Lenovo Miix2 8, 8.1 Windows power in a small case

Hi friends, today it's time to tell you what I think about Lenovo Miix2 8, the tablet with Windows 8.1 full from Lenovo. Miix2 8 is part of a wave of tablets launched with Microsoft and Intel, they are equipped with Windows 8.1 full version, Office 2013 and very powerful Intel Atom Bay Trail processors (for a small tablet). This 8 inch format o [Read more...]

Bluetooth tethering, permanent connection to the internet tablet

Hi friends, today we will make a bluetooth tethering connection between an Android phone and a Windows 8.1 tablet, this way we will have the tablet permanently connected to the internet even when we do not have wireless networks nearby. Of course you need to have an active data connection on your phone in order to do this. For those who don't know, Android offers… [Read more...]

Increase speed wireless bandwidth channels

Hi friends, today we will see how we can have speeds of 300 or 150 Mbps (depending on the network card) wirelessly. Many of you have bought your laptop or tablet and noticed that the wireless speed is not as high as you expect, even if you are near the router. The reason for the limited wireless speed is the bandwidth of the channels, usually… [Read more...]

The cheapest tablet with Windows 8.1 full

Hello friends, in this video tutorial I will present a product from Lenovo, it is a tablet with Windows 8.1 full (a kind of laptop) that costs only 1000 lei, a very low price for the tablet's features. This type of tablets have recently come on the market and I suspect that they are subsidized by Microsoft, otherwise the extremely low price is not explained, for 1000 lei we barely succeed… [Read more...]

Hardware Guide, acquisition tablet, spring 2014

Hi friends, in this guide we will talk about how to act when you want to buy a tablet. Lately there have been a lot of tablets on the market, they are ultra cheap tablets that are meant to bring one tablet in each house, or rather in each room in the house. They are so cheap that you wonder: What's the trick, it's broken… [Read more...]

NextVid, listening to music on YouTube in background on Android

Hello friends, today I will present you an application for Android phones and tablets, the application is called NextVid and allows us to listen to music or anything else on YouTube while we are chatting, on Facebook or browsing the browser. The official YouTube application for Android does not allow us to listen to music or podcasts in the background, if we want to listen in [Read more...]

Guide tablet 2013 acquisition and our recommendations

Hello friends, today I will make a hardware guide for all those who want to buy a tablet and need as much information as possible for a balanced informed purchase. There are a few more days and school is starting, as the notebooks are old-fashioned, many young people have started using notebooks. Even if the tablets will not be used only for… [Read more...]

Asus Fonepad, a very affordable phone with a 7 inch screen - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about a new product that the company Asus brought to the market, it is called Fonepad enters the market in the niche opened by Samsung Galaxy Note. The great advantage of this product from Asus is the price, with a price of 1000 lei it can't help but be a hit. If it was a tablet it was commonplace, fortunately the Asus Fonepad is not at all… [Read more...]

Installing Ubuntu Phone OS on Nexus phones and tablets - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how to install the new Ubuntu Phone OS operating system for Google devices from the Nexus range. When I say the Nexus range I mean the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 smartphones as well as the two Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets. As you probably already know, Canonical launched the Ubuntu Phone OS operating system for the market yesterday… [Read more...]

Windows 8 tablets, what are the differences and what to choose - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will tell you what are the differences between Windows 8 tablets that are now found in stores. The first tablets appeared were those with Windows 8 RT, after the launch of Microsoft Surface RT, they are equipped with processors based on the ARM architecture, therefore I can not run the applications you are used to on Windows XP, or 7. In the last… [Read more...]