Delete bank card from Netflix account - using Revolut virtual card

What is the Netflix account card removal tutorial about? In today's video tutorial "Deleting a bank card from a Netflix account", I'll show you how to remove a bank card from a Netflix account. This tutorial would not have been done if it was a button to delete the card in the Netflix account. But the button may appear as if by magic Why delete? [Read more...]

Card confirmation in PayPal account - more secure payments

Today I will show you how to insert or change a card in your PayPal account, so that you can continue to make online payments. Online payments stopped working! For some time now, my card has expired and I forgot to change it - When it came time for online payments, email notifications, from Google, from, from hosting, from Cloudflare, etc., started to flow. ... [Read more...]

Diagram Designer, soft free charts

Hi friends, today we have a free program that helps us make diagrams. The software is called Diagram Designer and is super light for the system, only 2 MB has the executable. In addition, the program runs perfectly on all versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 10. Diagram creation programs are useful for those who have a school project (student or teacher), employees… [Read more...]

Bitcoin machine made / money from Butterfly Labs

Hello friends, as I promised you, yesterday, after 5 months of waiting, I received the Bitcoin Miner 5 GH / s money making device. It is a divice from Butterfly Labs that can miners with 5-10 GH / s with small modifications, at today's difficulty it means about 2-5 euros per day, depending on how you choose to mine. If you are new to Bitcoin, you can watch the following tutorials… [Read more...]

Google Public Data, a free service with all the statistics in the world - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will present you one of the most interesting sources of statistical information in the world, it's all in one place and it's called Google Public Data Explorer. When I first accessed Google Public Data Explorer I couldn't believe it how many statistics are there, from macroeconomic data to the standard of living and poverty in each country. For those … [Read more...]

How to buy items on Ebay, information and advice - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will discuss about shopping on Ebay, I will give you all the necessary information to make you a little brave. When it comes to shopping made on foreign sites, Romanians have reservations, on this occasion you have to I tell you that the security measures on Ebay are even better than in our country and the protection system of [Read more...]

Bitcoin, you earn money with a powerful computer - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we will talk about Bitcoin, a digital currency generated and managed by the Bitcoin p2p network, the currency that even you can make. To capture your interest I tell you that a Bitcoin is equal to 12 US Dollars, moreover, Bitcoins can be exchanged at any time in Dollars or Euros, which you can cash from your card. What is a… [Read more...]

How to make an online store from scratch with the help of the Zen Cart script - video tutorial

Zen Cart is a virtual shopping program implemented in PHP. Built on an LPG oscommerce architecture, it is easy to use to easily install and run an online store. It is developed by people who are active in online sales, and who have best understood what a virtual buyer needs. Zen Cart offers many features: • It is easy to [Read more...] or open source office suite, part 2 Calc (excel) - video tutorial

Calc is the spreadsheet component of the suite. Calc works with spreadsheets, similar to EXCEL in the Microsoft Office suite. Registers consist of a number of individual pages (sheets), each containing a block of cells arranged in rows and columns. These cells store the individual elements - text, numbers, formulas, etc. - based on … [Read more...]

Adwords, intelligent advertising for products and services - video tutorial

Hello friends, today we will try to sell our products and services of our imaginary company with the help of the AdWords advertising service from google. AdWords is a google advertising service, it is very smart, efficient and elastic, it allows intelligent placement of ads on the search engine or on sites that display ads through Adsense… [Read more...]