SOLAR SURVEILLANCE CAMERA with batteries - detailed review


What is this review about SOLAR SURVEILLANCE CAMERA with batteries?

Today we have a review with a SOLAR SURVEILLANCE CAMERA with batteries.

This is a type of camera with 18650 Li-ION batteries, 4 in number, which is charged with the help of an 8W solar panel

What is the use of a solar surveillance camera?

We all already know that surveillance cameras can be analog, digital or hybrid.

In any case, surveillance cameras need electricity and this makes them limited for certain situations.

There are some areas where classic surveillance cameras cannot be installed due to a lack of electricity. For those cases, there are surveillance cameras with batteries, with batteries or with batteries and solar panel.

Places where the rooms with batteries and solar panel are perfect

  1. Forest roads for area surveillance
  2. Sheepfolds, pastures, orchards where there is no electricity
  3. Yard areas where it is not cost effective or attractive to pull cables
  4. In urban areas, where it is difficult to pull wires or coaxial cables
  5. Land where the owners come very rarely and where there is no electricity
  6. Secluded cottages, secluded tourist areas, etc
  7. Everywhere there is at least 2-3 hours of sunshine a day
  8. In the fields for crop surveillance
  9. Live, where sometimes they steal all the time

Types of SOLAR SURVEILLANCE CAMERA with batteries (by connection type)

  1. Rooms with solar panel and batteries with Wi-Fi connection (tested in review)
  2. Rooms with solar panel and batteries with 3G or 4G connection (via SIM card)

The advantages of solar surveillance cameras with batteries

  1. Cable independence
  2. Relatively decent price (no name models)
  3. Can cover very isolated areas (especially those with SIMs)
  4. Quick installation in any area without hassle
  5. They can be mounted in hard to reach places

Disadvantages of solar cameras with batteries

  1. You can use them to the fullest on the outside, they are limited on the inside
  2. They can be stolen if they are mounted in accessible places
  3. Li-ION batteries are sensitive to extreme cold
  4. Video quality is lower due to power restrictions
  5. They can be expensive if they are produced by big brands

Solar camera tested by me in the review

This model is available in two versions, Wi-Fi and 4G (with SIM slot)

It is a no name room or rather a room less known to the Romanian public.

The Chinese have a special talent for leaving us in the fog when it comes to branding.

I still don't know if the manufacturer of this camera is called UBox or Ubia.

I received the camera for independent testing, without any obligation. I didn't make a deal with anyone. The person who lent it to me bought it for personal use from some Chinese, I don't know where.

In any case, I did this review, because there are some of you who are interested in this type of room, which are super useful in some cases.

I find the camera very interesting, even if there is room for improvement in some places.

What I liked about the solar camera

  1. Good autonomy given by the combination of 4 Li-ION 18650 batteries and 8W solar panel (I think)
  2. Independence of installation. You can install it anywhere, even the Wi-Fi model (with a hotspot from another phone)
  3. Record even in the absence of Wi-Fi (provided it is installed properly)
  4. You put it in the "nail" and forget about it
  5. High video compression, great for small files, but bad for video, it doesn't look like a Hikvision, let's say.

What I didn't like about this solar camera

  1. Too much file compression (looks weird when moving)
  2. The support is made of too thin a sheet (it sways in the wind)
  3. Supports up to 64GB cards

Some approximate data observed by me (empirically)

  1. Camera resolution - 1920 × 1080 at 15 frames per second
  2. Video bit rate and codec - max 500 Kbps with HEVC codec (h265)
  3. Maximum distance of IR LEDs - 18-20 meters
  4. Motion sensor radius - quite wide angle and beats at about 15 meters
  5. Solar charging time - in winter with 2 hours of sunshine it is charged from 80 to 100% light
  6. Batteries suffer below 0 degrees Celsius - hard to charge (Li-ION problems in general)
  7. Incredibly easy setup in the UBox app for Android si iPhone with QR code or encoded sounds (note Hikvision)
  8. Battery charged without and sun, I think you at least 2 weeks, at low movement and outside temperature around 20 Celsius
  9. The camera housing is made of aluminum alloy, but the panel housing and covers are made of plastic.

Conclusion after 10 days this SOLAR SURVEILLANCE CAMERA with batteries

I like ! Even if it has some small downsides, overall it is a convenient package at the price.

Those who want such a room want to pay a lower price, because such rooms can be damaged or stolen when installed in isolated places.

I understood that this room is around 600 lei, including batteries. A similar room from large manufacturers is around 800 - 1000 euros


After watching this video review, I am waiting for you with questions on the comments, if you are interested in some details about the room and not only.



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Video tutorial - SOLAR SURVEILLANCE CAMERA with batteries

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  1. Hello. Didn't you put up solar panels at home to make a video?

    • I don't have photovoltaic panels. I have a thermal panel with a collector with vacuum tubes (for hot water) on the roof and a boiler in the house (with antifreeze) which is functional all year round. If you want I can do a tutorial about it. Advantages, disadvantages, how many months it is active, etc.

      • Hello,
        Thanks for the tutorial, it's instructive and I really intend to install such a camera in the country, at the "estate"! ⁇
        Regarding the installation with vacuum tubes and antifreeze boiler, I think that such a tutorial would have been welcome, especially since it is in the function of some worms so checked1 🙂
        All the best!

      • Hello,
        I look forward to that tutorial.
        Thank you

  2. We couldn't find a purchase link for this camera.
    The disadvantage is that the solar panel is not flexible. That is, when you need to record on a sloping North, the solar panel will be at an unfavorable angle to the sun.

    • Yes, it is a small disadvantage. Overall, it is more comfortable to have the room and the panel in the same package, if you have sun from the south - southwest. If you have a more shady position (north, with instruction from the south), it is better to buy a room with a separate panel.

  3. I am also interested in the review of the system with solar tubes for hot water. I intend to buy one and I have difficulty deciding which type is the most suitable.

  4. Sebastian said

    Can a link be bought? Thank you in advance


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