Different IP cameras in an app on Android

Different IP cameras in an application

Different IP cameras in an application

Each watch camera manufacturer has its application to watch live images transmitted by that camera or surveillance cameras.

Problems arise when we have surveillance cameras from different manufacturers. Then you need to open an application for each room.

Surveillance cameras must be able to be seen in a single application.

TinyCam Monitor is an application with which we can see all the cameras at the same time on the screen, and the application settings allow us to choose faster or clearer video streams.

The initial setting of TinyCam Monitor is not too complicated, especially if you follow this tutorial. All you have to do is scan the network and the cameras will appear immediately. Those who are more obstinate will introduce them manually, which is not a very complicated process.

Why do you have to make sure you?

  1. Install the app TinyCam Monitor Free
  2. Find the IP / port / user and password of surveillance cameras
  3. Make sure you are on the same network as the cameras

What do I do if I want to see remote cameras?

  1. The first option is to do port forwarding for each camera and put TinyCam Monitor public IP along with the port for each room. (I do not recommend this method for security reasons)
  2. The method I recommend for viewing remote cameras is a little different. Use a VPN server on the internal network, where are the cameras that secure your remote secure login. There will be a connection through which you will be in your home network and you can see the rooms with no port forwarding. A good option would be Make a VPN server from a Raspberry PI.

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Different IP cameras in one application - video tutorial


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  1. Hi Cristi, I think he does not have the video! No You Tube!

  2. Hello Cristi. What a surveillance camera for. exterior with phone connection, at a good price, recommend? Multumec.O beautiful day.

  3. Hello Cristi, I want to place a remote camera on a remote PC, but the camera is wifi or bluetooth so I can follow the machine's route from the computer.
    Where can I find PC cameras with wifi or bluetooth functionality?
    Thank you.

    • Try using a sports room with wifi. These rooms are like GoPro, but they're cheaper. The camera must also have a battery.
      A PC webcam goes to USB and I think it's a little complicated to make it portable.

  4. Hello Cristi. Well you come back with this new material, as interesting as ever. A few years ago you were doing a lastpass tutorial as a good and secure password manager. Now which password manager do you recommend? Does the lastpass remain a good choice or do you think it would be better? Thank you.

    • I think lastpass remains the best manager.
      Still, a better solution is to manage your local passwords (directly on the phone or PC). Lastpass stores passwords on their servers.
      I will try to find a local management solution, not to have the job and other services and to do a tutorial.

  5. History of Greece said

    Please have a problem with my samsung j4 plus telfon and I do not know how to find it and forgot the email password how could i do to see where it is please can you help me

  6. Who knows a wifi IP camera for the outside?

  7. Adrian Gudus said

    Nobody can help you in these conditions. I suggest you go to the police and declare it lost or stolen. If it's taken from any operator in Romania (Orange, Vodafone, Telekom), go to your mobile operator to block it. If you have the IMEI of your phone, the mobile phone company (mobile operator) can work with the police to try to locate and recover it.
    That's about everything you can do!

  8. After I reached the limit of passwords at LastPass free, I went to Bitwarden, I'm pleased.
    Is there a solution to track rooms on Linux Mint?

  9. Cristian Popescu said

    Very good tutorials.
    I have a question about Tinycam, I added the cameras but they don't start, it says that the user and password are incorrect.
    Where can I find or find out their password and user write on them or?

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