Change the appearance of WhatsApp messages without applications

Change the look of WhatsApp messages without apps What about the Change the look of WhatsApp messages without apps? Change the appearance of WhatsApp messages without applications, is a simple video tutorial that will show how to give a different look to the text of WhatsApp messages A simple tutorial for those who do not master so well… [Read more...]

Transforming writing from paper into EDITABLE text on the phone

What is the video tutorial about transforming writing from paper into EDITABLE text on the phone? phone in digital format, which means EDITABLE TEXT. What is OCR technology? OCR means [Read more...]

Transforming Speech into Computer Text - Dictation for PC

Transforming speech into text on a computer - dictation for PC TTS vs STT If last time we introduced you to Text to Speech, today we have a Speech to Text service, ie transforming speech into text. Transforming speech into text is extremely important in many applications, but especially in the user interface and a service of type… [Read more...]

Chinese instant translation of text, photos or documents

Translation services have evolved a lot in recent years, especially Google Translate, which also relies on quantum computing to increase the accuracy and correctness of translations. As most Google services are free, so is live translation from Google Translate for mobile. Chinese translation of instant text from pictures or documents - [Read more...]

How to write accented Windows 10 with International Keyboard

How to write with diacritics on Windows 10 If you speak Romanian, it is good to use diacritical marks such as: ăâțțî; But when we use the standard QWERTY keyboard, it's not so easy to write with diacritics, because the operating system defaults to the standard-Romanian keyboard, which kind of spoils the placement of the keys on the right. The solution is to choose… [Read more...]

MultiCopy, multiple copying from Firefox and sequential pasting of text in the browser - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about MultiCopy, an extension for the Firefox browser extremely useful especially for those who are publishers on various sites or bloggers. MultiCopy allows us to select multiple text from different web pages and then paste everything where we need the selected text. It can be a definition, a… [Read more...]

Texter, a help for entering text and code at high speed - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present a very interesting application, it is called Texter and helps us to enter text in documents, forms, browser, etc., with the speed of light. Textter allows us to create a database with all its words the phrases we use most often or even email addresses or whatever, for example instead of writing "what… [Read more...]

How to enable writing with diacritics (ă, î, ş, ţ, â) on windows 7 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial we will see how to activate the writing with diacritics (ă, î, ş, ţ, â) in windows 7, for this we do not have to install anything, we will do our job with the tools already included in windows 7. Whether you are at school or at work, you will need to write with diacritics, this is increasingly required by teachers or… [Read more...]

OCR Online, a service for recognizing text from scanned documents and pictures - video tutorial

Many times you have probably been in the situation of needing the text in a picture, or you have had the image of a scanned invoice, or maybe you have to do the license for the end of the school year, and it is quite unpleasant for some to sit, to type each word in Microsoft Word. To make our work easier we could scan the pages that contain the text we need for… [Read more...]

How to build html pages without programming knowledge with seamonkey and composer - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial we will briefly present Mozilla Seamonkey, in fact only a part of Seamonkey, namely Composer which will be useful in creating html pages or modifying existing html pages. Composer is extremely easy to use, in fact I think that an inexperienced user will be able to use this WYSIWYG program (what you see its… [Read more...]