Windows Share on Android - files, folders and network partitions

Access Windows sharing on Android What is this tutorial on Windows Share on Android? When I say Windows Share on Android, I mean accessing shares on Windows, on your Android phone or tablet. What is Windows share (folder, file, printer, or partition sharing)? In Windows, since the world and the earth we have the opportunity to… [Read more...]

The best wireless printer or multifunction laser

The best wireless laser printer or multifunction When it comes to printers and scanners, the market is full of all kinds of products, and users are really confused. We basically have laser and jet printers, or multifunctional laser or jet printers. Color or monochrome, now depends on everyone's needs. Advantages of JET printers (ink) 1. I am very… [Read more...]

Cam Scanner, application for Android and iPhone that turns your phone into a scanner + PDF - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will present the Cam Scanner application, it works on the Android and iOS platform (iPhone and iPad), basically the application transforms the phone or tablet camera into a real mobile scanner, the camera is used for scanning. Moreover, the application can convert scanned documents into PDF files, so that you can send them to… [Read more...]

PDF Creator, print server and virtual printer in one free software - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this tutorial I will present PDF Creator which is a virtual PDF printer (portable document format) and more. This software also contains a print server that will be useful when we need to offer the printer in the network (print sharing), this can be done only in the internal LAN or with a slightly more advanced connection than… [Read more...]