Tablet purchase guide, the perfect compromise between smartphone and laptop - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will make a little guide about tablets, I decided this after the explosive increase in the number of tablets in stores, they come at almost incredible prices, let's see what is behind the prices. Since when did the tablets appear? Take a laptop, equip it with a touch screen and remove the keyboard! Here is the tablet, these devices come on… [Read more...]

Some things we need to know before buying a smartphone - video guide

Hi friends, in this guide I will tell you some things that I have discovered over time, there are things that it is good to know before buying your favorite smartphone. Although the manufacturers will entice you with all sorts of interesting options, there are some functions of comfort and functionality that a smartphone should have. From the very beginning I want… [Read more...]

How to install Opera Mobile on Windows - video tutorial

In today's tutorial we will learn together how to install Opera Mobile on Windows. For those who don't know, Opera Mobile is a browser optimized for mobile phones or smartphones. A very popular browser in the world of mobile phones, probably the most used browser on mobile devices. In today's tutorial we will go through the steps of installing this… [Read more...]

Connectify, how to turn a laptop or desktop into a wireless router - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present a software that we will use to turn our laptop or desktop into a router or more precisely into a Wireless Access Point, we will do this miracle with the help of the Connectify program .Many times you may have needed a wireless internet connection, either for a phone or a laptop, if you do not have a [Read more...]

What are the best SD memory cards and how do we recognize them - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will explain how things are in the world of memory cards, more precisely we will discuss SD or Secure Digital flash cards, they are classified in a certain way, the importance is not only the choice of card but also the choice of device will use this memory card. A man with his head on his shoulders must think of [Read more...]

How to enter the yahoo messenger network with your mobile phone - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how we can connect to Yahoo Messenger via computer using the orange wap connection via a modem phone. We need to activate the data service on the phone, version 7 of Yahoo Messenger and a little attention to follow the tutorial presented below. We can also connect to the messenger directly with [Read more...]

How to spy or control a computer with a mobile phone - HD video tutorial

Hi, in the next video tutorial I will present how we can make a connection like remote control or remote assistance between a phone and a computer. As you know you can control a computer very easily from another computer through programs that must be installed on both computers or only on one and on the other to be installed java runing… [Read more...]

Using the phone as a computer remote control using the controlfreak software - HD video tutorial

Hi, in this video tutorial I present a way to use the phone as a remote control to remotely control a player, this is true for phones in the range symbian S60 v1 and v2 this is the only free possibility to have the most quick access to control of a remote computer. In the tutorial I present: how it is done… [Read more...]

How to use a mobile phone as a webcam with wwigo - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial Luci relapses with a very interesting tutorial about using a mobile phone as a webcam. Whether we don't have a webcam or it has broken down, we have to have an alternative, this alternative is to use a mobile phone instead of a webcam, this is an idea that many of us have thought about at least once, [Read more...]

Internet connection via modem from a Nokia phone with symbian - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial he makes his debut on our site Luci who is also a computer enthusiast like us, Luci has another passion, namely "smart" mobile phones or in our sense smart phones that have all kinds of functions and interesting options, and in some moments they can successfully replace even a computer (mail, browsing, pdf, text, blogging)… [Read more...]