Transforming digital books into some kind of audio books (in the car, in the headphones)

Turning digital books into a kind of audio book Many say that nothing compares to reading a real book. I would say that the experience is somewhat similar on an ebook reader, except maybe for the smell and rustle of paper. I think that's what the scholars said when the printing presses appeared. No matter what, the book, but not any book, you [Read more...]

How to download pictures, videos and other data from Apple iCloud

How to download photos, videos and other data from Apple iCloud Joy for everyone who has an iPhone or iPad. Apple lets us download the data we have collected over time to their servers in Apple iCloud. The good parts of the GDPR In compliance with the new European regulations, Apple provides us with a page where we can download our data that we have collected over time on… [Read more...]

Orange Privacy Settings

Orange settings for personal data protection New settings have appeared in the Orange account. Orange settings for personal data protection. Settings that allow us to agree or disagree with the processing of personal data. That's a good thing, especially for those who don't want to receive all kinds of calls and text messages from… [Read more...]

How do you stop calls and SMS on Telekom

How to stop advertising calls and SMS on Telekom How to stop advertising calls and SMS on Telekom - stop advertising calls and text messages. The collection of personal data is a problem that the average user does not understand very well. This is not because it is stupid, but because service providers make the texts with the "terms and conditions" [Read more...]

Convert PDF books for Kindle without formatting errors + remove ads

Convert PDF books to Kindle without formatting errors and remove Life ads with PDFs on your Kindle Ebook Reader. Kindle owners are well aware of how difficult it is to read a PDF document, especially if it is a book in question. A PDF is difficult to manipulate on an eBook Reader. Why it's hard to read PDF on Kindle. Kindle ebook reader can open… [Read more...]

How to make an Open VPN server on Raspberry PI - anti hack solution

How to make an Open VPN server on Raspberry PI What is a VPN server. The VPN server is a computer that is located elsewhere on the Internet, to which, when you connect, an encrypted tunnel is formed. While using the VPN server, your service provider can't figure out what kind of traffic you're doing, what sites you're visiting, and so on. Other than … [Read more...]

Transforming Speech into Computer Text - Dictation for PC

Transforming speech into text on a computer - dictation for PC TTS vs STT If last time we introduced you to Text to Speech, today we have a Speech to Text service, ie transforming speech into text. Transforming speech into text is extremely important in many applications, but especially in the user interface and a service of type… [Read more...]

How do you make your phone read your text with Select and Listen

How to make your phone read text with Select and Listen Very strong accessibility feature unknown on Android - Although the feature I'm going to present today is made more for the visually impaired, we can also use it for reading text on the screen when we cannot or do not want to read the text in a document or web page… [Read more...]

How do you put covers on the eBook, Kindle Paperwhite, FREE BOOKS

How to put covers on eBook, Kindle Paperwhite, FREE BOOKS To quote from a comic skit: "books make you stupid". Who else reads? Reading has changed in recent years with the advent of the Internet, as if we forgot about books with our noses in the screens, fortunately they, the books, still do not give up on us (The return of books). Now we have a lot of… [Read more...]

How to block the misuse of BITCOIN on your PC

How to block abusive BITCOIN mining on PC What about abusive BITCOIN MINING? Lately, due to the ever-increasing price of BITCOIN, hackers are looking for more and more interesting methods of mining BITCOIN. The last method consists in using the processing power of several computers, through software or web scripts, which transform… [Read more...]