Which films better, the camcorder, the compact camera or the DSLR? - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will try to explain something about devices that can record video, it's good that we have a choice. Now we only have cameras, even compact cameras do a good job, sometimes do better than many camcorders. DSLR quality remains a champion of the new photos and more video but also has his own shortcomings when it comes to video, autofocus is not working as intended, good luck with the manual focus ring on the lens.
In tutorial we will slalom through these devices and will try to help you to better understand their advantages and disadvantages.
The camcorder should be the best when it comes to video, unfortunately small sensor do almost unusable in low light and generally do not have enough inside where light sources. Champion in low light is DSLR, its much larger sensor absorbs more light, plus you perfect control settings and if you get it slightly to photo, you'll get used immediately with video settings.
Compact cameras (point and shoot) have advanced a lot in recent years, many of them larger sensor more sensitive to light, better lenses (better than cameras), good autofocus during filming, optical stabilization. Basically overall top class compacts seem more interesting now than cameras, yet we must not forget that a camera is more comfortable for extended use due to the shape. It is preferably a high-class compact camera than a camcorder legacy.
It would be a lot of talking and writing have more in tutorial. Soon we will begin a series of tutorials dedicated to photography, we learn to photograph moving subjects, HDR, shooting landscapes, portraits, night photography and more, also we talk about goals and classification. Last but not least we will talk about DSLR cameras and devices 700 differences between the euro and the euro 3000.

Recommendations videotutorial.ro video recording.

For those who want and photo and video equally:
Digital Camera Olympus SZ-31MR, 16MP, Black
Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix XS-1, 12MP, Black (An excellent package).
For horses who just want quality video and occasionally some photos:
BENQ Camcorder DV-M23 Full HD Dark Grey(Minimum Budget)
Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HDC-SD900 black(High quality)
For those who want quality photos, video quality (no autofocus).
550D DSLR Camera Canon EOS EF-S IS 18-55mm(Including even hands during filming)

Appliances mirrorless digital will be treated in a separate tutorial is a special class and deserve special attention. (Great for photo and video, especially Lumix GH2).

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. What kind of room do I need if I want to profi interviews, people on the street? Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HDC-SD900 that would be good? or you recommend me another room altogether!? Expect a tip about this issue long time!

  2. I have a Canon SX20IS like the 12.1mp with CCD, I obs. Canon SX20IS that makes two pictures deleted so colors, while a Canon A520 of 2005 make excellent pictures and has 4.0mp CMOS sensor. It would be good to do Cristi what is the difference between CCD and CMOS (CCD's know that consuming less than CMOS)

  3. Bobby Bogdan said

    Hello Crist, very good tutorial but I have a question.
    I like to take pictures and I want to buy a camera that is not complicated to use but to make quality pictures on the net and found a few pictures taken by a camera that I thought to buy it .
    So please give him your opinion and tell me if it is worth buying.
    All the best and I answered

  4. I have a compact camera SAMSUNG MULTIVIEW MV800 want to know your opinion how good is self?

  5. I was thinking of a D3100 (Nikon) but you made me very curious by saying about this Fuji "an excellent package". What do you think, to choose D3100?

  6. But you didn't say anything about digital cameras, Cristi. I have a Fujifilm AX300, what do you think about it?

  7. Cristi, I have a Fujifilm AX300, what do you think of it? I don't have very high expectations…

  8. random said
  9. ADRIAN said

    Very good tutorial …… I also have a problem, I have a CANL 550D DSLR camera and I don't understand when I'm filming why I can't see the videos on my PC. Should I convert this format to another?… Or would the problem be different? the device removes the video files in MOV and a THM file for each video …… .who knows him I would ask him to explain to me a little how things are. (Could it be because of the codecs? I watched it with VLC and it looks jerky, the video is interrupted and the sound works well I don't understand what is happening)

  10. Cristi I beg you know your opinion about a camera SAMSUNG MULTIVIEW MV800? how much better?

  11. Ptr.ADRIAN at the CANON NIKON D550 5100 D.EU am, and I filmed it, and when to watch your laptop see sacadat.Singura problem was that vizionam.Acum palyer with DAPlayer watch and sees cargo plus DAPlayer is also free.

    • THANK YOU zagan for living …… .but I'm a little curious that I've been using VLC for a long time and I haven't been disappointed so far, it means that VLC doesn't support FULL HD

      • But even with that I still jerky DOES NOT SEE ....... why WOULD NOT EVEN START WELL GO SEE VERY WELL AM and sound but after crashes after START AND NO idea why does this

  12. ADRIAN:
    But even with that I still jerky DOES NOT SEE ....... why WOULD NOT EVEN START WELL GO SEE VERY WELL AM and sound but after crashes after START AND NO idea why does this

    I converted MOV file MP4 and sees well without interruption or loss of quality stuttering but

  13. Catalin said

    http://benq.ro/products/digicam/index.cfm/product/1246 Can you give me an opinion? Please more!

  14. I do not know what to zic.Incearaca on another computer / laptop. At just see me and I was a little confused, so I read a bit on the net and I came to the conclusion that palyer was vina.Incearca other settings in the video DSLR.

  15. The camera video and pictures can be made?? I want to know.

  16. Catalin said

    brother this site but not one cares: (

  17. Very good tutorial.
    If you have time filming and a tutorial on pc microphones that may have more knowledge in choosing one.

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