Which is the fastest VPN server - PPTP vs. L2TP / IPSec Vs. OpenVPN

Which is the fastest VPN server - PPTP vs. L2TP / IPSec Vs. OpenVPN

What is the fastest VPN server - PPTP vs. L2TPIPSec vs. OpenVPN

VPN Server Speed ​​Testing

Following your requests, we have set up 3 VPN servers to see who the champion is. Which is the VPN server with the best ratio: costs - speed - simplicity of configuration - client compatibility.

What VPN servers do we have in the test?


- runs on the router Mikrotik hAP AC
PPTP Advantages:
PPTP is a very easy to set server, easy to use on client (phone, pc).
PPTP Disadvantages:
Security is a bit precarious and the speed is rather small.

L2TP with IPsec

- also runs on the router Mikrotik hAP AC, but it can also run on Mikrotik mAP Lite, which is an extremely small and accessible router.
Advantages of L2TP with IPSec:
The L2TP / IPSec VPN server is easy to set up (on the Mikrotik router), it is very fast and very secure. Maybe it is the safest solution VPN for household use.
I have found no disadvantage to be mentioned.


- runs on Raspberry PI (with PiVPN). Running on Raspberry PI, OpenVPN becomes almost the most affordable VPN solution for those who do not want a router Like Mikrotik hAP AC or mAP Lite.
Advantages of OpenVPN:
The speed is very good, server configuration is relatively simple, and security is good.
There are no major disadvantages, maybe just the need to install an application on the clint that wants to access the server, but this is not necessarily a disadvantage.

VPN Server Speed ​​Testing

The phone used for testing is Openplus 3 and the network is Orange 4G +

Orange 4G + speed (without VPN)
Download - 100 Mbps
Upload - 34 Mbps

PPTP (Mikrotik hAP AC)
Download - 6,07 Mbps
Upload - 2,74 Mbps

L2TP / IPSec (Mikrotik hAP AC)
Download - 27,9 Mbps
Upload - 30,1 Mbps

OpenVPN (Raspberry Pi)
Download - 27,3 Mbps
Upload - 31,1 Mbps

OperaVPN (for comparison - Germany)
Download - 8,13 Mbps
Upload - 9,44 Mbps

What is the fastest VPN server - PPTP vs. L2TP / IPSec Vs. OpenVPN?
As you can see, OpenVPN and L2TP / IPSec are the fastest servers. If I were to choose, I would use L2TP / IPSec, because I already have the Mikrotik router.
However, for someone who takes it from 0, I recommend OpenVPN installed on Raspberry PI, because installing and configuring PiVPN is a children's play.

1. During this test I chose to use the PPTP server on the Mikrotik router because it had the best performance. I still have a router Asus, who also has a PPTP server, but the speed was much lower.
2. I tried to run OpenVPN on my laptop with Ubuntu, as having Gigabit LAN but performance did not rise above Raspberry PI, and that's why I chose to keep the little giant in the game.

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