Cam Scanner, application for Android and iPhone that turns your phone into a scanner + PDF - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will present Cam Scanner application, it runs on the Android platform and iOS (iPhone and iPad) app basically turns your phone or tablet into a true mobile scanner, camera is used for scanning. Moreover, the application can convert scanned documents into PDF files that you can send them by email, facebook, bluetooth, twitter or we get in cloud (Dropbox, Box, Evernote, google drive, etc).
Scanning can be done one page at a time or batch mode (wholesale), several scans after another, after that you can convert to PDF, or you can share-ui or you can climb the cloud.
The app is useful when you do not have a scanner and want to quickly send a copy of a document remotely, and otherwise we are not able to send a copy. With a little imagination you can use Cam Scanner in many other areas.
Cam Scanner is top of my list of favorite applications, is among the top five applications that you install the Play Store after you put a new rom.
Cam Scanner should not miss from your people working with documents (transactions auto, office work, school, etc).

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Andrew said

    All he has to do is take pictures of the documents and crop them. it seems to me that the "scans" are going wrong.

  2. Hello,
    I have a LG Optimus Black P970, and are already using it for some time and is very useful alpicatie.

    Ms of all tutorials.

  3. Hello Cristi, Can I have some advice, I have a motherboard old socket 462 (A) to which I voltage correct 2,5V the memories, replace, to have 2,5V I 3,3V and does not turn to enter the BIOS, just It starts so simply does not illuminate anything, monitor, keyboard NumLock light, is dead. If memory piuiee them out long after and etc. What do you think would be any problem after motherboard voltage regulator, as the board had gone Test win on it and worked it second time has not started to hurt something in it. I still have those two boards just do not have the correct tension has 2,5V on 3,3V and those memories just does not show bios. You advise me? If you do not throw it, get after it and ready Condes.

    • try to reset the BIOS (at least to me it worked)
      follow the steps in the tutorial starting from 10 minutes and seconds 25
      do not forget to be removed from the motherboard any power source
      even if the monitor is connected to the motherboard and plug in can damage the BIOS reset

  4. Costrasel said

    I would like to ask you if you are satisfied with this "xperia u" because I would like to buy this model too. If not, what model would you recommend around 1200 RON?

  5. is an application that converts photos and pdf doc or docx format?

  6. I have an LG Optimus One, I want an installer on the phone menu scan page-scanning document pages

  7. My tablet is afraid nao consigo fazer room drew a bailiff scanner, a Posso fazer que?

  8. Thank you very much for that. I got rid of the old printer that was used to scan only for the need to install again. Thanks a lot! Keep up the awesome work you do!

  9. fol f more timp.insa few days tells me that the file can not be read and it is not attached to a SAMG 3 notes but I tried another iphone go.

  10. Bogdan said

    For some time colleagues tell me that everything goes by camscanner can not read. So it is as I scanned documents sent to me and fail to open. I uninstalled cam scanner, I installed again but no change. On another phone works. If you can help me with some advice would be great! Thank you.

  11. Adrian Cofaru said

    I have no words to thank you! I gave the information to all my friends, on facebook too, everyone deserves to know, it's just free, right? I also saved the link from the archive, and in the next few days I will "search" through it a bit, to see what would be "managed"! Good luck and maximum health! Thank you!!!

  12. Silver Laurentiu said

    You can send mail to camscanner null Lincu I gasec android phone system thanks a lot

  13. ion draghici said

    I took it too, but it's not like his, I don't know where he gets it from, how he doesn't even match what we find, but he doesn't say 'look, get it out of here'. I accessed Io's link, but that's not it either. That's what we do to move forward with what we have

  14. how can I set it to stop scanned by cam scanner?

  15. Dinu Mirela said

    Hi! I have a rummy Xiaomi 3pro notes and I found out that my bill without my knowledge send sms to a no. UK: 447786209730.Am found on google and others that have happened the same. Powers to tell me how I can stop this? Thank you!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Use stock SMS app (which came pre-installed on the phone) or one third of Google Play? If you use a third-messaging app, quit it any further!


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