Which are the best voltage stabilizers

Which are the best voltage stabilizers
Which are the best voltage stabilizers

What is the voltage stabilizer?

It's simple, a device that stabilizes the mains voltage.
Normally The network voltage should be 230V, But it's never like that.
The day, when the world uses energy intensely, tension can decrease.
At night when the world is asleep, tension may increase.
That's what happened to me, where the day I have 220-230 volts, and the night 260-270 volts.

We complain to your energy provider!

That's what I did, and indeed the boys came.
When they measured, as normal day came, the tension was normal.
In the contract with the energy provider he writes that a +/- 10% deviation is allowed.
That means (according to their mind) that it is OK to have the voltage between 207 and 253 volts.
Of course I also paid for their intervention, and for me nothing has been solved.

I got my stabilizer

After years of throwing a bunch of electronics into the trash, as I was burned by the current, I decided to buy a stabilizer.
I bought a stabilizer with a servo motor, because that's good for refrigerator, air conditioning, microwave, etc, motoring stuff.

Which stabilizer to take with relays or servo motors?

Types of stabilizers on the market:

Relay Stabilizers

They are suitable for any kind of electronics: TV, computer, radio, bulbs, laptop, etc. This type of stabilizer is found in any size and has some advantages.
Advantages Relay Stabilizer:
1. Small dimensions
2. Cheap
3. Fast on network voltage changes
Relay Stabilizers Disadvantages
1. It does not work well with motorized devices
2. Most do not have pure sinusoidal waves
3. They can be loud because of the fan at high power
4. Less efficient than servomotors

Servo motor stabilizers

They are perfect for any task, especially for voltage stabilization for motorized devices
If you want to stabilize the voltage for: refrigerator, air conditioner, water pump, freezer, microwave, then a servo motor stabilizer is perfect.
Advantages of stabilizer with servo motor
1. They have a pure sinusoidal wave
2. It works with any kind of electrical or household appliances
3. They are very efficient, efficiency over 97-98%
4. They are relatively silent, they hear from time to time a little flick of the brush
Motorized servo stabilizing disadvantages
1. They are bigger and heavier
2. They're a little more expensive
3. They are not so fast at high voltages (the problem solved)

How to check the power and what it means 1000VA (volt amp)

Super simple, you will look into the specifications of the power factor and multiply it by these volts.
Power factor = 0.6
Stabilizer power = 1000VA
Then we make 1000 x 0.6 = 600W
That is, you can put 600W on the 1000VA stabilizer

Stabilizer with servo motor or with price relays

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  1. Marius said

    Servomotor stabilizers are noisier because the rheostat motor that regulates the voltage is constantly heard. If you locate the stabilizer with servomotor in an annex, it will not be too important, if you keep it in the room to protect the computer, TV, etc. in that room you will not be able to sleep 🙂
    Pure sinusoid has nothing to do with voltage stabilizers, the sinusoid problem is posed only to computer or boiler UPSs, which transform the voltage from 12 or 24 volt DC batteries into 220 volt AC.
    Relay Stabilizers are the quietest, I recommend them for electronic: TV, computer and other expensive electronics, located next to the device. There is a wall-mounted panel version.
    For motors (pumps, fans etc) and bigger power in general, better ones are with servomotor.
    Servomotor stabilizers are typically used for high power, with one of 10-20 KW powering your entire house, those with lower power relay up to 2500 VA.
    At the same power the servomotor is at least 1.5 or more expensive.
    It is absurd to have a 2-3000 lei or even 2-3000 euro installation and do not protect it with a 2-300 lighter stabilizer.
    Although I no longer work in the field, I strongly recommend the Well stabilizers.

    • Cheese Ion said

      If the SVN 2000 servomotor stabilizer / 1500w Trivas with two outputs can connect the boiler and combine the refrigerator. In his book he says that the * delay * function is used for consumers with a compressor (air-conditioning or refrigerator), so the rest of the consumers do not use the function.

  2. Maricel said

    Excellent! Clearly, as for all man. From you I learned almost everything I know about
    electrical, electronic, software and hardware. Respect to all and I wish you "long and prosperous life"!

