Fill out your own PDF statement and other forms on your PC

What is the Tutorial PDF Completion Tutorial about? It is about completing the declaration on your own responsibility PDF, using the computer. The completion will be done so that we can use the same document printed in several copies on different days, changing only the date. For those who do not have a printer, we also have the solution with the statement on the phone… [Read more...]

Self-signed holographic statement only with the phone

Self-Statement Holographic Signature What is the tutorial on self-declaration of holographic signature? In the video tutorial, the holographic signature declaration on your own responsibility will show you how to make a declaration on your own responsibility (roadmap) for leaving the house. * This statement will be completed online, will be… [Read more...]

How to change the basic application to open files on Android

How to change the basic application for opening files on Android How to change the basic application for opening files on Android A computer does not know what we want to do when we click on a file to open it. Let's say we have a video file that we want to open with VLC media player. Your computer or mobile phone needs to know… [Read more...]

Convert PDF books for Kindle without formatting errors + remove ads

Convert PDF books to Kindle without formatting errors and remove Life ads with PDFs on your Kindle Ebook Reader. Kindle owners are well aware of how difficult it is to read a PDF document, especially if it is a book in question. A PDF is difficult to manipulate on an eBook Reader. Why it's hard to read PDF on Kindle. Kindle ebook reader can open… [Read more...]

Signing free PDF printer and scanner

PDF signing without printer or scanner Lately, almost all public institutions, schools, hospitals, etc., use the Internet to publish forms, applications, etc. Everyone's favorite format is PDF, which is a portable and very versatile format. The problem arises when we have to put the signature in a document in electronic format. How to sign… [Read more...]

How to fill in PDF forms and check marks

Hi friends, today we have a tutorial that could be helpful for everyone, we will see how to fill in the forms, ticks and how to sign a PDF document (portable document format). As the PDF is a universal embraced file, we need to learn how to do certain operations with this type of file that will soon replace the classic forms… [Read more...]

Fast document and image scanning directly in PDF format - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will see how to scan documents and images directly in PDF format, ie we will make (we will scan) directly a PDF document with several pages instead of several TIF files, PNG JPG, etc. For this operation we will use only one software, it is free and comes with HP drivers, if we have requests from you we will do with a… [Read more...]

Cam Scanner, application for Android and iPhone that turns your phone into a scanner + PDF - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will present the Cam Scanner application, it works on the Android and iOS platform (iPhone and iPad), basically the application transforms the phone or tablet camera into a real mobile scanner, the camera is used for scanning. Moreover, the application can convert scanned documents into PDF files, so that you can send them to… [Read more...]

PDF Split and Merge, helps us to merge or unmake or rearrange PDFs - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will introduce you to an excellent open source program, called PDF Split and Merge and it helps us to paste, undo and rearrange PDF files. It has never been easier to paste two PDF files or just use the pages we need to create a new PDF file (portable document format). PDFs have known a… [Read more...]

MultiCopy, multiple copying from Firefox and sequential pasting of text in the browser - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about MultiCopy, an extension for the Firefox browser extremely useful especially for those who are publishers on various sites or bloggers. MultiCopy allows us to select multiple text from different web pages and then paste everything where we need the selected text. It can be a definition, a… [Read more...]