Tronsmart Element T6 bluetooth box review

Tronsmart Element T6 Review Where does the success of bluetooth speakers come from? Before the existence of audio streaming through Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, etc., there were not many portable music consumption solutions, and the amateur grilled music had 2 options. He would open the trunk and make the most of the car's sound system. He was carrying a portable tool with batteries that… [Read more...]

Smart FM modulator for your car - bluetooth, SD card, hands free

What is an FM modulator? Smart FM modulator for your car: FM modulators appeared several years ago, but now they have returned with more compact dimensions, better prices and more functions. An FM modulator is a small FM transmitter, which emits at a very low power, enough to reach the signal to the antenna of the radio. These modulators have a… [Read more...]

Tronsmart Element Force review - near perfect bluetooth speaker

What does a bluetooth speaker need to be perfect? There are some features that we want in bluetooth speakers, when we want to buy one. The most important thing is the sound quality, which must be balanced or intensified on bass, with more bass, according to your preferences. Follow the battery life, as only we talk about stuff… [Read more...]

Install NVMe SSD on older motherboards

Installing NVMe SSDs on Older Motherboards Why install an NVMe SSD on an older motherboard? There are many reasons, but mainly an NVMe SSD has higher speeds than a SATA, and the price is similar. An NVMe SSD can reach 3500 MB / s, while a solid state SATA drive does not exceed 550 MB / s. Why not buy a new motherboard with… [Read more...]

How to check battery health on your laptop?

How to check the health of the battery? The role of a laptop is to be a portable computer, and when we say portable we automatically think of the battery. that is why it is extremely important to know how to check the health of the battery. Technology has evolved extremely fast in recent years, but it seems that the batteries have gone a little slower; Despite the greater capabilities of [Read more...]

Pure Wave UPS for the boiler and everything else

Only pure wave ups go for boilers and other inductive loads. If you have a boiler, you've probably had a power outage at least once, and you've noticed that the boiler no longer works. which recirculates the thermal agent stops and the boiler overheats the Ups… [Read more...]

2019 Affordable Gaming Calculator

Accessible gaming computer 2019 Today we will configure a gaming system. This PC will work very well with all existing games, even with a large framerate, suitable for monitors with fast panels (120hz, 144hz, etc). Processor Intel i3 8100 processor. The choice is a strange one for many, who did not find out that from Coffee Lake the i3 has 4 cores, number… [Read more...]

Chuckie Egg for Windows without an emulator - my childhood game

Chuckie Egg for Windows without emulator Chuckie Egg is one of my favorite childhood games. It normally runs on a compatible platform, console or emulator; But this version is for Windows and can run directly without the emulator. That's why I decided to do this tutorial. Gameplay vs Graphics Although Chuckie Egg has almost the… [Read more...]

How to connect a network hard disk to OpenMediaVault (network storage)

How to connect a hard drive to the network with OpenMediaVault What is a NAS? NAS comes from Netowork Atached Storage, ie a storage unit connected to the network, which can be accessed remotely, from the local network or from the Internet. What good is a Network Attached Storage? Let's say we have an external hard drive, which can be connected via USB to PC. This can be … [Read more...]

How do you test the bass from the speakers with your phone?

How to test the bass in the speakers with the phone Everyone knows that not all speakers are the same. Some are cheaper, some more expensive, some better, some worse. What makes a speaker sound good. A good speaker must have a response frequency from 20 Hz to 20.000 HZ, all at a uniform sound pressure across the range around 90 db SPL (level… [Read more...]