PC configuration and inexpensive Intel SSD Skylake

Hello friends, today is the turn of a cheap and balanced PC configuration. The PC configuration is based on Intel Skylake, which is the latest generation of processors from Intel, which use 14nm manufacturing technology. This means that the processors are more efficient and more economical, implicitly colder. Our system can also be used for gaming, if… [Read more...]

PC gaming configuration at good price

PC gaming configuration at a good price Gaming is more current than ever and most of us want a system capable of running new games; Because nothing is more frustrating when the game doesn't want to run or runs jerky. Below we have gathered the best components on the market for a decent budget. At this price even I am surprised that I managed to… [Read more...]

Configuration PC performance with new Intel Skylake

Video tutorial - High-performance PC configuration with the new Intel Skylake Finally Intel managed to synchronize with the Tic-Tac cadence and came on the market with the new 6th generation Intel Core processors codenamed Skylake. In principle, the Tic-Tac cadence, on which Intel synchronizes production, is a production rate for processors, which respects to some extent… [Read more...]

The best PC in 2015

What does the best PC of 2015 look like? First of all, it is not cheap, secondly it sums up the newest and strongest components and technologies, which will shelter you for a few years from now. With this high-performance system you will be able to play absolutely any game now but also in 3-5 years. The most powerful PC processor we have configured so far has a… [Read more...]

Good computer configuration in office and gaming

Hello friends, today we will configure a good computer, at an affordable price, with a very good level of performance, able to cope with any computing task and in addition to move very fast. Lately I've been waiting and hoping that the latest generation of Intel processors, called Intel Broadwall, will hit the market and perform better than… [Read more...]

Powerful computer setup, quiet and affordable

Hello friends, today we will configure a computer like a book, a system that will be able to run any game and any application without problems. It's time to stay home and we need a computer that can move fast, cost a little and be somewhat quiet. Because why not admit it, as if we don't like to wait any longer, we live at full speed. A few years ago to [Read more...]

Solving the problem of Windows 8.1 Wireless Connection Limited

Hi friends, today we will solve the problem with wireless connectivity on windows 8 or 8.1 "Limited Connection" or "No Connection". Even if it is not officially recognized, this is a bug in the new Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems. Users using Windows 8 or 8.1 receive a message under the wireless connection at some point, instead of typing "Connected" or… [Read more...]

PC components to be mounted in the housing

Hello friends, in today's video tutorial we will mount in the case the components we bought in the last tutorial: https://videotutorial.ro/configurare-sistem-cu-haswell-ssd-usb3-rapid-boot-la-1000 -de-lei / Attention: Before mounting the motherboard on the case, don't forget the spacers, they come with the case in a bag together with the necessary screws. ... [Read more...]

Haswell system configuration, ssd, usb3, fast boot to 1000 lei

Hello friends, today we will configure a system with a fixed budget of 1000 lei and next time we will buy and assemble the components, with this tight budget we will be able to make a fairly competent system for most tasks. We will build everything around an Intel Pentium G3220, a processor that is extremely close in performance to Haswell series processors… [Read more...]

Cheap PC configuration based on the last type of Intel Haswell

Hi friends, today we will set up a desktop PC system based on the latest processor release from Intel, it's the cheap processors from the Haswell family. Even if they are cheap, these processors have a very good price-performance ratio, quite good for any regular user who uses the PC for browsing, youtube, facebook, twitter, yahoo… [Read more...]