Samsung TV + Calibration opinions T24D390EW

Hi friends, today I will show you how to calibrate a TV / monitor 24D390EW Samsung model. This method can be used for other models of Samsung TVs or other brands, noting that other models may be slightly different menus.
The calibration I made is actually a profile that I use for this TV, made starting from the "movie" profile that is already present in most Samsung TVs.
Classical calibration is done by a machine that is on the monitor / TV, and then adjusting the panel so that colors are as close to stangardul sRGB.
Professional calibration is worthless if the signal entering the TV and it is not calibrated output, so we can wake up with strange images on monitors or TVs, even if they are calibrated.
My TV in the living room is a Panasonic (plasma), calibrated and in addition THX certified. Unfortunately, it still needs adjustments when I watch TV on Dolce (now TELEKOM), because the signal from them comes a bit "colorful".
How do a more natural setting image?
First of all, it is not good at all to use digital settings in TVs such as "magic color" "dynamic contrast" "true colors" "clarity" "magic angle" "true motion" "vivid image".
It is not recommended to use the sliders of contrast, brightness, sharpness, backlight, this will only require the processing limit that will be done "on the fly" with "hurried" results.
Do not try to set the TV when you are near him, give yourself a few steps back and barely-there make settings.
In the tutorial I have shown how am I setting for an enjoyable experience in front of the TV, ie as close as possible to natural colors. But my tastes may be different, so try several versions made to find a balance. But do not forget, avoid excessive processing, it can introduce artifacts or noise that normally there. Do not click on all butoalele!
Did you know that:
If you permanently stop "sharpness" you will have a very clean image but a little soft, and if you go further back you will not notice that it is soft.
TV tutorial:
Samsung LED TV, 55 cm Full HD LT22D390EW
24 Vers version (better viewing angle)
Samsung LED TV LT24D390EW / EN, 59 cm, Full HD (We recommend)
The TV is also found in other stores at prices as low.
This TV can be used as a monitor, it has a VGA input, 2 HDMI, Scart, composite, component, audio input, USB input and even CI + card.
TV tuner supports all current standards, we tuner analog, digital and DVB-TC.
The sound is powerful enough for a TV so small.
A plus would PIP +, meaning picture in picture. We have two images on the TV at the same time, among which we can change at any time, one is primary and the second in a corner and pressing butornului switch roles.
I recommend this TV for those who need a TV in the kitchen or in a hallway. In any case this TV can not be used in the living room is too small and the angle of vision is not exactly the best.

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  1. Thank you! I also tutorials are helpful. It's better if you present and settings for a larger TV with an HD movie.
    Another topic tutorial subtitle function is related to the movies on Youtube. Very ok function in Libya especially in lesser-known films.

    • The settings you have made are valid for older TVs. There will come out even better, depending on the quality of the panel.
      YouTube Captions are available only if the one who posted the film got and translation (even in English). For English speakers, youtube can make automatic translation.
      The film has aptiunea viewing the subtitles on or not.

      Sample video subtitles:

      How to crack a wireless network WEP, WPA or WPA2 (how to break WiFi)

      Subtitling is done by our friend Alex.

      • Virgil Calinescu said

        Bravo Cristi, beautifully worked, and not only this tutorial
        You write an engineer with experience 40 years

      • Sorry the topic of a tutorial about Kodi can thanks in advance

      • Cristi is fantastic, I used them on a Samsung UE 40J5100, I also like this TV in Natural mode but on TV it's better that way, with the settings in the clip. The idea is that if I remove the signal from the PC, as you said, it looks much better and it's normal. If you have other settings do not hesitate to post them in comments or questions… .. :)

      • The monitor do not you tell us a tutorial or settings, please

  2. barcode for this tutorial

  3. Out of stock

  4. Hello, I have a problem with yahoo account, mesenger, I know the user name and password but can not access your mes because I do not remember the answer the question of siguranta.Am found some tutorials about yahoo, but not specified this problem with recovery of responses to questions siguranta.Ai could make a tutorial how can email those at yahoo account to unlock mesg.

  5. Marius L. said

    No offense, but the link in the description does not lead to a TV, but by a monitor that has no TV tuner.

  6. Hello!
    Cristi / Adrian, you can make a tutorial on Windows 10 which has new updates interesting to Build first appeared, including Cortana on Windows Phone?

