How Safe or Anonymous is Incognito (Private or InPrivate)

How Safe or Anonymous is Incognito Mode?

How Safe or Anonymous is Incognito Mode

What is incognito mode?

Incognito or Private or InPrivate mode in web browsers is a way that lets us surf privately. This way the browser works is far from giving you private browsing.

How does incognito work?

In principle, the tab or incognito window "says" that it does not save browsing data, cookies and information entered in the forms. That is only half the truth, and as we know half the truth is a lie.

What does Google Chrome say?

You went into incognito mode

You can now browse privately, and others who use this device will not see your activity. However, downloads and bookmarks will be saved. Find out more

Chrome will not save the following information:
navigation history;
cookies and site data
the information entered into the forms.

Your activity may still be visible for:
the sites you access;
your employer or your school;
Internet service provider.

The truth is different…

Although the Google Chrome browser does not save the data in your browser or account, it saves data on Google's servers, even if theoretically should not.
Why is it private?

Who can protect us from using Incognito mode?

Just by ourselves, the rest of us. Anyone who can collect data in the normal way will also do it in incognito mode.

Who's watching incognito mode?

Can you keep your employer from using incognito mode?
No no no !

Can you guard your service provider?
No no no!

Can you steer from the search engine?
No no no!

Can you keep your partner / knowledge from having access to your PC?
Yes, provided there is no incognito history collection plugin installed

How Safe Incognito Mode is

How can you protect yourself from your employer or service provider?

By using a VPN server with which your traffic will be encrypted, and your provider or employer even if they see the data packets, they will be incomprehensible to him.
The condition for maximum safety when using a VPN connection from work is to do it on your computer that no one has access to from work. You mean to be your home laptop connected to the work network. If you use their PCs, VPN security can be compromised.

How can you protect yourself from search engines?

Can not! I was honest.

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When I think that some people also committed computer crimes “in the shelter” in Incognito mode… 🙂

How secure or anonymous is the Incognito mode - video tutorial

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  1. Constantin said

    Hello ,
    I'm asking browsers, Epic Privacy Browser and Opera with free VPNs to provide more security? For VPNs like Kaspersky, BitDefender, Avira, can you trust?
    Many thanks in advance for your response…

  2. sapunell said

    Cristi, I leave you a link with all versions of Windows (as you have already presented… like Windows ISO Downloader), it is not with viruses or something malicious, but I just want to tell you that this link is very useful..and not everyone knows about he. It would be nice to present it in a future tutorial.
    The actual link: ""

  3. Cristi Hello!
    Can the TOR network be safe to navigate from work instead of installing VPN programs?
    Thank you!

  4. Tudor Dreghiciu said

    Thanks for the article.
    You can look at the "Disconnect" extension
    Make the web faster, more private, and more secure. Disconnect lets you visualize and block the invisible sites that track your search and browsing history. ”

    I have recently heard of it and I see that it blocks certain things when I surf the internet.
    I've also heard of the Tor browser, but I have not yet been able to test it.

    Can you make an article with new information,

    All the best!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, honest and direct without much story, the main reason why I follow you, of course plus quality, diversity, etc.… I READ THE ARTICLE… THEN I WATCHED THE VIDEO 🙂 I LIKED THE LAST PART 🙂:
    How can you protect yourself from search engines?
    Can not! I was honest.
    -we are monitoring more than prisoners 🙂

  6. Darius 003 said

    If you don't have privacy on incognito either, then where else do you have ...? Where did you end up with privacy on the net…

    • The Internet was not created for intimacy. It was created for the aggregation of people, like the TV, the radio or the church (the first social network).
      People need to gather them together. You can not let them go, that after that you have to work too hard.
      Manipulation in the Internet era has become a play for children. See Case Cambridge Analytica.
      The Internet is not even for information because it manages to misinform the Romanians too: demoralization.
      Since with the net, people are reading less and less, but they have the impression they are smarter.
      The information was hard to find in the old days, but when you found it, you devoured it and it was useful.
      Today we are flooded in information, which is often useless or worse, meant to wash our brains.
      How to choose the good man and what is not ???
      Now we cannot set up a "ministry of truth" as in 1984, but still, something needs to be done.

  7. Linux Tails is the solution.

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