How to save an email as a PDF in Gmail

What is the "how to save an email as a PDF" video tutorial? In the tutorial you will see how to save an email as a PDF from Gmail, whether you are on the desktop or on the phone. How to convert email to PDF file? It's no mystery. The email can be printed on a sheet of paper like anything else. If it can be printed, it means we can do it… [Read more...]

Declaration on your own responsibility the official version with the handwritten signature on the phone (without printer)

Self-declaration on the phone What is the self-declaration on the phone tutorial about? In the video tutorial on your own responsibility on the phone, I will show you how to complete the statement on the phone. The standard statement is official, on the official website. Where to download the official version of the self-declaration… [Read more...]

Fill out your own PDF statement and other forms on your PC

What is the Tutorial PDF Completion Tutorial about? It is about completing the declaration on your own responsibility PDF, using the computer. The completion will be done so that we can use the same document printed in several copies on different days, changing only the date. For those who do not have a printer, we also have the solution with the statement on the phone… [Read more...]

Self-signed holographic statement only with the phone

Self-Statement Holographic Signature What is the tutorial on self-declaration of holographic signature? In the video tutorial, the holographic signature declaration on your own responsibility will show you how to make a declaration on your own responsibility (roadmap) for leaving the house. * This statement will be completed online, will be… [Read more...]

Signing free PDF printer and scanner

PDF signing without printer or scanner Lately, almost all public institutions, schools, hospitals, etc., use the Internet to publish forms, applications, etc. Everyone's favorite format is PDF, which is a portable and very versatile format. The problem arises when we have to put the signature in a document in electronic format. How to sign… [Read more...]

How to fill in PDF forms and check marks

Hi friends, today we have a tutorial that could be helpful for everyone, we will see how to fill in the forms, ticks and how to sign a PDF document (portable document format). As the PDF is a universal embraced file, we need to learn how to do certain operations with this type of file that will soon replace the classic forms… [Read more...]

PDF Split and Merge, helps us to merge or unmake or rearrange PDFs - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will introduce you to an excellent open source program, called PDF Split and Merge and it helps us to paste, undo and rearrange PDF files. It has never been easier to paste two PDF files or just use the pages we need to create a new file in PDF format (portable document format). The PDFs knew a… [Read more...]

Sumatra PDF, a super fast pdf reader, a good alternative to Adobe Reader - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present a PDF reader (portable document format) very fast and easy, it is called Sumatra PDF and is an excellent alternative to the classic Adobe Reader, which is quite cumbersome, especially for older systems .Some time ago I introduced Foxit Reader in a tutorial, unfortunately it became a bit cumbersome,… [Read more...]

Foxit Reader is a very fast pdf viewer and consumes few resources - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present Foxit Reader a pdf viewer very fast and easy for the system, in the world of documents Adobe Reader makes the law, but unfortunately Abobe Reader demands the system quite a lot and moves and very difficult to handle pdf documents (portable-document -format). For many of you I am sure he will enjoy this very much… [Read more...]