Solving problems in games, video drivers replacement

Troubleshooting games, replacing video drivers. A few months ago I had some problems with the Nvidia GTX860 video card on the Acer V Nitro laptop (VN7). When I was playing any game, the image and the mouse were locked for about 5 minutes, and an annoying hum was heard from the speakers. After taking it by elimination with all possible causes, I came to the conclusion that… [Read more...]

Cheap PC configuration based on the last type of Intel Haswell

Hi friends, today we will set up a desktop PC system based on the latest processor release from Intel, it's the cheap processors from the Haswell family. Even if they are cheap, these processors have a very good price-performance ratio, quite good for any regular user who uses the PC for browsing, youtube, facebook, twitter, yahoo… [Read more...]

PlayStation DualShock SIXAXIS gamepad on the PC and OnLive 3 with emulator

Today I will show you how to install a PlayStation gamepad on Windows, more precisely I will install Dualshock 3 Sisaxis, a gamepad that can connect to the PC via USB or wireless via bluetooth. This is not about drivers because Windows installs "something" there when you connect the gamepad, unfortunately nothing works with the drivers that download automatically. In order to … [Read more...]

System configuration based on the new Intel Haswell

The new processors from Intel have appeared, it is about the Intel Haswell family that brings a lot of improvements, especially for mobile devices but today we will talk about desktop processors and we will configure a system based on the latter. phase a few processors i5 and i7, the cheapest have not yet appeared, these were… [Read more...]

Hackintosh project, the 1, hardware recommended - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial we will start the series dedicated to Hackintosh, for those who do not know Hackintosh is a PC that can run the MacOS operating system. Normally MacOS does not work on PCs, fortunately on the net there are a lot of communities that in over time they have developed software capable of combining the MacOS operating system with the components found on the market for… [Read more...]

Home and office system configuration for only 1000 lei - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we will configure a system based on an Intel processor that appeared recently on the market, this is Pentium G2020, a dual core processor that is part of the Ivy Bridge family, being part of the last series released it is extremely accessible. Today's system addresses the home and office segment due to the extreme price of… [Read more...]

Accessible and high-performance system configuration with the possibility of subsequent upgrade - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will make a system, all components are up to date with a very good value for money. I made the system in a more special way, I chose a minimum of components, so it can be used immediately without need something other than a mouse, keyboard and monitor. Later this system can be improved, even a system will come out… [Read more...]

Cheap configuration for gamers on the new AMD Trinity platform - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial we will make a system based on the new processors from AMD, it is about the Trinity generation that brings an extra performance of 20% to processing and 50% to graphics compared to the first generation of APUs. Graphic performance is exceptional for a processor with integrated graphics, this is Radeon HD7660 which is based on 384 graphics cores, of [Read more...]

Buyer's guide, the most interesting laptops, our recommendations - hardware guide

Hi friends, today I will present you some laptops that caught my attention, there are devices with new processors, some with touch screens, some with excellent graphics for gaming, because everyone wants something else. There is no laptop that can satisfies everyone, whether it's too heavy or too big, or doesn't have a good processor or enough memory, just from [Read more...]

Configuration with processor and generation components at a very good price - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will configure a system based on an Intel processor that has just been launched, it is the Intel G620, a very cheap and quite agile processor despite the extreme "haircut" to which it was subjected. A good Sandy Bridge remains even without Hyper Threading, Turbo Boost, Quick Sync, despite these shortcomings we are left with virtualization… [Read more...]