Android memory release find large files - internal memory map

Finding Android Memory Finding Large Files What is the Android File Finding Large Memory Release tutorial about? In this video tutorial "Releasing Android Memory Finding Large Files" you will learn how to find large files on Android and how to delete them at a glance. The application we will use is called Disk Usage. This one … [Read more...]

What is the state of the components of the PC - log viewer

What is the status of PC components How can we see how PC components work and whether they cope in certain situations. It is very difficult for a person to know how his PC feels, because it does not let us know when it "feels bad"; He simply gives up and that's it. But we can prevent premature failure of components if from time to time we… [Read more...]

Checking RAM Memtest86 (crash games, pc restart, overclock)

Checking RAM with Memtest86 RAM is one of the most important components of the system, without which our computer would be much slower. Sometimes RAM can break down, and unfortunately there is no warning system when it happens. Sometimes the operating system senses problems with RAM, but most of the time these problems pass… [Read more...]

Solving problems in games, video drivers replacement

Troubleshooting games, replacing video drivers. A few months ago I had some problems with the Nvidia GTX860 video card on the Acer V Nitro laptop (VN7). When I was playing any game, the image and the mouse were locked for about 5 minutes, and an annoying hum was heard from the speakers. After taking it by elimination with all possible causes, I came to the conclusion that… [Read more...]

The lifetime of the laptop battery more advanced settings

How can we get longer battery life on our laptop? Battery life is a constant pain for those who use laptops away from the outlet. In a way, what good is a laptop if it doesn't have a battery? On Windows we have power plans that we can juggle, to drain as much of the battery as possible; Unfortunately, in many cases we have lawsuits… [Read more...]

How to download drivers for Lenovo laptop or desktop - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will show you how to download drivers for Lenovo laptops or desktops and we will see what the installation process is. Lenovo company offers very good support for their customers, for example for my laptop Lenovo G580 which is produced this year by Lenovo also offers drivers for XP, something that is not very [Read more...]

Extend laptop battery life with Microsoft Fix it - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about how we can extend the battery life of the laptop that they have installed as operating system Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. To fix the problems encountered with power consumption we will use a small utility provided by Microsoft through the Microaoft Fix It Center, a help center where you have… [Read more...]

How to install drivers for components or unknown unknown device - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we will see how to find drivers for unknown components or unknown devices, this happens quite often, especially if the motherboard is older and we use a new operating system without solid support from the manufacturer motherboards. Drivers are an essential component in the computer, they make the connection between… [Read more...]

How to apply thermal paste on the processor for better cooling - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial I will show you how to apply thermal paste or thermal conductors on the processor so that the cooler can "collect" as much heat as possible to take it as far as possible from the "brain" of the PC. Thermal paste is a very important element for an efficient cooling of the processor, but also of other chips such as the chipset, the graphics processor… [Read more...]

How to mount jacks on the cable net, the standard order of colors - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial I will show you how to mount the plugs on a UTF, FTP, STP net cable. It is good to know this because in general the services offered by craftsmen in the field can be expensive, also from the moment you signal a cable problem, it takes about 2-3 days until the team reaches you. What do we need? 1. Special pliers… [Read more...]