Android battery saving disabling system

Battery economy Android disabling system services Battery is consuming (as you can see!) Smartphones are now an extension of ours, which begins to cause frustration when it is gone. That is, we get out of our minds when the battery runs out. Why not make bigger batteries? There are several answers - I will try to list a few below: 1. A battery ... [Read more...]

OnePlus Review 3, too fast and cheap

OnePlus 3 Review, too fast and too cheap From the outset I am aware that all Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Apple, etc. fans will be upset with me and reproach me for being paid by the Chinese from Oneplus, to make a favorable review. To give everything back, I must confess, Oneplus never contacted me, and even if it happened, this review was ... [Read more...]

OnePlus One review, my favorite phone

What does "a good phone" mean? Does this mean cumbersome interface or unnecessary software pre-installed? Does this mean that the phone must be company (HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc)? None of the above. A good phone is one that looks good, moves very well, has good autonomy and is also cheap. I described above a Oneplus One, because this phone is ... [Read more...]

Wireless charging for any Smartphone

Hi friends, today I will show you how to charge any wireless phone, using an accessory that is quite accessible. Wireless Charging technology allows us to charge your phone or tablet just by placing them on the charging station, without any cable. The standard used at the moment is called QI Wireless Charging, the standard by which most manufacturers ... [Read more...]

MAh External Battery 10400 Deboch

Hi friends, today I will present an external battery with which we can charge the phone, tablet and other devices, when we are on the road or on vacation and even in the campsite. The smartphone is extremely versatile, it helps us to do almost anything we don't want, unfortunately the battery runs out relatively quickly. Most times in half a day most of the batteries of… [Read more...]

Downgrade iPhone or iPad to an older version of iOS

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can go from iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.1.2 on Apple devices Although the update to the latest version of iOS 8.1.3 is available for several days, it is still possible to return previous version of iOS 8.1.2 Why would we want to downgrade from an older version of iOS to an older version? One reason would be that ... [Read more...]

OnePlus One Review Board, almost DSLR

Hi friends, today I am going to meet you with the camera on the Oneplus One, a very cheap and extremely difficult to find phone. It's like an oil bottle in Ceausescu's time. The Oneplus One phone is a rarity, it is only sold by invitation and if you find it free you pay much more than the normal price ($ 300). I took him from Romania and he paid 1700 lei… [Read more...]

Tempered glass protective screen phone

Hi friends, today I am going to show you how to apply the very resistant tempered glass protection to the phone screen, which peaked, it is also made of tempered glass. Why put another layer of tempered glass? The answer is simple, for protection. If the first layer breaks, we remain with the original unscreened screen. If I use normal foil, this ... [Read more...]

Fusion Ringke housing with very good protection for smartphones

Hi friends, today I will present a case that gives the phone a very good protection. The case is manufactured by Rearth (USA) and is called Ringke Fusion and can be found for several types of phones. This is the second Ringke fusion case I have, I first bought it for the Nexus 4 and I was very pleased. You know how to say, I went on ... [Read more...]

OnePlus One, recovery and data loss without ROOT

Hi friends, today we will root for Oneplus One, in addition we will see how to install recovery without losing data (if we have the bootloader unlocked). How to install custom recovery (TWP recovery, CWM recovery) on Oneplus One? It is assumed that you have the bootloader unlocked. If you do not enter the fastboot and order: fastboot oem ... [Read more...]