Intel Optane 900P review the SSD that brings the change

Intel Optane 900P review SSD that brings change About SSD I have talked about over time. On any occasion I tried to recommend SSDs for the operating system, as these devices are very fast and everything will move faster on an SSD. Intel Optane 900P review What's new in the world of SSDs. Over the years, since ... [Read more...]

What is the state of PC components - log viewer

What is the state of the components of the PC How can we see how the components of the PC work and if they cope in certain situations. It is very difficult for a man to know how his PC feels, because he does not tell us when he "feels bad"; Just give up and you're ready. But we can prevent premature failure of the components if from time to time ... [Read more...]

OnePlus 3, presentation, beast with 6 GB of RAM

Oneplus 3, presentation, the beast with 6 GB of RAM Design! Oneplus 3 is the fourth phone from Chinese manufacturer Oneplus. Unlike Oneplus 1, 2 and X, Oneplus 3 comes with the case made entirely of metal (space aluminum :), with buttons + metal SIM support, ceramic fingerprint sensor, more Romanian "you can't find the plastic even if it is Because of ... [Read more...]

Simple overclock video card on your laptop or desktop

MSI Afterburner is the application that can be overclocked for video card on laptop or desktop. The surprise is that, we can use the application on other PCs, not only on MSI. Afterburner is a simple, easy to use and most importantly free application. Before you start overclocking, you must patiently arm yourself and be ready for a few… [Read more...]

The fastest USB stick hand assembled 3

We all want storage devices as fast as possible so we don't waste time transferring files. SSDs are very fast, but cannot be connected quickly for data transfer. USB sticks are very portable and easy to use for transfer between computers. The fastest USB stick 3 In today's project we will increase / marry an SSD with USB 3.0 port,… [Read more...]

Seagate Expansion TB 2, 3.0 USB external hard drive at very good price

Seagate is a well known company that produces storage devices for consumers and the business environment. Today I will present an external hard drive produced by Seagate, which is very roomy and even works on a phone, yes you heard it right, connect the hard disk to the phone with a USB OTG cable and transfer the movies and pictures to free the memory internal to… [Read more...]

Lenovo Miix2 8, 8.1 Windows power in a small case

Hi friends, today is the time to tell you what I think about Lenovo Miix2 8, the Windows 8.1 full tablet from Lenovo. Miix2 8 is part of a wave of tablets released with Microsoft and Intel, they come with Windows 8.1 full version, Office 2013 and very powerful Intel Atom Bay Trail processors (for a small tablet). This 8-inch format a ... [Read more...]

The cheapest tablet with Windows 8.1 full

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present a product from Lenovo, it is a Windows 8.1 full tablet (a kind of laptop) that costs only 1000 lei, a very low price for the tablet's facilities. This type of tablets have recently come on the market and I suspect that they are subsidized by Microsoft, otherwise the extremely low price is not explained, for 1000 lei we can barely manage ... [Read more...]

Put your TV on Android mini PC MK908 tests

The time has come to show you how to move our little Android MK908 stick to your TV, a few tests to get an idea, my F10 air mouse movement and a short preview with the RKRemoteControlV2.0.2 phone control application (a you can download it below). I must specify that the control application only works with Rckchip 3188. As you will see ... [Read more...]

Intel Smart Response technology, higher speed for system and applications - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will explain what Intel's Smart Response Technology means, and I will also show you how to configure it to get a significant performance boost. Intel Smart Response Technology is a technology that allows us to use a hard disk and an SSD at the same time, the SSD will speed up the hard disk operations, so we will ... [Read more...]