Camtasia Studio 8, the best desktop video capture program - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present 8 Camtasia Studio, a desktop video capture program highly competent and appreciated worldwide.
Today I will show you how to make a video capture, how to prepare the program, how to edit, how to cut and many other things that you need when using Camtasia Studio 8 and beyond.
It is no secret that we at use Camtasia Studio is a program without which I do not think we could offer video and audio quality that you are used to.
TechSmith, Camtasia Studio software manufacturers have invested significant resources in developing 8 version and believe me it feels. The most important changes were made in the timeline area, where it was badly needed serious editing options. The Tech Smith made these changes to keep their customers close, often people using Camtasia Studio were forced to export the project to another editor to make some simple changes, we now have access to the elasticity that we needed and work flow is better.
Timeline can work with multiple audio tracks and even video images, this could be done before but not so easy.
The most important feature introduced is the canvas on which we can enter multiple video windows that run simultaneously videos, they can be resized or rotated even.
On the audio side, things have remained about the same, there is a need for a change and here, maybe in version 9 this change will come, who knows…
Bravo TechSmith, Camtasia Studio version Rate 9.5 8, 10 was if little walk and audio.
if you use Camtasia Studio 7, we have a tutorial with itOr maybe just a simple program that Dorota Snagit, which also have a tutorial.

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. destroyer said

    you make tutorial about crossover or something really interesting Camtasia tutorial you have done with it

  2. Cristi, you're right it is very easy, just do not need to rush. But the software is not free, if it was, it was better, but go with money not trouble 30 days. I will try to play with this machine and I was seeing and what I can do

  3. Yes, very good softu capture and easy Foose. You can do a tutorial how to synchronize audio with video from different sources. for example. made with a DSLR video and audio telefonu etc.

  4. Corleone said

    Cristi, you said that you were doing a tutorial about the most profitable laptops, when you answered a user in the comments section to wait another 2 days, well, more than 2 days have passed since then. Anyway very good tutorial, even if I didn't see it, because I wrote this comment on Nokia C3-00, but I realize when you do a tutorial you see Hd video, hd audio lately, what more THE BEST BOYS IN ROMANIA. By the way, what happened to Adrian that I never heard on this site. I don't think anyone in this country will live up to our expectations, as YOU ARE, I'm not even talking about the past. And waking up in the morning, I'm on the scythe, if this phone and video and audio would work, it would surpass any song by Guta, my favorite until I discovered you. Anyway, since I discovered YOU, I don't even listen to you anymore, just to hear you and it's as if you anointed my soul like 1000 songs by Guta. Ceausescu. And waking up is almost 6:30.

  5. Hatman Alexander-Stefan said

    Give us show!

  6. corleone said

    Please if you can introduce nine new WINDOWS us 8 RTM.

  7. When you do a tutorial on how we put subtitles or written over video?

  8. Hatman alexandru-stefan seriously now no offense srialul give us, give us the series!
    Then you for what you net!? Keep looking and you brother on the net they're not forced her to give you everything right!
    It's full net of television shows and all sorts handle it!
    Good luck to you and those further from!

  9. NPC! Bafta

  10. It's not the best soft catch, it is the most complex.
    The best capture software is called “FastStone Screen Capture” -> it has the best quality, and the program kit takes up about 7MB.
    Subsequent edits can you do with other software.

  11. Cristi, where background music and I get to put myself in Camtasia, I saw some videos that are, but I wonder where these people take? For example PC Garage channel on Youtube on TV if you know were negative and sites and I want to know where to take these negative sites? to put in videos? Or where to find negative sites ask myself?

  12. Adrian Gudus part of videotutorial team?

  13. adrian:
    Adrian Gudus part of videotutorial team?

    What kind of question is that?

  14. Cristi, please tell me and me where to get negative and I'll put myself in my videos? How do I get it? Where do I find?

  15. Cristi, I got myself a fiber optic cable audio sound, and I put the cable goes from the PC to the monitor that I plug that red light optics. And I tried not hear in every way functioeaza not at all. What should I do? Help me with this cable? How do to be heard? What to do? As I was giving 50lei only better on it, if not go and not heard. Where should I walk? I want to listen in monitor 2.0 optical jack but what I do not hear that then only if it does not put. What should be done for optical sound?

  16. very good tutorial… .. I really liked it…. but what is the beginning song called ??

  17. I want a tutorial to know how to do a coloj the video. I need urgent help !!!

  18. Adrian Gudus said

    I want a tutorial to know how to do a coloj the video. I need urgent help !!!

    Already exists, use the SEARCH box in the upper right sidebar. Write there: "windows movie maker" press enter and you will find the tutorials. Windows Movie Maker already comes installed on Windows XP and if you use Vista or 7 you can download Windows Live which also contains Windows Live Movie Maker. You have a tutorial about both here on the site.

  19. Hello.
    Videotutorial excellent, and I used Camtasia, I like very much.

    But I have a problem: when your video, I doubled last sounds (for example, if we cut the film after I spoke Camtasia, he doubles the last letter you say and out: CAMTASIASIA). Why do this?

    Thank you,

  20. Please if you can help me with the name of a software that can mark the film with a circle one person or more, and while they are moving circle remains on the person marked as do those who publish movies data on TV.
    I've tried Google but apparently not yet know what to ask, because I could not find anything.

  21. Cristi, salut.vad that are not here only Catas questions and I want to put myself una.deci, I did some tests with extraordinary camtasia and go but I have a big problem on the catch: the exquisite sound great until screenshot go a game capture that moment you say go to a capture resolution much smaller than that because I do game opens in a separate window smaller would just like 800 the final I tried to set my game to the resolution 800 600 believing that such a ful to make my screen capture degeaba.poate but I can lamurii

  22. Meanwhile I solved the problem with full screen but now I have another camtasia 5 captures sound card and microphone while simultaneously camtasia 8 says I can not be perfect and although seizures with 8 to meet the 50fps I clpeste mous or writing.

  23. A question I please myself, I can do a tutorial in HD, and put it on yutube all in HD?
    thanks a lot.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you did captures HD resolution, yes normal that you can climb on YouTube at the same resolution. Be forgiven me but since you have not deduced something so simple and obvious, what kind of tutorials on YouTube will you do about that?

  24. Paul Ionita said

    Hello! The tutorial is very good, but regarding the screenshots taken by Camtasia Studio 8, I have a problem. The moment I record a video that I can't download, Camtasia slows down the video, causing it to have some interruptions. Sometimes the quality gets so bad that the image and sound are completely out of sync, the sound not matching the image, taking it before the image. I set it to 30 frames per second and sometimes more, and fewer frames…! What can I do?

  25. Try to lower the video quality on youtube. I guess trying to capture a video on this platform. I did a test. Camtasia consumes about 35% of the processor. It's normal for a video to go badly when the capture software is started. Well, it went well at 480p on youtube with a PC with GB RAM and 1 1,9 Ghz processor.

  26. Good te`as sa`mi ask if you can give to me a link where you can download: /

    • Write on google ”camtasia studio 8 ″. Access the first result. At the top right of the site you have the "Free Trial" button. In the box on the page that will open, enter your e-mail and then click on "download trial"


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