Smart FM modulator for your car - bluetooth, SD card, hands free

What is an FM modulator? Smart FM modulator for your car: FM modulators appeared several years ago, but now they have returned with more compact dimensions, better prices and more functions. An FM modulator is a small FM transmitter, which emits at a very low power, enough to reach the signal to the antenna of the radio. These modulators have a… [Read more...]

OBD2 Bluetooth adapter, auto reset errors on smartphone

Tutorial - OBD2 Bluetooth adapter, resetting car errors on your smartphone Today we will do something different - we will use an OBD2 adapter, to connect with your Android phone to the car's on-board computer. Using an application like Torque, we can read the operating parameters of the machine and in addition we can detect and reset the errors. OBD2 (On-board diagnostics) is a [Read more...]