Download WhatsApp file download to PC (WhatsApp for computer)

Download WhatsApp file download to PC (WhatsApp for computer)
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Download WhatsApp files to your PC

What is this tutorial for?

This video tutorial (Download WhatsApp File Download on PC) will show you two things, very useful for WhatsApp users.

Downloading files from WhatsApp to PCSending files via WhatsApp, to PC

How can I send files from Whatsapp to PC?

Even though WhatsApp is a mobile application, it can also be used on the desktop, using the WhatsApp Web feature.

WhataApp Web is a feature made available by WhatsApp service administrators, so that users can also connect from their PC or even from any other device through a Web browser.

How to send files through Whatsapp on PC

Using the "Group" function, we will make a group with a single member and the administrator (who we are). After the group is created, the only member of the group will be deleted.

The group will only stay with the administrator, meaning only we will be in the group.

In this way we can […]

Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019 - you did not know about them

Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019 - you did not know about them
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Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019

Why does WhatsApp have so much success?

Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019:

The WhatsApp application is what the SMS application should be, if, of course, those who deal with standards and mobile networks are moving faster.

WhatsApp fills a void that the SMS has left when left out of the speed with which communications networks have developed.

Apply to Facebook comes with image and video transfer, the possibility of organizing groups, with various comfort functions and lack of limitations.

Whatsapp has many undercuts!

In order for WhatsApp to keep a simple and intimidating interface, developers have implemented all sorts of tricks that are not so obvious at first glance.

Because it's a mobile app, the classic touchscreen controls like tap and hold, [...]

Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations

Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations
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Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations

Status of conversation encryption in applications.

Nowadays all chat services such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts, provide us with encryption methods that make our conversations free from third-party eyes.

What does this encryption mean?

Encryption and decryption are techniques by which a text or data is hidden under inconspicuous characters using encryption keys that use different text or data streaming methods.

Silent Encryption Example:

Let's say we want to encrypt and send the text "SALUT". By using some keys, we make the word "SALUT" replace with "Hi7 = FwU-23" which is a meaningless string.

This meaningless character string can be decrypted using a key, and the person receiving the message will see "SALUT" instead of "Hi7 = FwU-23".

What's the problem with encrypting applications such as Whatsapp, Messenger, etc.

The basic encryption of Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts will only keep you from the eyes of a [...]

How to back up WhatsApp online to change or reset your phone

How to back up WhatsApp online to change or reset your phone
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How to back up WhatsApp online to change or reset your phone

How to back up WhatsApp online to change or reset your phone
Backup is the operation by which the user ensures that they have a backup copy of the data stored in a location other than the one on which the data is. In vain, you back up if you keep it in the same place as the original data.
Whatsapp makes backup only locally!
Whatsapp automatically does a local backup, that means conversations, photos, and call list will not be safe if we reset the phone or if we change the phone, we can not have conversations, etc. on the new phone.
Enable backup on Google Drive.
Saving backup on google drive is extremely simple and useful. For example, when you change your phone, backing up in your Google Account will automatically be restored.
Why whatsapp does not automatically save online.
Over time, there have been all sorts of discussions, but it is mainly [...]

WhatsApp, how do we read your deleted messages - yours and others

WhatsApp, how do we read your deleted messages - yours and others
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WhatsApp, how we read the deleted messages
Hello friends, in today's tutorial we'll see how we can recover deleted messages from WhatsApp or how we read deleted messages from WhatsApp.

About deleting WhatsApp messages

Not many people know that WhatsApp offers you the possibility to delete one or more messages sent to those you are chatting with. In other words, if you send someone a message to your nerves or in error, your message is sent to another conversation, you can change your mind and delete the sent message before it is read by the recipient.
When you delete the message, as shown in the video tutorial, you can delete "Just for yourself" (in which case the message will only disappear from your conversation but will remain in the conversation of the person you are writing to) or delete it "For everyone "(in which case the message you sent will also disappear from your conversation and from [...]

As we return to the old WhatsApp

As we return to the old WhatsApp
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Hello friends, today's tutorial we'll see how we can switch back WhatsApp, one in which I had Contacts tab in the foreground, in the application interface.
What is the difference between the new and old WhatsApp WhatsApp?
As I was telling you on the tutorial on How to get back to the old Facebook Messenger interface without My Day, the trend in messaging applications is to copy the renowned Snapchat app. Because WhatsApp is purchased by Facebook, and because Facebook Messenger has already experienced changes that confirm this trend, the WhatsApp line has come. The new interface now has 3 chores: Conversations, Status, Calls, and we no longer find the Contacts tab, a tab where, in the past, I could easily see WhatsApp contacts and their status.
I had the old interface Contacts tab instead of the tab Status.
Tab to use the new interface status WhatsApp?
This Status tab in the new interface allows us to post photos or videos [...]