OnePlus One, recovery and data loss without ROOT

Hi friends, today we will root for Oneplus One, in addition we will see how to install recovery without losing data (if we have the bootloader unlocked). How to install custom recovery (TWP recovery, CWM recovery) on Oneplus One? It is assumed that you have the bootloader unlocked. If you do not have it, enter the fastboot and give the command: fastboot oem… [Read more...]

Install Android on the Nexus Lollipop 5.0 4 (invitation OnePlus One)

Hi friends, today I will show you how to install Android 5.0 Lollipop on Nexus 4. As the OTA update is not available yet, we will install the official image from images. In order to install the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, it is necessary to unlock the bootloader. This is a very simple operation on [Read more...]

Presentation OnePlus One, the killer of expensive handsets

Hello friends, after a good few days of waiting, today I present to you Oneplus One, the phone that wants to bring maximum performance at decent prices for those who can't afford an Htc One M8, Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z3 or LG G3. Even if Oneplus One is cheaper, it does not mean that it is weaker or finished worse, on the contrary, Oneplus One looks better than… [Read more...]

LG G3 review, super smartphone with good and bad

Hi friends, today is the time for the verdict for LG G3, the super phone I've been testing for a week or so. We have reached some conclusions, some are good, unfortunately we also have some less good news. I received the LG G3 phone for testing from, which during this period have a very good offer for the LG G3 together with an LG tablet on offer. If … [Read more...]

LG G3 presentation, mortal enemy of S5

Hello friends, today I will present you probably the most interesting smartphone at the moment, it is the LG G3 that comes with a lot of functions and features that come to make it easier for us and improve our experience in use. I received the phone for testing from, which currently has a consistent discount for the LG G3. If you walk through the online store… [Read more...]

Update on Mobile Windows Phone from the 8 8.1

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can update to Windows Phone 8.1 for smartphones that came pre-installed with Windows Phone 8. You can update to Windows Phone 8.1 if you have an HTC 8X or HTC 8XT or a Nokia Lumia 520. Basically if your smartphone came pre-installed with Windows Phone 8 then you will be able to update to [Read more...]

The most popular protective cover for smartphone

Hello friends, today I will present you the most popular protective case for smartphones, I don't know if it is necessarily around us but abroad (on it is the most bought protective case. It's about the Ringke Fusion, which is also available for other smartphones, not just for the nexus. Why is it the best case? First of all it is well done, part… [Read more...]

BUMP, exchange files between phones in the air

Hi friends, today I will present a very interesting service for super fast file transfer over the air, so interesting that Google bought it for 60 million dollars. What does BUMP do? BUMP is a super invention, a service that allows those who have installed the application to transfer files just by touching the phones between them. Interestingly, no… [Read more...]

Presentation Nexus 4, most cost Android smartphone

Hi friends, a few days ago I paid a visit to Emag to buy a new Android device, initially I was running on Nexus 7 which is the best Android tablet on the market at the moment. I decided it was good to take another look before making the final decision and I tried several devices: Nexus 7, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nexus 4. Among [Read more...]

How to increase the battery life of your phone - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this tutorial we will try to get as much as possible from the phone battery, by applying a few simple measures we can have a greater autonomy for our smartphone. We all know that the battery in a smartphone does not last as long as we would like, sometimes the battery dies after a few hours of browsing or music. This happens for several reasons, princes… [Read more...]