How to write accented Windows 10 with International Keyboard

How to write with diacritics on Windows 10 If you speak Romanian, it is good to use diacritical marks such as: ăâțțî; But when we use the standard QWERTY keyboard, it's not so easy to write with diacritics, because the operating system defaults to the standard-Romanian keyboard, which kind of spoils the placement of the keys on the right. The solution is to choose… [Read more...]

Kingsoft Office, a free and easy alternative to Microsoft Office - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's video tutorial I will present a free, light office suite (running on weak systems) and which installs very quickly, this suite is Kingsoft Office. The most popular office suite on the market for Windows platform is Microsoft Office , an excellent package that is a reference in the field, unfortunately Microsoft Office costs quite a lot… [Read more...]

Presentation of the new online e-mail service Outlook from Microsoft - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about the new Outlook service recently launched by Microsoft. is a new mail service, with a new design, with a simple, clean interface that matches very well with the new Windows 8 operating system, more precisely with its MetroUI interface. Outlook is free for any PC user, Taleta, [Read more...]

Microsoft Office 2013 presentation, official and free for download - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about the new Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Preview office suite. This version codenamed Office 15 was recently released and can be downloaded and tried for free by any user of Windows 7 or Windows 8 Release Preview because only these two operating systems can support the latest version of Microsoft… [Read more...]

MultiCopy, multiple copying from Firefox and sequential pasting of text in the browser - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about MultiCopy, an extension for the Firefox browser extremely useful especially for those who are publishers on various sites or bloggers. MultiCopy allows us to select multiple text from different web pages and then paste everything where we need the selected text. It can be a definition, a… [Read more...]

Stream, fast automatic translation outside the browser for desktop software - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present a program for automatic translation of text from documents, you probably think of Google Translate or Bing Translator but it is not, our program is called Forward and compared to web solutions allows us to translate open documents with WordPad, MS Office, Open Office directly on the desktop, we do not need… [Read more...]

Google Cloud Connect, automatic synchronization of Microsoft Office documents with Google Docs - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will present a very useful program for those who use Microsoft Office and need extra security. Our program is called Google Cloud Connect and helps us keep Microsoft Office documents in sync with Google Docs servers, more precisely the documents generated in: Word, Excel and Power Point. This synchronization operation is [Read more...]

Office 2010 Professional download with trial series for 60 days - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you where to download and how we can use Microsoft Office Professional 2010 for 60 days legally with an official series from Microsoft, 100% legal without piracy. Many of you use Microsoft Office occasionally, only for a project or just to open certain received files, you don't have to go to… [Read more...]

AI Type a simple program that helps us write correctly in English - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial I will present a program that helps us write correctly in English, more precisely it corrects us where we are wrong and even suggests correctly written words, this happens live even while typing. The software is called AI Type, this is part of the category of predictive text input software, this ition [Read more...]

How to work multiple people on a Google Docs document at the same time - video tutorial

Hi friends, in the next video tutorial I will present a new function introduced in google docs, documents in collaboration or collaboration to documents the new option helps us to work more people on an online document, this function comes to the aid of those who have to collaborate in creating a document or those who need the help of a colleague more… [Read more...]