  3. Dorin Romulus said

    Hi Cristi
    I am subscribed to videotutorial.ro and I appreciate the work you are doing for us!
    Because I am somewhat familiar with the subject of this tutorial I would have a question: What can I find in the trade for FUNCTIONAL FUNCTIONAL FUNCTION of an audio system with RADIO -DVD AND USB AUTO in the house at the home outlet of 220V and especially on amperajull Thank you!

  4. Good evening
    What do you think about this type of stabilizer,https://www.emag.ro/stabilizator-de-tensiune-electropower-ep-svc-3000va-2400w-servomotor-cp-svc-3000va/pd/D7M3RMBBM/
    I want to use it for a washing machine, a fridge

  5. Cristi, a little bit of what you need. He would carry the washing machine, provided the heating of the water with the refrigerator compressor is not started at the same time, if they start all at once, you can pass 2400W.

    • Ok thank you, I think I will choose one of 4000w for 150 roni in addition I think it deserves
      a wonderful evening

  6. For the boiler, what type is recommended?
    Thank you.

  7. Thank you!

  8. Nicu Bordânc said

    Hello everybody, if I use a PC UPS and other small box-type chargers, I would have to have a stabilizer, as it says on its page, it https://m.emag.ro/ups-njoy-isis-2000l-2000va-1200w-lcd-display-reglaj-automat-al-tensiunii-pwup-li200is-az01b/pd/DWZ3WBBBM/ contains something like that.

  9. Yes, we want to buy one and we have found a good offer on this power-electric site but we are still in search. Anyway, thanks to this article, you've taught me something. Thanks for tips!

  10. Hi, I still did not understand how I calculate what stabilizer to put, why capacity.
    I need for the refrigerator combination with 2 engine compressors and a Vaillant 24Kw thermal power plant at the 3 room.
    The plant thinks 200wati, I hope I do not get it wrong but combine it with 2 compressors I know it's more at the start.

  11. Hello everyone,
    Which hybrid do you have?
    Would it bring an induction hob by 5000W?


  13. it definitely does not remove the sine wave .. it is only indicated for electronics.

  14. Hi!
    For a Viessman Vitopend 100 thermal boiler (with the burning electronic circuit board), recommend this AVR-SRV-1000VA-WL, 1000VA / 600W Actuator Stabilizer:
    https://www.dedeman.ro/timisoara/stabilizator-de-tensiune-cu-servomotor-well-avr-srv-1000va-wl-1000va/-600w/p/1017543 ?

    If not, what other options do you suggest?

    Thanks for the reply!

  15. Howdy,
    I am interested in a solution for a building in which I have various consumers - from laptops, TV, to physiotherapy equipment, treadmill, bicycle, etc.
    I want to be fully protected against possible tension problems. I'm willing to take good equipment, which I can be sure of, because all the equipment in the building is valuable and can not risk it.
    Is there anything to solve the whole building or should I take one for each socket where I have sensitive equipment?
    Thank you in advance for your advice.

  16. ionic advice said

    I have a confusion in the sense that I am in a hurry to choose one of the devices that I will remember below:
    First of all, they have a sound installation of approximately 7000 watts - RMS.
    We live in Romania, you know what the current is like… with lumps ..
    I was thinking of buying one of the following stabilizers… respectively:
    - Hybrid single-phase voltage stabilizer - SVRH - 15000 - CONTER AVR (with relay and servomotor) ..or ..
    - Automatic voltage regulator (AVR- with servomotor only) - avr-srv - 10Kva-WL…
    I know it is not the most suitable for a sound installation… respectively it should be a FURMAN - POWER CONDITIONERS -P - 2400IT… .but reaching the price we can't afford
    Please answer me what you advise me from the models listed above what to buy… the main point… efficiency and protection… thank you very much!

  17. Victor said

    hello, i bought a dell voltage stabilizer with a servomotor that I will use in a sterilizer stomatological utensil (which I think does not have a compressor), my question is to use the delay function at startup or underlay?

