Google Lens Real Use Tutorial - The AI ​​in Our Hand

What is the Google Lens actual use tutorial about? In this tutorial I will show you the actual usage of Google Lens. Ways that everyone can use every day, to gather information faster and to streamline certain tasks. What is Google Lens? Google Lens can't really be placed in a category [Read more...]

Chinese instant translation of text, photos or documents

Translation services have evolved a lot over the past few years, especially Google Translate, which also relies on quantum computing to increase the accuracy and accuracy of translations. As most Google services are free, so is live translation from the Google Translate mobile app. Chinese instant text translation from photos or documents -… [Read more...]

Signing free PDF printer and scanner

PDF signing without printer or scanner Lately, almost all public institutions, schools, hospitals, etc., use the Internet to publish forms, applications, etc. The preferred format of all is the PDF, which is a portable and very versatile format. The problem arises when we have to put the signature in a document in electronic format. How to sign ... [Read more...]

The new way of application Translate conversation helps us to talk to strangers - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how we can handle it in another language, here I do not mean English or French that everyone understands, I mean more exotic languages ​​that it is impossible for us to understand. In the Google Translate application on android introduced some interesting news, a new way called conversation that until recently ... [Read more...]

Cam Scanner, Android and iPhone application that turns your phone in scanner + PDF - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will present the Cam Scanner application, it works on Android and iOS platform (iPhone and iPad), practically the application turns the camera or tablet into a real mobile scanner, the camera is used for scanning. Moreover, the application can transform the scanned documents into PDF files, so that you can send them on… [Read more...]

Google Docs OCR function of helping us turn the scanned text into editable documents - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's video tutorial I will introduce you to the new feature in Google Docs, this is OCR (optical carcater recognition), the technology by which we can transform scanned or photographed documents into editable text, a technology less known and used by us , the most popular OCR application is Abbyy FineReader (commercial). Google Docs ... [Read more...]

Online OCR, text recognition service from scanned documents and pictures - video tutorial

Many times you have probably been in the situation of needing the text in a picture, or had the image of a scanned invoice, or maybe you have a license for the end of the school year, and it is quite unpleasant for some to stay, to type every word in Microsoft Word. In order to make our work easier we could scan the pages containing the text we need for ... [Read more...]