  7. Good cristi I think only t24d390ew samsung screen size differs from yours and I calibrated soft hcfr spyder4 pro + video + gcd mp4 and ditch these settings tv
    movie mode
    back lighting 16 120 cd / m2
    contrast 95
    brightness 44
    clarity 20
    50 color
    tempt v50-r50
    Advanced Settings
    Black shade off
    0 skin tones
    automatic color space
    White Balance
    Mo r + 5
    Mo v 0
    Mo has 0
    Red level + 15
    Green level 0
    level blue -5
    this to be 6500 k color temperature
    gamma gamma -1 this to be 2.2
    Image Options
    warm color tone 2
    rest off

    • Dani Andrei said

      If you turned a picture with these settings result was great.
      I bought this monitor / tv but the 24 and 2 I spent hours just to make them all image settings and profiles usb tv monitor, Angle yes it is very cheap cabbage but I took lam for £ 600 bedroom.
      It's compatible mhl 24 model. Who wants to feel like a TV movie buys at least fulhd of 101cm

    • I said and not text, this is not a professional calibration for professional calibration has no value if the picture comes on cable is perfect.
      Color accuracy is one, naturalness is different.
      Appliances sRGB or at most only see Adobee RGB. Our eye is much smarter.
      Professional calibration is useful when using panels for production (advertising, research, graphics, etc).

    • Calinchromapure said

      The professional calibration of ISFccc TVs is a novelty for Romania. The image delivered by a calibrated display fully reflects the accuracy of the video source, rendering it as it was thought, filmed and post-processed in the studio. Ten correctly calibrated TVs will play the same reference image. The reference in this case is REC.709, the HDTV standard in which the blurays are mastered (4.2.0, 8bit, 23.976fps). The accuracy of the measuring instruments (colorimeter) in this case can vary depending on many factors (operating principle, quality, price and especially profiling according to optical reference instruments-photospectrometer that are paired with colorimeter to perform the calibration flow). Ignoring this aspect or ignoring it due to the enormous costs of the calibration tools (thousands of dollars) leads to a false impression as an "optimization" with a toy like Spyder (pro to give a touch of confidence to the user) what is obtained at the end agree with the reference. Delta error in this case varies between 3 and 6 and the human eye only notices imperfections below a delta 3,5. Range 2.2 is exceeded, the new materials being mastered in BT1886 variable depending on the level of black Y measured at 0IRE. The best "judge" of the calibrated image as a whole is the human eye. Unfortunately, it is more sensitive to variations in light (range) than to color accuracy (chrome). Its almost instantaneous adaptability, however, makes it not to be taken as a standard base in measurements but only the result of measurements to be evaluated through the prism of the eye. The calibarae process, among many others, optimizes the luminance ratios of individual chrominant saturation on the three primary and three secondary, involving the activation and deactivation (as appropriate) of several controls and settings, their operation being fully aware of the cause. not chaotic, in a certain flow. However, the preoccupation and interest in obtaining a maximization of the display image through an advanced method, although very unmediated until now as a procedure, denotes the beginning of the exit from the obscurantism that generally preceded the "adjustment of the TV image".

  8. I would like to complete if possible like wonderful boys put on the AVS forum some free calibration tests that can compete with the payment tests in multiple formats that are called AVS video hd 709
    who is interested can download these free tests and adjust the TV after a certain standard by eye as some do not Cristi please do not feel offended as I spoke I watch all posts by and thank him for everything he does

  9. Calinchromapure said

    You would not be able to disagree with my statements as long as you have an objective position on the subject in question. You are probably among the few enthusiasts who have invested in know-how and equipment, 50% of the value of the TV in this case, which is commendable compared to ordinary users who do not even know of a professional and correct way to adjust the image. . It is not the name of the controls and what changes them that is most important, but the direct and indirect influence of one on the other, of the change of the result of one while the other is actuated and finally of the whole as a whole. Here I used the term "hatotic" which probably bothered me. When I specified the "thousand dollar" equipment I did not refer to the genre: Klein 10-A profiled with Jeti Specbos 1211 managed by Lightspace, this category being at "tens of thousands of dollars", but to a profile with i1Pro 2 Spectrophotometer, because I personally suspect your colorimeter to turn red, is a common disease of theirs, (depl r + 5 / offset and red level + 15 / gain resulting from WB readings in 2P made by you) generally in "warm2" the red level along the entire length of the spectrum is not normally necessary for such a large positive correction. It's just an assumption, you can do an ochiometric check with a gray garadient to see if the image doesn't turn red or if you're really passionate, a profiling in the future An ISF certified calibrator and some enthusiastic answer questions on home calibrations. However there are thousands of users who lose for days trying to regulate image liking and tens of thousands who are watching default distorted images Photoshop and a total bust unaware of having expensive TVs do not work at all parameters that are able to reproduce the image, and have never seen more depth and dimensionality naturalness of calibrated images.