    • The delay button (delayed) delays startup in the event of a power failure.
      This “delay” protects the stabilizer and connected objects from a voltage peak when the power supply is resumed.

  18. Bustamante said

    Following your tutorial I purchased this voltage stabilizer. Seeing how low the tension on the display is, I think he should not miss such a house. The voltage relay is no longer what it was.


    However, it seems to me a little bit of a trap. It's compact and quite small. But it has nice delay button display and 2 shuko outlets.

  19. Hello, I bought a voltage stabilizer with a well servo motor 1000VA / 600W can put a vitodens 100-w 26kw combi and a freezer 200kwh or just stay with the boiler?
    Thanks a nice evening!

  20. burcea gigi said

    sall, I have an electric power station of 9kw, which stabilizer I have to buy for it? (just for it).

  21. Malaidah Nicolae said

    GOOD GOOD DAY DAY Cristian Cismaru! My name is Malaidah Nicholas ( [email protected] and I enjoy listening to the videos you posted. I have a great prayer. . I received from a friend a WELL engine stabilizer of 1000 VA with problems. It is equipped with integrated HT 46 R064 B. At analog input terminals 1 and 2 receives 1 V displays 100 V; at 2 V displays 200 V and so on. The conclusion is that the processor is working correctly. Does the input and output voltage NOT APPLY in relation to the processor mass? ! ? . The two voltages, the peak, have a common resistance to an input and separate resistances at the second input ((phase and null) .The rectification is done with an LM 324.You can have documentation at least with LM 324 If you have worked in the field, it can be from the type of stabilizer or whatever you live in. I have 74 for years and I am also in a passionate repair NO FOR MONEY!

  22. tataru maria said

    Good evening, dear gentlemen, thank you for being! I need some advice. What type of stabilizer should I take to protect myself from high voltage fluctuations following appliances powered on the same socket: freezer, combine refrigerator, Arctic both , and the thermal plant? thank you!

  23. Hello! I have a wood-fired boiler and I bought a 2-stroke ptpompa generator. Unfortunately the generator area dluctuatie f marw of tension between 210 and 260v… stabilizer xu aervomotor faces? does it help me or do I go on a battery ups?

  24. I have a problem with the actuator stabilizer. It supplies the boiler. The mains voltage is 235-237 V. The stabilizer maintains the output voltage 232 V. Is it possible to adjust the output voltage of 220 V ?. I did not find the wiring diagram on Net. The stabilizer is no longer under warranty. My neighbor has the same stabilizer at the boiler and the output voltage is fixed to 220V. Does anyone know if the output voltage can be adjusted?

    • Papules, any boiler works perfectly well with 230V. Write in the plant specification. No need to go to the stabilizer. It is important that when the current is interrupted, the stabilizer to turn on the power to the boiler after 160-180 seconds, in order to avoid the voltage shocks that occur in the city network. In this way it protects the boiler from burning the electronic board. This is important. If in your area the mains voltage is less than 220V (eg 180-190V) then the stabilizer will have 230V output and the boiler will operate normally. You can go to the stabilizer to move a cable (tinsmith) from position 230V to position 220V, but it doesn't work.

  25. Caciula Dragos said

    You can tell us how you solved the problem
    "3. They are not so fast in case of high voltage peaks (problem to be solved) "

  26. Stoica Marius said

    What is the difference between an automatic voltage regulator and an automatic voltage regulator?

  27. mariuszmeu said

    very useful tutorials, for which I thank.
    now: on emag and not only, triac stabilizers have appeared (or will have appeared more). I bought a well with a servomotor for someone with voltage problems, no more problems, but is this triac better than the servomotor? p rets are about equal

  28. Seiculescu Victor said

    How do we solve the high voltage peaks not taken over by the servo motor stabilizer?

  29. Ștefan Potgoreanu said

    Is the triac stabilizer good?

  30. Hello
    Is it a problem if I put a 1000VA coil stabilizer on a 35Kw boiler?
    Is a stabilizer with servomotor mandatory? Why?

  31. Wrong, relay stabilizers do not change the waveform, so they have a sine wave.

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