Samsung Shared Deep Buried Application Files - Link Sharing

Samsung Shared Deep Buried Application Files What is the Samsung Shared Deep Buried Application Files tutorial about? Samsung File Sharing is an application deeply buried in Samsung menus about the existence of which few Samsung users know. Very interesting is that this excellent application can be installed on other… [Read more...]

How to send APK apps from your phone - to another phone

What is the tutorial How to send APK apps from your phone? In the video tutorial How to send APK applications from your phone, I will show you how to send APK applications from one phone to another. This way you can send to a friend, applications that he does not have. Why send apps installed in APK format to another phone? Recently to… [Read more...]

Copy phone from PC to wireless PC - ShareMe faster than USB cable

What is the Copy from Phone to Wireless PC tutorial about? In the video tutorial Copy from phone to wireless PC, you will see how you can transfer photos, videos and files from your phone, to your computer, via Wi-Fi and at a higher speed than via the USB cable. Why transfer photos, videos and files from your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi? Reasons are… [Read more...]

Nearby Share file sharing without intermediaries and WITHOUT INTERNET

Nearby Share file sharing without intermediaries What is the Nearby Share video file sharing tutorial without intermediaries about? In this tutorial, Nearby Share file sharing without intermediaries, I present the new method of transferring files from one Android device to another Android device. File transfer is done directly through… [Read more...]

Windows Share on iPhone and iPad - wireless, and without itunes

Windows Share on iPhone and iPad What is the Windows Share on iPhone and iPad tutorial? In the Windows Share tutorial on iPhone and iPad, it is about transferring files between Windows and iOS or vice versa, using the simple Windows share method. We will not use the data cable or applications installed on Windows, such as iTunes. We will transfer… [Read more...]

Windows Share on Android - files, folders and network partitions

Access Windows sharing on Android What is this tutorial on Windows Share on Android? When I say Windows Share on Android, I mean accessing shares on Windows, on your Android phone or tablet. What is Windows share (folder, file, printer, or partition sharing)? In Windows, since the world and the earth we have the opportunity to… [Read more...]

How to copy your mobile photos to a Wi-Fi wireless PC

How to copy photos from mobile to PC wirelessly via Wi-Fi Photo Companion is an application for Android and iOS, with which we can transfer photos and videos from phone to PC, without cables, only via wifi. How does Photo Companion work? 1. On your phone, whether it's Android or iOS, you need to install the Photo Companion application. 2. On the PC (Windows 10) we need to launch… [Read more...]

Block or disable uTorrent creatives

Block or disable ads in uTorrentHello friends, in today's tutorial we'll see how to disable ads in the famous torrent client called uTorrent. Why disable uTorrent ads? One of the main reasons is security. It was recently discovered that some ads in uTorrent use a flash player exploit to [Read more...]

Higher speed on Google Drive with Rclone - 300Mbps

Online storage is Ok, but the speed ... Even if you have unlimited online storage, what's the use if the upload and download speed doesn't satisfy you? Whether you use the web interface in the browser or the data synchronization client, the transfer speed to and from the cloud is very low. I barely reached 30 Mbps stable (3.5 MB / s). Upload and download on Google Drive at 300… [Read more...]

Calls and messages without GSM or WiFi, or school disaster

Calls and messages, without GSM or wifi As you know, for two phones to come into contact, we need a cellular network or wifi internet connection. But what do we do in the event of a natural disaster, when mobile networks and the Internet no longer exist? Or maybe we want to communicate with phones connected directly to school. Fortunately, there are communication solutions… [Read more...]