How to transfer files via ftp-server with FileZilla tutorial video

This method is one of the most popular ways to transfer files and yet I hear people who do not know this and try to transfer files through yahoo messenger. File transfer via ftp (file transfer protocol) has a very wide spread, being used in all areas where a stable transfer method is needed and how much… [Read more...]

How to wipe your messenger friends list tutorial video

To this question that many of us have asked ourselves, we will answer the following video tutorial. We receive annoying or pointless messages every day, this also happens with the complicity or ignorance of our friends, who either do not know or do not want to stop this or simply these things happen without their will. Now the power is yours, dab3… [Read more...]

How to get an email on gmail video tutorial

Creating an email address is no longer a problem for anyone, but I decided to do this video tutorial video when I noticed that my yahoo account is very limited. Why do I say that? Because the space on yahoo cannot exceed 200 Mb while on gmail it is almost 7 Giga and apart from that on yahoo messenger you cannot send files of… [Read more...]

Creating a database with phpMyAdmin (video tutorial)

This video tutorial on databases and phpmyadmin is part of a series of video tutorials on server applications, http servers, php, mysql, phpmyadmin and creating a website or blog. We will refer in this video tutorial to the simple creation of a database (in Romanian) or database (in English) with the help of which we will install in the following video… [Read more...]

How to install a web server or http (WAMP server)?

We will watch a video tutorial in which you learn how to install a web server or http. This is not difficult at all, requiring only a little attention and focus on the film that presents the operation in detail. The software we refer to in the tutorial is actually a mini suite of programs: msql, php, phpmyadmin, sqlite manager, programs put in place by some developers… [Read more...]

Tutorial on how to download torrents (bit torrent file type)!

Many of you are wondering how to download movies and music from the net or how to pull music and movies through methods other than those known to everyone (FTP, direct connect, http and others) From now on I will attract a lot of criticism on me, from the supporters of the Direct Conect download protocol (odc, apex-dc, dc ++, strong-dc). The following tutorial will… [Read more...]