Change the appearance of WhatsApp messages without applications

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Move WhatsApp conversations to Telegram

What is the video tutorial about moving conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram? In the video tutorial Moving conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram you will see what are the steps for transferring conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram. Why transfer WhatsApp conversations to Telegram? Some time ago WhatsApp representatives announced that they would… [Read more...]

NEW PRIVATE messages on WhatsApp and the alternative Telegram and Gmail

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Using WhatsApp account simultaneously on two devices

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Black theme for Whatsapp - WhatsApp Dark Beta

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Download WhatsApp file download to PC (WhatsApp for computer)

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Tricks and tips WhatsApp 2019 - you didn't know about these

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Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations

Encrypting Whatsapp and Messenger conversations The encryption status of conversations in applications. At present, all chat services such as: Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts, provide us with encryption methods through which our conversations are protected from the eyes of third parties. What does this encryption mean? Encryption and decryption are techniques by which a text or data… [Read more...]

How to back up WhatsApp online to change or reset your phone

How to back up WhatsApp online for phone change or reset How to back up WhatsApp online for phone change or reset Backup is the operation by which the user ensures that he has a backup of the data stored in a location other than the one on which the data is. It is useless to back up if you keep it in the same place with the data… [Read more...]

WhatsApp, how do we read your deleted messages - yours and others

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