Online bios update for Gigabyte Windows motherboards with @ Bios - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will show you how to update bios online for Gigabyte basic peace, the update will be done from Windows using the program @ Bios which is quite user friendly. Last time I showed you how to update the bios with a floppy, unfortunately not everyone has a floppy, even the support for floppy is on este [Read more...]

Mounting a motherboard and a hard drive on a small case - video tutorial

Hello friends, today we will continue with the installation of components for a PC, we will mount the motherboard and the hard disk on a small case. The case used in the tutorial is the cheapest on the market, it was chosen especially for this tutorial, usually in a standard format case it is much easier to mount the motherboard and the others… [Read more...]

How to make a stylus for capacitive touch screens, with what we find around the house - video tutorial

This morning my little girl asked me to draw a little tablet, after she started playing she told me that she also wants a "pencil" like mine, I was working on a Galaxy Note with the digitizer (stylus Galaxy Note), unfortunately the Note digitizer does not work on capacitive screens, it has another operating principle (a special panel behind… [Read more...]