    • I do not think I have problems with red because I have a samsung tv white 32d550 which I Ballance
      Mo r 22
      Mo v 25
      Mo has 20
      r level 30
      v level 25
      level of 40
      automatic color space that you prefer instead of native
      I forgot to mention that t24d390ew that I posted above result is manufactured in Romania and I did the firmware update from Samsung 1010.0 on site
      I get on Softpedia ditch forum where member for many years know that there ISF certified calibrator in Hungary did not know that now exist in Romania

  10. Constantin said

    Hi Cristi you could make a tutorial of how to do firmware update to a TV?

  11. Hello? What do you choose between these models LCD (LED) yv?
    1. Samsung 40H6400
    2. Panasonic 42AS650E
    3. Somu KLD 42 W706

    • I prefer Panasonic. I like the colors of their boards.
      Of course you should not agree with me.
      Best shooting with a camera in good light and go with the stick in the video store. What would be more accurate to foul settings, ala the winner.
      It is important to have more natural colors.

    • Calinchromapure said is the best choice of the three. VA Panel (deep black level) where you not black IPS weak direct light back, not Edge LED (impressive uniformity) and native screen 100hz not 50hz (Sony certainly has the 50hz) in 10 range control points manually (with You can remove individual professional calibration jewel of it). Attention 42AS640 model is superior 42AS650E model you mentioned, the latter with IPS panel.

  12. Sony sorry !!

  13. Loredana said

    Good and this tutorial, really very good, but, Cristi please, I beg you, do somehow you and Adrian - DON'T TALK SO MUCH IN THE TUTORIALS, YOU LONG THEIR NUTS, YOU CAN TRANSMIT THE SAME INFORMATION IN A FEW WORDS. Please don't be mad at me, you're okay, but nonsense is criminal for me… I almost feel like not coming in…

    • Adrian Gudus said

      That's because you're not only interested to solve your problem, not its causes or how things work. Believe us and so detailed that as yet there are users who do not understand things. Some even want to learn, others just to solve the problem. We can not please everyone. In some reviews users told us that kiss to look like our tutorials and long. How to share to thank everyone?

      • I apologize, really, I never thought about those users who want longer tutorials. And, I know it's very hard to please everyone. Regarding what you said, I quote: "That's because you are only interested in solving your problem, not its causes or how some things work.", I can say the following: I first entered you on the site in 2009, then I discovered you, I liked it, and I wanted to learn, I had no problem or cause to solve. All out of passion, I learned English especially so I could learn from the internet outside, and I learned and progressed a lot. But I also come to you on the site because it is a treasure, although, many of the tutorials do not interest me, those with and about phones, of course interest others…. And last but not least dream of the day when I can afford to offer and you (Adrian and Cristi) a treasure, I'm sure this will happen. So, dear Adrian, you were wrong about me, it's nothing, my message misled you, I seemed selfish… Otherwise I just say that, go ahead, you don't even know how many are like me, people who will truly respect….

  14. Dani Andrei said

    Loredanda and to me it seems the same, but if you were a woman you know that foreplay is important lafel

  15. vasicucu said

    Thank Christ for the tutorial. It's great to watch the tutorial and make settings in real time. I 24-inch model and are satisfied with it. I use the TV as extra monitor to HDMI. I recommend the TV although I have not seen the offers. Congratulations and you wait.

  16. ahile1978 said

    Cristi welcome
    T24D391EW own a Samsung monitor that I use as my cable hdmi.Buba not know how to set it up to go off when the computer enters stand by. instead I left a popup appears on the screen that says No Signal.iar in the monitor menu there is a function like that of PC monitor When PC tower is not used Certain of time but it is not active or can do something so functie.Se it is normal for TV but no monitor?

  17. Sorry, the settings are for TV Sony KDL 706.

  18. hello, have a samsung led Moti s24b350 fell sharply last night and the color red, you might have? thank you

  19. The mircea said

    I have a Led19906 teletech TV and the subtitles for some programs are on the left on a black background… ..can something be done on the TV ??

  20. CALIN_FDX said

    Full of "relevant" comments. Like the article, they have nothing to do with calibration. What is described here is the "optimization" of the display. Calibration is something else entirely!

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