Shorter links for SPIONI AMATORI with statistics and IP addresses

Short links for AMATEUR SPIES with statistics and IP addresses The links as they are generated on the sites, are quite long and hard to remember. That's because they are also made for the search engine, not just for visitors. Short links for AMATEUR SPIES with statistics and IP addresses Solution to beautify the links. Digestion solution… [Read more...]

DIGI free domain for dynamic IP, like DynDNS

DIGI free domain for dynamic IP, as DynDNS Hello friends, in today's video we will see how we can get a free domain for public IP (dynamic) if we have a game server, an FTP server, surveillance cameras or other types of services that we want to access from anywhere in the world. Usually when… [Read more...]

Knowing someone's IP address and location on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype

How to find out the IP address and location of someone on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how to find out the IP and location of a person. We will not use additional software, we will not have to install applications, extensions or add-ons in the browser. Why find out someone's IP? There can be many reasons: - a friend hides from you, you need him, he… [Read more...]

Change IP phone OTA update faster

Change phone IP for OTA update faster How can we get the OTA (over the air) update for phone faster by changing the IP? In my situation, after the phone manufacturer publishes the OTA update, I can change the IP and thus receive the Android update among the first. Normally I have to wait about 2 weeks, because no ..., the first in line are the ones from… [Read more...]

Net automatically connect PPPoE RDS on Windows 10

Automatic net connection PPPoE RDS on Windows 10 Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can automate the RDS connection (PPPoE) in the Windows 10 operating system. If in another tutorial we showed you how to make the RDS connection in the system Windows 10 operating system for those who do not have a router, today we will see how we make the operating system… [Read more...]

iperf best software for speed testing

iPerf is probably the simplest and best local or internet speed test tool. I always hear people complaining about the speed of the network: "Cristi, my net is not working well!" And I ask, "Are you sure it's the net? It shouldn't be a problem on your local network or router!" And he asks me: But how do I know if it's from me? To test with… [Read more...]

Guide purchasing wireless router

What is the best wireless router? This is the question everyone asks when they want to buy a wireless router. The answer is not so simple. First of all, we need to determine the minimum of decency when it comes to wireless routers. Wireless router purchase guide The minimum required on a decent router in 2015-2016: 1. Must have… [Read more...]

WiFi signal amplification weak

Weak WI-FI signal amplification Nowadays wireless is almost indispensable, and when it breaks down, we realize how important it is to have a stable wi-fi signal. Today I will try to offer you some solutions for amplifying the weak wifi signal. From the very beginning, I have to tell you that you can't increase the bandwidth, just the signal coverage. Cea [Read more...]

Tracert detecting problems with network and PathPing

Today we will continue to detect problems that may occur in the network or "on the road" with the help of Tracert and Pathping. If last time we saw how the Ping command is used to solve network problems to the provider, today we will go further and see where our bits go and under what conditions. Trace Route, or Tracert allows us to find out where to go. ... [Read more...]

How to use the Ping command to troubleshoot network

Today we will talk about the PING command, in a small utility with CLI interface (does not work with mouse) available on most operating systems. It helps us to detect the source of problems in a network or on the Internet. As a principle PING is an easy to understand command, the equivalent in human language would be: Are you there ?. The answer can be YES or none. Taking all in turn… [Read more...]