When you can make money on YouTube from your videos

When you can make money on YouTube
When you can make money on YouTube

What is it about in the tutorial when you can make money on YouTube?

When you can make money on YouTube it's about how and when you can start making money on your YouTube platform from your videos.

Can You Make Money With A YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can make money with a YouTube channel as long as you meet two conditions:

  1. Have 1000 subscribers
  2. Have 4000 hours of viewing over the last 12 months, cumulatively, on all your public videos on your channel.
  3. Once you have met these two mandatory conditions, you can apply for YPP (YouTube Partner Program) or, in Romanian, the YouTube partnership for content creators that will allow you to monetize your videos posted on your YouTube channel.

How will you know when you can apply for monetization of videos on your YouTube channel?

If you want to know when you are eligible to apply for channel monetization, you have two possibilities.
Whether you manually look at the statistics data from your YouTube account manually and calculate your accumulated watch hours; or enable the "Send me a notification when I'm eligible" option, and when you meet the two mandatory conditions, YouTube will give you an email informing you that you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program for content monetization. video.

What can I do to meet the two conditions for monetization activation on Youtube as soon as possible?

For those who are still reading this article and have the pleasure of enjoying a text and some honest opinions I tell them that shortcuts do not exist.

You can't crack the YouTube "system".

Your number one goal should be to make clips that you would also like to watch. Be passionate about your topics, like what you do and don't run by numbers, by numbers.

Know that the people who will watch your content, will immediately realize if you really like what you post, whether you are soulful out there or saving it, for the sake of numbers or because it is fashionable or cool to be a YouTuber.

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Video tutorial - When to make money on YouTube

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