RSS feeds from a Google search - notifications for new search results

RSS feed from a Google search What is this "Do your RSS feed from a Google search" video tutorial about? This tutorial is about how to make an RSS feed from a Google search; That is, to receive notifications every time someone from all over the internet touches the topic you are looking for. RSS feeds have been passed in a shadow cone and I don't know about… [Read more...]

Feedly, a perfect replacement for Google Reader on desktop and mobile - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial I will guide you to a replacement for Google Reader. As it is well known, Google Reader will officially close its "gates" for readers in July 2013, for this we must use another platform for reading information feeds, RSS Feeds as they are actually called. The application I will recommend today is called Feedly… [Read more...]

Reduce web browsing time with FeedDemon an RSS client - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a very good RSS client, it is about FeedDemon which until recently was a commercial software, meaning you had to pay to enjoy its options, now it is free for everyone. It is said that FeedDemon is a kind of Mercedes of RSS clients, Snarfer, for which we made a video tutorial some time ago in… [Read more...]

Rss feed means and how to use video tutorial snarfer

Until now we were on the net, now the net comes to us with the help of RSS technology (real simple syndication). From now on we can direct all news and updates from the internet directly to our computer without lifting a finger. This video tutorial shows the installation of snarfer, its setting and how to create RSS feeds, of course to be… [Read more...]