Super affordable IP surveillance camera

IP cameras have evolved a lot in recent years. Now we find IP cameras with advanced features all at super decent price. After some years we have paid a small fortune on a camera with similar features.
Our friends from Skut.roHave a very good offer for Hikvision surveillance camera Mini ( PT tutorial.

Super affordable IP surveillance camera

Hikvision facilities Mini PT:
Sensor - 1/4 ”progressive scan CMOS / 1280 × 720
Objective - [email protected] F2.0, viewing angle: 94 °
Pan & tilt - Pan: 0 ° - 355 °, Tilt: -20 ° ~ 90 °
Microphone and speakers (audio out jack extra)
Infrared LEDs for night vision
Wireless WPS
Micro SD Card Slot
Slot RJ45 (net cable connection)
Input / Output alarm
PIR sensor (present)
The strongest function of the camera is Pan & Tilt, meaning it rotates left and right and tilts up and down. Thanks to this feature, the Hikvision Mini PT camera can be used in countless scenarios.
One of the tasks that can lead to the IP camera is successful the baby monitor; For Hikvision Mini PT has dual audio, we can see, hear and interact with audio child in the house, or Filipino nanny.
Detecting room.
The camera will connect to the router, then use app Hikvision SADPWhich will allow us to change the login and password in the web interface.
Registration can be done on the SD card. manually directly from the web interface, an ftp account, nose or an NVR. The more convenient it is to use a Micro SD card, because we have a slot available in the room.
To register, we must establish the rules under which it will be registered. For this we have several types of initiating events:
Motion detection
Dynamic Analysis for Motion
Crossing Line Detection
Intrusion Detection
Video tampering
Alarms received various alarm inputs
These events trigger the recording miss if found in breach certain limits. For example, if someone passes in front of the camera will record.
Of course it is now possible, if desired, although not recommended, because it unnecessarily consume space. Good to register only when necessary.
Watching recordings can be done from the web interface or a mobile phone application for Android or iOS. Items are arranged beautifully, like a calendar; Select the month / day and press search and the records will appear in the timeline below.
If you want to talk about the mobile app, please email me the comments box.

Video tutorial - Super accessible IP surveillance camera

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  1. First Thanks for the tutorial, watch them carefully for a long time, but on this camera, I think the price is quite high.
    Here's a room with almost similar specifications but about 60% of the price:
    .Editat ...... ....
    I took one of EMAG with 299.99 lei, but no longer in offer and I gasito elsewhere

    • Andrei V. said

      Adi, not comparing apples with pears. Have you given any chinezarie link from no name. Hikvision is dedicated brand in supervision and if you want to buy a quality product, take Hikvision.
      The only shop I heard supervision of offer is, and the price seems best:

  2. Catalin B. said

    Hello. I have a problem with Asus laptop meu.Un U32U. A few days ago I fell down on the video ports but does not seem to have anything. So I have the hibernate for a time. When I wanted to reopen it proceeded, the LEDs light the fan on but the screen does not light and the keyboard not responding. After several attempts I noticed that he comes back if you hold down the bottom palm laptop. What could be the problem? The laptop has not been cleaned for many years and in recent months and the fan started to make noises like a helicopter.

  3. Forte tutorialul.Asteptam good and that the extension of this tutorial:
    "Building a surveillance system" with components
    High tech.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm interested in the mobile app!

  5. Hello ! I have been following the site for years and, although I am not really a novice, I always have something new to learn, I think it is valid for everyone. Because Black Friday is approaching, I suggest doing a tutorial on choosing a decent laptop, I think many of us would like to change a morally used laptop for something better or even buy their first laptop. Thank you.

  6. I C50 Tilt. Very pleased.

  7. I'd like to see and tutorial applications for smartphones. Very useful if you use the room for surveillance Filipina nanny

  8. Hello,
    I would like an idea for choosing a Samsung TV Smart or non Smart, 80-81 diagonal cm, now Black Friday. Thank you.

  9. John Ylä said

    Hi, I have read and subscribed to your tutorials I have not found as a backup facebook but not too 10 win match tutorial pt.win8. Regards.

  10. interesting tutorial. I also had the opportunity to see one buyer. It has many problems. It appears Fail Live View. Triggers alarm not know how to stop. It has manual. There has support from than possible that these so called seriosii not support Hikvision if you buy from another online store site. It has something to install a plugin but stopped browser. I tried both / and but did not work anymore. I think DLINK, I guess are more serious. The tutorial was a great advertisement but the reality is different altogether.

  11. I bought myself this room based tutorial for child supervision.
    On the video is excellent CMOS sensor does its job day and night on automatic switching because otherwise keeps your settings, connect a s6 do well with almost no lag. VLC plugin PC only dual core tablet has merge.Pe a big lag and goes. You need powerful device. I montat.o ceiling and do not know but it's good to turn the image so because capsizing phone
    Audio dust or not I give end, makes an inexplicable Hara, the boys can help me
    When connecting the wireless router immediately go for more because I struggled external dynamic ip of the dns rds and I setat.o from Hikvision now go, I will see you change ip, ip otherwise be put again every date. Many program settings from Hikvision not work and do not keep changes like switching from night into day. I do not know what the other rooms, if it's simply because we have not had. If the problem with the sound I think a return, nush'll see.

    • The sound is trying to change the codec, in settings.

      • I tried all codecs and make howling given that I am not in the room.
        Any idea please how capsizing image and how to do to remain only on setting day not to switch day / night because having light vigil child sensor does not know what to do and during switching makes noise wakes the child or at least stop that sound! Thank you!

      • Ready resolved all problems. The conclusion is excellent camera in every respect. Hikvision Europe find on the site all utilities. There I found the software for Windows titled as of December 2015 android program. installed and juggle all settings without any error to give you and see about free plugin.

  12. corduneanu ion said

    To the hikvision camera ds-2cd2t52-18 how to set the roi area, line intrusing (a perimeter set to trigger the alarm?

  13. Marginean gh said

    Hello. I own a Sricam IP.tot camera works well only when it activates the Motion detect function gives me a lot of alerts without anyone passing through her face. I have the problem in the settings or a motion sensor failure. I am unsure if possible. Thank you

  14. It's good to have a surveillance camera, you know everything that's going on. But this from the skut seems expensive, do not you think? These are cheaper and what I learned is easier to configure / use. You do not have to be a super-technician to handle them.

  15. Florian Potâng said

    Good evening Cristi. If you do not mind, I would have a question: I got a DIGOO camera and I have nothing
    in her box and I do not know how I can use it. With the goodwill that characterizes you (when I watch you) tell me how to do it. With respect and respect.

  16. I have an Alienware 51M R2 Laptop with Intel Core i9-10900K processor up to 5.30 GHz, 17.3 ″, Full HD, 300Hz, 32GB, 2TB SSD, NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB, Windows 10 Pro, Lunar Light, many programs do not go because i had service for 2 years which expired, of course in england, what would you do ?? The Romanian services no longer guarantee me anything, not even to those who buy the products in Romania, the Government always brags about how good we are at… .in things, I wonder in what ??? In ritailer which many countries are ahead of us, or in bad products sold at great prices? Cristian I ask you what to do ??? Here I am not referring to you Cristian, but in general to the dubious products sold at dumped prices on the Romanian market, without knowing at all the repairs of these products. Thanks.

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