Hardware upgrade for videotutorial.ro - behind the scenes

Hello friends, on 12-11-2009 our server was offline for about 10 hours, between 12:00 and 22:00, this was due to a hardware upgrade made to improve the services. Due to the increasing traffic on videotutorial.ro this hardware upgrade was no longer delayed, the motherboard, processor and memories were changed, less… [Read more...]

Installation of TV tuner setting with hardware capture from leadtek - HD video tutorial

"" TV Tuner Using the TV / FM setup options, you can limit movie capture to a certain size in MB or seconds. A TV tuner captures analog TV signals and converts them into digital format that the computer can read. This allows you to watch TV programs on your personal computer. Then high-performance TV tuners can output the most [Read more...]

How to use a mobile phone as a webcam with wwigo - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial Luci relapses with a very interesting tutorial about using a mobile phone as a webcam. Whether we don't have a webcam or it has broken down, we have to have an alternative, this alternative is to use a mobile phone instead of a webcam, this is an idea that many of us have thought about at least once, [Read more...]

How to install windows xp on an AHCI configuration or on a RAID array - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will modify a windows xp pro to be able to install it on a raid matrix or on an AHCI configuration, without using a flopy disk for this job. Normally the installation of a driver before the installation of the operating system is done with flopy, but there are cases when we cannot use flopy and then we have to insert the drivers in the disk… [Read more...]

Setting up a wireless router for net neighborhood network from romtelecom and for net from rds - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present the configuration or setting of a wireless router from trendnet, for several types of net networks, even if we used a router from trendnet the settings are almost similar for most wireless routers and not only, these settings are valid and for classic routers (except wireless settings). Types of… [Read more...]

Setting up a cheap system with state-of-the-art components - video tutorial

In this tutorial we decided that we need to configure a system in which we will use state-of-the-art PC components, in order to be able to change the old computer without burdening our personal budget too much and without resorting to stores that sell outdated systems. For this (virtual) system configuration we had to use an international online store… [Read more...]

Some brief explanations about the BIOS settings tutorial video

In this video tutorial you will follow some brief explanations about the wonderful BIOS, brief because there will be other video tutorials on this topic in the coming days in which we will attack in more detail the chapters of this bios produced by the award software company, which matches the bios of many PCs, but there are other types of bios that do not look like this but the settings… [Read more...]

Windows hard disk partitioning - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will show you how to partition a hard disk with the windows utility. When we want to partition a hard disk we have several options, namely: -when we want to install an operating system be it linux, windows vista or windows xp we have the option to partition a hard disk during the operation of installing the operating system (options [Read more...]

On what criteria, and how buying components for a computer tutorial video

Nowadays a computer is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity for almost everyone. It required a tutorial to show you how we do when we have to buy components for PC, or gadgets (cameras, camcorders, etc.). In this tutorial I presented the natural way of informing before any decision to buy something. Of course there is [Read more...]

Update Driver Nvidia video card and video tutorial overclok

In this video tutorial, we will show you in the first part how we can download the latest driver for a video card from nvidia. Often just installing the latest driver can give us an unexpected increase in performance in games or other applications. Think that you bought a video card today but maybe it stayed on the store shelf for 2-3 months in conclusion we will [Read more...]