What is the best browser - Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox

What is the best browser
What is the best browser?
The browser is the most important application of our PC, our phone or tablet, and that should it choose the best.

Market share of PC browsers.

Chrome leads the way with over 63% of the market. Google is on the big track… Microsoft has only 13% of the market, 9% of Internet Explorer and 4% of Edge. Firefox and Opera are in free fall and Vivaldi is too new to be included in the rankings.

But what is the best browser?

If they perform one task would be simple, but it is not because a browser has to make a lot today.
To figure out which is the best browser must do tests, and I mean the tests that matter, that javascript html5 and multimedia, as these are bread Internet now.
What you need to have a fast browser javascript?
Javascript is all web pages that interact, and not only Aste everywhere but is hard to process.
1. Microsoft Edge
2. Google Chrome
3. Mozilla Firefox
4. Opera
5. Vivaldi
The latter is a relatively new browser that has some interesting stuff, but about which we speak today. Today we will focus on the testing and results.

The first tests are Basemark and Jetstream!

Basemark is a benchmark web General Test. At Basemark Microsoft Edge it was downgraded because it does not support WebGL 2.0, but that would be a real problem because anyway Edge provides default hardware acceleration for graphics developers. Certainly in the future Microsoft will include support for WebGL Edge 2.0.
After depunctării, Edge came last.
Jetstream is a benchmark focused on javascript and processing. Here Microsoft Edge was ranked first, followed by Chrome and others.

I must mention that Opera, Chrome and Vivaldi use the same rendering engine named Blink.
Firefox rendering engine used GeckoAnd Edge has rendering engine EdgeHTMLA derivative of Trent, running IE.
Note over tests as Chrome, Opera rendering engine and Vivaldi are common, but each has slight variations configuration. Of course moving better than Chrome or Opera Vivaldi, because Google specialists are a bit closer to the problem, with and integration services.

SunSpider results

This is a JavaScript benchmark that shows how fast can execute javascript browsers. Edge course made disaster is incredibly fast.

YouTube video running 4K 60fps

Edge here is incredible any chapter. Consuming the fewest resources, the video runs smoother and is 0 dropped frames. Again, we talk about video resolution 4K to 60 frames per second.
Opposite is Firefox, which consume the most resources and plays videos worst.
Drop frames or skipped frames
Skipped frames are those frames that the browser can not decode and is forced to jump over them. This happens because a video 4K to 60 frames per second, you 60 8 picture of how many megapixels that must be displayed in a second. This work is not a browser, makes graphics and processors, but the browser has to be a good conductor, to better manage the resources at its disposal.

Resource consumption rolling 4K 60fps YouTube video

Skipped frames browsers running 4K 60fps YouTube

What is the best browser of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi?

After testing and using these browsers we have concluded that Microsoft Edge is the best browser BUT, this browser does not Chrome or Firefox ecosystem that they have. Perhaps sometimes it matters and what you're used to.
It's up to you, I showed you the information…
Benchmark used:
sunspider 1.0.2
Basemark Web3.0
Jetstream 1.1
YouTube video 4K 60fps

Which is the best browser - Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox vs Opera vs Vivaldi - video tutorial

Wallpaper of video

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  1. George said

    Safari as a good thing / I used in the past for a long period and I was satisfied.

  2. MarianZinca said

    In my opinion, Google Chrome is the best.

  3. Andrew said

    THE TOP IS: chrome, firefox and the rest… .. :))))

  4. Dan Ionescu said

    Edge used (very fast) and Chrome (ptr some extensions but also translation pages) Firefox .if I dropped something more greoi.poate vreme.e Vivaldi.am try and read interesting facts about him.

  5. Karolin said

    A Firefox in the tail but ok for me. especially when it comes to browser games I tested Firefox beats all the rest on the bottom. And inspections for this use Firefox

  6. EU citizen said

    Yandex alpha is handsome, but tests have not seen this before.

  7. valentin fritz said

    I use Opera for a long time. And that book now use Firefox, but rarely.

    • Fritz, Opera is by far the best for the average internet user, but people… put their nose to the ad. I gave up Firefox after many years. I use Opera and IE for Sopcast.
      The latest Firefoxs are destroyed, missed.

  8. Adrian said

    Firefox I think is better on the security side, nothing was said about security here, although it is quite important today… .does Edge installed on win7?!?

  9. ION varu 'Vasile said

    thank you very much for the explanations,… for another very well done and explained tutorial! for Me FIREFOX, then EDGE (browsing 4 hours a day).

  10. Cosmin said

    Hi I also have a question can Download Edge to be installed on another Windows example 7.8… .. Thanks

  11. I used Vivaldi for about 2 months but it still has too many bugs. the design and the ecosystem are pretty cool especially since it's a derivative of mortzilla…
    my chromium started to get stuck recently nou
    With Chrome of 2010 90% of the time ..

    • George said

      What knowledge would you give me back… Vivaldi has nothing to do with "Mortzilla" but with Opera

      • Yes. Actually, you're right, I mean, you can install add-ons from the mozzilla.
        I used 6 months ago and forgotten.
        but if you like to sit on your back… your problem.
        No need to be arrogant. enough to correct me. So is a dialogue.
        I made offensive remarks, I never said expert.
        But you, like every bad novel [increased] you lying down immediately.

  12. Very good tutorial. But I think we need to do one now and how we move information from one browser to another. For example, I use Firefox and I'm going to Chrome, but I do not know how to move all the information from one to another. Firefox has dozens of saved passwords on different pages, and the browser automatically connects to me without entering the password. Another flourish thing is that Firefox has an account with which I connect both home and work and can see all the saved pages and history (the pages accessed). I tried to import all these stuff into Chrome but did not import them. Another thing unreachable in the tutorial was security. Here's how to view the 3 browser? About the intimacy of browser navigation (data transmitted, tracking by others) what you can tell us about Chrome and Edge. These are just a few themes that require a tutorial. I think it will enjoy a great interest because the browser is the most used program in a computer.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Just posted this evening tutorial on Move settings, passwords, bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome. You find going on the home page of our website or searching for it in the search box at the top right.

  13. gabyco said

    My guess is that Opera is best because it has the function that you can activate the VPN
    the settings, Chrome definitely second.

    • Finally they brought dark theme, hide the search box, plus chats directly into the browser's sidebar perfect pine.

  14. For those who write on here that Firefox is slow indeed so are the latest versions.
    Use "http://www.palemoon.org", it's still firefox but based on the ESR 24 version. It's the latest version of firefox, after which they started to introduce all kinds of breezes to make it harder.

  15. Hello.
    I opened Chrome and searched for the video tutorial and then in the "search for video tutorial" box I searched for "hikvision" and when I try to enter the result I find:
    "This site cannot provide a secure connection
    videotutorial.ro uses an unsupported protocol.
    Hide details
    The client and server do not support a version of the SSL protocol or a regular encryption suite. The error is likely to occur when the server requires RC4 compatibility, which is no longer considered secure. "
    What setting should I do in Chrome to be able to open the result found?

  16. I do not go for either mozilla or chrome to look for something here on the site in the search box, it does not give me any results, I do not know what it is.

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