How much energy as electronics and that cost us

Hi friends, today's tutorial will show you how you can determine the exact consumption of energy gadgets from the house, that to realize how the need to pay for luxuries is called electricity.
On each device, on the back there is a label with maximum power consumption, unfortunately that value does not always reflect reality and normally we are interested and how the device consumes when waiting (standby).
To determine how consuming a computer for example, must use a machine that muneste A Watt Meter, it is found in commerce. A Watt Meter is plug in your computer and whose consumption we want to measure in A Watt Meter's outlet, the screen will display the power consumption. Metering device may fluctuate higher or lower, depending on the energy it absorbs PC from the network.
Once you know the current consumption multiplied by the number of hours that the PC will be started a month and go on-site energy supplier to see how it will cost to keep your PC in socket for a month.
PC Power consumption:
Enel Energy Consumption Calculator
My advice would be to use the Enel computer, there you have the exact estimate, with VAT, excise duties and the rest of the "goodies".
How much a kilowatt hour?
The answer is not so simple. It depends on the selected tariff.
Energy wall on 06-05-2014 subscription to Enel.
Subscription and rates:
Social CS - from 0,1982 lei to 0,9378 for a KW / h, depending on consumption.
CD monomer - from 0,1982 lei to 0,4757 for a KW / h, depending on consumption.
CR monomial with reservation - 0,3567 for a KW / h + 0,1715 per day for reservation.
Monomial IC with consumption included - 0,3567 for a KW / h + 0,4927 per day for abomation.
CTP monomial with reservation - 0,2906 for a KW / h + 0,5549 per day for reservation.
Over all this plus VAT, green certificates for cogeneration contribution, excise, radio and TV, etc.
After all, electricity is not expensive, "accessories" kill you.

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  1. Corleone said

    Well you did the rest of the tutorial where? It stopped once your laptop. I would be interested in how consume laptop.

    • A tomorrow to climb the last part will be to continue.
      A laptop will be consumption of a refrigerator but, to be completely fury.

      • Andrew said

        washing consume and how you squeeze :)) I think so Watt O Meter over your head. I believe that it the highest consumption of a house.

        • Marian said

          The largest consumer in a washing machine is heating resistance which may reach 2000w / h at a water temperature 90 degrees.

  2. silviu said

    Salut.Unde we can find to buy?

  3. Michael B. said

    Hello Cristi,
    Do you have any idea if that device (which is advertised on the net that would save electricity by 40%) is really what it says? The theory is that it would "level" the current shocks on the network….
    Thank you!

  4. sylber said

    Interestingly good tutorial, I remember that there was a tutorial with consumption of each component of the PC (video card etc.)

  5. TheMasterR said

    i5 3570k - OC 4.2 GHZ + 512GB ssd + AMD 7850 at maximum load consumes ~ 133 W / h without video card
    and 215W / h with video card + CPU

  6. Andrew said

    Cristi had to stick and plugged in the vacuum cleaner. Let's see how consuming

  7. FaqyaK said

    You made quite a lot of clutter in the living room where you brought PC, desktop, laptop, speakers, charger, smartphone, TV. You had enough work after you finish the tutorial move them all back.
    A very good tutorial, to the point that we all need.

  8. I'm curious if consumption is the same on a laptop sitting in the socket without the battery installed, you can specify the next tutorial?

    • I'll try to come up tomorrow the second day we did not go up at all on youtube.
      Maine even if they can not climb on youtube, I'll put it on our server for streaming.
      You will see consumption and other household appliances through.

  9. dacian said

    yes, eat that TV….

  10. FaqyaK said

    For a few days I get this error when accessing

  11. Andrew said

    Baga and plug the vacuum in Christ and see how consume because we do have to vacuum and clean house not only mature as in the Middle Ages and in the ninth century.

  12. Over a year ago I bought such a device, the more complicated I think I gave 130 140-lei el.Azi I rebuilt some teste.Rezultatele in standby are:
    Consumer ups 22.3 W; ups + PC 25.1W consumption; ups + PC + router consumption-36 37 W; ups + PC + router + consumer audio station 40-41 W: PC Consumer on 95 W: I started and monitor and consumption was W.Incarcarea 125 135-processor was 15-25% per pc running a CPU load consumption increases film.Cand crestea.Placa video was uploaded and it f less.
    I: A10-5700 AMD motherboard GA-F2A85X-UP4 Gigabite video card AMD Radeon HD 6670, VW223D ASUS monitor.
    All winter I kept an electric heater timer, which when heated radiators have coped and consumed about 195 KWh.
    The meter is good to get an idea about consumers, after which you don't have much to do with it. It also shows the frequency, amperage, voltage, chiar and even the consumption in lei (for a period).

  13. Please try with a welding machine.

  14. IT — from A to Z__I like__you came to mind__this is a sociology course__concrete __I did the same with Watmetru simens__we are the cheapest consumers in Europe we Romanians___we have nothing to do we are at the mine E-on__government cannot help the population , if they try to help the population then it will fill their pockets E-on, they should be waiting to earn money from the tip of the pen. I sold everything ………………………

  15. Part 2 while the laptop?

  16. Spitzy said

    Hello, phone charger left plugged in, consume something?? From the tutorial I saw 0.0?? Thank you!

  17. Mitica said

    Have you tried to put the computer on standby? It is big difference between the PC simply left open and shoved the stand? I thought we could do something economy since it takes less to get out of stand-by and I did not find it very disturbing.

  18. marius512 said

    Please put mini PC to see how consume.

  19. sleeve said

    I'm curious how a device would consume mosquito :))) so many people you plugged in a few months a year.

  20. Interestingly, a variant wireless internet connection. I saw at EON UK so. You can monitor the real-time consumption of home 5 points (initial kit).

  21. Hi charger socket consume the tablet left or right?

  22. Any device connected to the outlet consumes more or less current.

  23. Constantin said

    Price per kilowatt differ depending on the supplier. Example: Eon Moldova price or Enel Muntenia Sud 0.22813 0,23849 lei. These prices plus other surcharges and taxes resulting in a bill that nobody knows to read!

    But did you know that changing electricity supplier can benefit from a much lower price, fixed will not increase, but on the contrary will fall? Yup!
    …… ..edited by admin


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