextor S3C, 128GB, 2.5 ", SATA III 600

Zeppelin 4GB, DDR4, 2133MHz, CL15

KFA2 GEFORCE GTX 1060 OC, 3GB GDDR5, 192-bit

Semi-Modular Corsair ECX450M, 450W, 80 PLUS Bronze, ATX 2.4, Active PFC, Black

The Floston GRAVITY Black, Middle tower

Accessible and silent gaming computer - video tutorial

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  1. Cristi welcome
    I do not find it a good idea to recommend something you have not tried; so in the future I would like to take your account and comments - to the opinions of some who are really gamble / do not say to the specifics you know, you want to put the quality and the price paid
    the most I liked that you chose a basic place from MSI /
    then the Intel i 3 processor is good but not very good (it's a gamer)
    Nvidia video card is good because it fits the processor and because it has a good driver - and that matters a lot in games but in time it will give way faster than a Radeon from AMD - I don't know what the phase is and why this happens AMD boards are very well connected but the drivers are not what they should be, while at Nvidia I mean Intel is the other way around
    what I noticed that AMD processors are much better in games but what I noticed are pretentious with memories (did not show us on the motherboard how many memory modules it had? I would have liked to have 4 and I would recommend for that system to buy 4 memory cards of 4 gb each for example or bigger but two from one manufacturer and two from another and at the same frequencies two of a kind and two of a kind - whoever plays knows what I'm talking about here )
    and last but not least, the source is not the best choice and I am referring here strictly to cables - that is, what do we do Cristi in a gaming system to put this source?

  2. Hello I would like the wallpaper in the tutorial

  3. Hello ! Can you do a tutorial with a ptr office and video editing system?

  4. Hello I do not have the admin of this site but he tried to make a system for those who do not really know or are in the beginning and want to make a system like this not necessarily the tutorial but something similar to the tutorial, Everyone is free to buy what he wants and wants, I've made a system on 1155 from an older tutorial and I'm running the new 4K games and movies that have come up smoothly with the video card and the memory does the whole thing

  5. WiggleBreeveld said

    I think it's a very good price at the performance of that processor with the video card, and I saw that there is a huge difference between a gtx 1060 and an 1050ti.

  6. Hello, I would also like to make tutorials about:
    1.Rescription, BIOS reprogramming with spi programmer;
    2. Hearing about hackintosh tutorials;


    I do not really like to wipe down with an i5 haswell, I think the 10 percent is just because i5 4690 has the stock frequency of 3.5 ghz and this i3 vde 3.9 ghz on a core like the i5 multi core deletes with this i3 on the floor !!!

  8. The difference in performance between the 4 generation and the 7 generation is under the 5% proof that intel has not gained much in performance over the last 4 years, the only gain is that they have managed to increase the frequency on the core and this increases the performance but at the same frequency genre of 4 and 7 are very close, unfortunately, so we should be correct and not say that this i3 mature on the floor with i5 haswell.

  9. Ptr. Video editing? What do we need?

  10. View Product said

    Good Cristi! I bought a Ryzen 5, 1500x, 3500Mhz, 16Mb and a Asrock AB350-HDV motherboard with a DDR4 Team Group Elit 8g, 2400Mhz CL16 from Emag. The unit turns on but does not open Monitor on the VGA jack and TV on the HDMI jack. I put an external video card and made bios update to the latest version and still does not want the built-in video card. Please tell me what do you think? It could be bad motherboard! Thank you in advance!

  11. Laurentiu I. said

    Do you think you could do a new tutorial about buying a gaming or office now 2018 system?

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