Affordable gaming PC in autumn 2022 – also suitable for school

What is the PC gaming tutorial available in autumn 2022 about? This is a buying guide (gaming PC available Fall 2022) for the components that make up a gaming PC system. The gaming system configured here is capable of running any game at 1920x1080 resolution. What is important in a gaming system? If we start from the idea that... [Read more...]

Grand Theft Auto V free download for a limited time

What is the Grand Theft Auto V free download tutorial about ...? I'll show you where and how you can get free forever and in addition 100% legal, the game Grand Theft Auto 5, or GTA V, as it is known. There are a few steps you need to follow, because it is not as simple as a simple click on a download button. Grand Theft Auto V free… [Read more...]

How to overclock video card, plus live graphics and low latency setting

What is the tutorial "How to overclock the video card ..." How to overclock the video card? Overclock means increasing the frequency of a component. In this tutorial you will see not only how to overclock, but also how to see graphs with live hardware statistics on the screen during games. What does overclock mean, what is overclock… [Read more...]

High performance PC Gaming configuration on AMD - max FPS on LEU

High-performance PC Gaming configuration on AMD What is the "High-performance PC Gaming configuration on AMD" tutorial about? In this video tutorial I will configure a gaming system based on AMD, with which the latest titles can be played at high settings. Starting with the Ryzen 5 3600 processor, I will make a high-performance PC Gaming configuration on AMD. Ryzen 5 3600 is a processor [Read more...]

Cheap gaming system for 2020

Why set up a gaming system? Cheap gaming system for 2020 ... Cheap gaming system for 2020 ... First of all, there are many who use a gaming system, and the gaming PC can be used successfully for any other activities; While an office system doesn't really go gaming. The gaming PC has very componente components [Read more...]

2019 Affordable Gaming Calculator

Accessible gaming computer 2019 Today we will configure a gaming system. This PC will work very well with all existing games, even with a large framerate, suitable for monitors with fast panels (120hz, 144hz, etc). Processor Intel i3 8100 processor. The choice is a strange one for many, who did not find out that from Coffee Lake the i3 has 4 cores, number… [Read more...]

Chuckie Egg for Windows without an emulator - my childhood game

Chuckie Egg for Windows without emulator Chuckie Egg is one of my favorite childhood games. It normally runs on a compatible platform, console or emulator; But this version is for Windows and can run directly without the emulator. That's why I decided to do this tutorial. Gameplay vs Graphics Although Chuckie Egg has almost the… [Read more...]

PC configuration with new Intel i3 with 4 NUCLEE Coffe Lake

PC configuration with the new Intel i3 with 4 NUCLEE Coffe Lake Some time ago, Intel Coffe Lake processors, which represent the 8th generation of Intel Core processors, also appeared in our stores. Major changes with Coffe Lake. There are two important changes, the first to the socket and the second to the number of cores per processor. In addition to these, there is also the increase of the cache,… [Read more...]

Affordable and silent gaming calculator - Small Budget Gaming

Accessible and quiet gaming computer Over time we have configured several systems, some cheaper, some more powerful, some quiet, some minimalist. Today we will do something different! Accessible and silent gaming computer! Making a gaming computer is not difficult at all, if you know a little about the compatibility between components and you… [Read more...]

Msi GTX 1060 Armor 3GB review - peace and performance

Msi GTX 1060 Armor 3GB review - peace and performance For a long time I was looking for a high-performance but most importantly quiet video card, which would help me occasionally in games but especially in video editing. Video cards are noisy The moment a video card starts rumbling, it's as if all the magic is wasted. Even when you want to enjoy the game, to hear… [Read more...]