Pure Wave UPS for the boiler and everything else

Only pure wave ups go for boilers and other inductive loads. If you have a boiler, you've probably had a power outage at least once, and you've noticed that the boiler no longer works. which recirculates the thermal agent stops and the boiler overheats the Ups… [Read more...]

External battery of 20000 mAh from ADATA - cheap 100 lei

External 20000 mAh battery from ADATA - cheap External battery is the power source of gadgets where there is no plug. But to give us some comfort, the external battery must be large capacity, charge the devices relatively quickly and if possible can be cheap. The battery in the tutorial! Adata P20000D is an external battery of… [Read more...]

Which are the best voltage stabilizers

What are the best voltage stabilizers? What is a voltage stabilizer? It's simple, a device that stabilizes the mains voltage. Normally the mains voltage should be 230V, but this is never the case. During the day, when the world uses electricity intensely, the voltage can drop. At night when people sleep, the tension can increase. That's it [Read more...]

The most inexpensive, small, quiet, economical and flexible computer, Raspberry PI 3

The cheapest, smallest, quietest, most economical and flexible computer What is Raspberry PI? Raspberry PI 3 is the smallest PC, with which you can do different projects, because it is super cheap and does not consume too much electricity. What is an SBC? This type of computer is called a single board computer (SBC). At the appearance of these… [Read more...]

How check with devices powered batteries

Batteries are indispensable in our lives. From watches to cars with remote control or flashes, all devices need energy, which we extract from ordinary batteries. The problem occurs when we have so many batteries around the house that we no longer know which one is charged and which one is discharged. The multimeter is the tool that helps us see how charged a… is. [Read more...]

Xiaomi yi, cheap sport the best room

Sports cameras are a special category, designed to help us quickly capture images and videos, without confusing or slowing us down. Sports cameras have been around for a long time, but in the consumer segment, they were popularized by the GoPro company, which in 2004 launched the first camera for surfers, capable of filming and photographing the action up close, where [Read more...]

Tp-link PowerLAN 600 mbps, the net outlets throughout the house

PowerLAN adapters are devices that inject our net into the wires of the electrical network throughout the house, over a maximum distance of 300 meters. Tp-link PowerLAN 600 Mbps, net to sockets throughout the house Our kit is a Tp-link TL-PA6010, which theoretically can reach up to 600 Mbps. PowerLAN adapters are very easy to use. We have two pieces, one plugs in [Read more...]

Panasonic G7, 4K quality at good price

4K for everyone! We have 4K TVs, but we have nothing to see on them, film your moments in 4K with Panasonic Lumix G7, which is a mirrorless device, very inclined towards video, with quality 4K recording at a good price. And if we don't have 4K TVs, what? We will have, and then we will be glad that we filmed 4K. Until now, quality 4K filming was… [Read more...]

Super affordable IP surveillance camera

IP surveillance cameras have evolved a lot in recent years. Now we find IP surveillance cameras with all the advanced functions, at a super decent price. A few years ago we would have paid a small fortune on a room with similar facilities. Our friends from Skut.ro, have a very good offer for the Hikvision Mini surveillance camera (skut.ro) PT from the tutorial. Camera Room [Read more...]

BeeWi bluetooth smart bulb, white / color control via Bluetooth

BeeWi Smart Bluetooth Bulb The category of smart things is constantly expanding. If we already have smart light bulbs and accessories, most objects will soon be connected or can be controlled wirelessly or remotely remotely. Smart accessories will change our lives and the way we organize ourselves. The smart accessories make sure that we are in shape, to [Read more...]