Detector fraudulent use of microphone and camera on Android phones

What is the Fraud Microphone and Camera Use Detector tutorial about? In this video tutorial I present a detector for fraudulent use of microphone and camera, ie an application that detects and notes when the camera and microphone are used on Android phones. Why would we want to know when the camera and microphone on the phone are used… [Read more...]

Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations

Encrypting Whatsapp and Messenger conversations The status of encrypted conversations in applications. Currently, all chat services like Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts, provide us with encryption methods by which our conversations are protected from the eyes of third parties. What does encryption mean? Encryption and decryption are techniques by which text or data… [Read more...]

Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network

Who illegally connects to your WI-FI network The wireless signal goes through the walls of the house. When using a Wi-Fi network in the home, we must be aware that that wireless network can also be accessed by other people, neighbors or people who are nearby. Better security of the Wi-Fi network We also spoke with other occasions about security at… [Read more...]

KRACK affects ALL Wi-Fi routers - SOLUTIONS

KRACK Affects ALL Wi-Fi Routers - SOLUTIONS Krack endangers all Wi-Fi routers. What solutions do we have? What is KRACK ATTACK? KRACK is a vulnerability discovered in the WPA2 protocol, to which all routers in the world are vulnerable. How does KRACK work? The attacker who exploits the KRACK vulnerability, interposes between the router and the client (telephone,… [Read more...]

How to get rid of scareware phone

Scareware programs or pages are a special and very parsive category of malware. They are a type of phishing that is based on users' fears to determine them to perform certain actions. Scareware can prompt you to install software, disclose your personal data, pay a certain amount of money or send an SMS to a number with ... [Read more...]

ANTI-HACK, Redirect vulnerability to SMB

Hi friends, today we will solve the problem with the "Redirect to SMB" vulnerability which was discovered a few days ago and which affects all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. The vulnerability is based on the naivety of the Windows applications, which want to log in as soon as they feel. an SMB server. At that moment the login data is spit out, where the attacker ... [Read more...]

Freedom Okay, pay online and browsing safely

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present you a free and very fast VPN service. The VPN service is called Okay Freedom and is offered free of charge by the company Steganos, known for its slightly more secure security software products. Some time ago in the tutorial "Wireshark, intercepting passwords on free wi-fi networks" I showed you how easy it is. [Read more...]

Simple measures to secure and encrypt traffic navigation

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see some tips for safer browsing and encrypted traffic when using a public wireless network. If yesterday's tutorial on Wireshark, intercepting passwords on free wi-fi networks, my colleague Cristi will show you how easy it can be to intercept the data we enter on a site, today ... [Read more...]

DNS poisoning method commonly used by hackers

DNS poisoning is a method by which hackers leave the impression that they have taken control of certain known sites or not. DNS is the protocol that bridges the domain name and IP address, because any site in this world has one or more IP addresses. When we type "" in our browser, our computer has three options for finding out ... [Read more...]

Keep hackers remote with two-step verification for your Google account - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can secure your Google account so that it can be impossible to break. Specifically, we will talk about the "2 step verification" or "XNUMX step verification" option offered by Google for its users in order to protect your account very well. As the name says, this option adds a second step that ... [Read more...]